Liberty, as well as your ancient Liberties, are all at risk

Your liberty is at risk, because the cops aren’t doing their jobs correctly. The Crown Prosecution Service definitely isn’t doing its job correctly. The only bunch in the whole British Judicial system who seem to give a damn are the Defence Barristers and the solicitors who act for the accused. There seems to be an infernal rush to judgement, within the ranks of both the Police, and of the Prosecution Authorities. They wish to initiate a prosecution on the sole authority of an initial charge, with very little concern for due process, diligence; or the very Rights of the Accused person.

From those accused being released from any charge, or bail, in high-profile cases of rape; to a little-noticed trial collapsing because the Prosecution had failed to deliver, to the Defence, a huge database of evidence which was on an HMRC officer’s computer, in court, during the trial: this has almost become an ongoing tragedy, writ large. From the aforementioned Rape cases, through many others, the Crown Prosecution Service, together with subordinate agencies, have literally CONSPIRED to make the evidence fit the accused. In many circumstances, people have not only been held on bail, but also actually imprisoned, due simply to the fact that evidence which either would or might clear the accused: had not been given to the Defence! We only have to look at the rape trials which have collapsed to discover a trend towards ‘He’s obviously guilty, so we needn’t bother any further’; along with the accompanying statement, ‘There’s a whole heap of stuff to plough through; none of it is any use, so why even bother giving it to the Defence team anyway?’

The Law, as it presently stands, states that all, repeat ALL evidence collected and collated with a view to a prosecution of any person must be delivered and shared with the Defence as early as possible. The Government-produced document is long, detailed and generous, but the IMPORT can be determined in the first sentences, which state:-

These Guidelines are issued by the Attorney General for investigators, prosecutors and defence practitioners on the application of the disclosure regime contained in the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 (‘CPIA’). The Guidelines emphasise the importance of prosecution-led disclosure and the importance of applying the CPIA regime in a “thinking manner”, tailored, where appropriate, to the type of investigation or prosecution in question.

We already see how the law has been bastardised with the spread and widening of the ‘Hate Speech’ Laws to include anything written, tweeted, spoken, or even approved in passing. Are we to descend to Third World status in our Judicial Systems because the people who are supposed to fight and detect and prosecute crime are too lazy, stupid, addicted to politically-correct beliefs; or too corrupt to instigate proper procedures which have been laid down for them  to follow?

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