Same-Sex Marriage power-hungry peddlers grow louder

Today, I write with a warning. A warning to all who would profess to be British, a term which eccompasses a wealth of meaning, of tradition, of the very meaning of the term ‘Freedom’; both as we used to know it; decades ago: and as we know it now, foreshortened, proscribed and invisibly threatened. When the quisling known as Prime Minister Cameron pushed his ‘great idea’ of destroying the very notion and ideal of the sacred Christian ideal of Marriage, between a man and a woman: by promoting the ideal of the Sodomites & Buggers’ Charter; a.k.a the ‘Same-Sex’ marriage act, between two homosexual men or two women; his stance, and that of his Parliamentary colleagues was received with a great joy from the leftist ‘liberals’, from the wodge of the lesbian/gay/bisexual/confused bunch, and from all who espouse and embrace ‘change’.

Against this bunch of chancers was ranged the heavyweights of the Church of England, the whole of the Roman Catholic hierarchy; a large but unfortunately usually silent slice of Britain, whose thinking could be encapsulated within the phrase, ‘I don’t care what they do, as long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses’, a more vociferous clan who spoke under the collective of Campaign4Marriage who campaigned against that pernicious idea, and 669,444 people collectively said that they agreed with C4M’s ideals and ideas. Many more spoke, wrote and campaigned against the ‘Same-Sex’ farrago, but when the ‘Consultation’ period was over, some 669,444 voices were looked at as just ONE. The Parliamentary process was strident, but even with a large Tory rebellion, the Government’s Act was comfortably carried.

So, the reader may ask, why do I write again, warning all about further actions and proposals which those in power seek to foist upon us; all in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’?

We are informed by the Coalition for Marriage that the mini-Gauleiters of Ofsted are once again preparing to attack the very teachers and pupils who have a mind of their own, who question the Law which allows ‘Same-Sex Marriage’. Independent schools must meet the Independent School Standards. Ofsted is ultimately responsible for enforcing these standards in all independent schools, and directly inspects a significant minority of them. Paragraph 2 of the standards says that the school curriculum must include Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) which “encourages respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 [Equality] Act”. This is used to justify a statement in the new guidance blocking freedom to disagree with same-sex marriage.

The Government is consulting on new guidance on the Independent School Standards, telling schools what is expected. The new draft guidance says the standards will not be met “if, for example, the PSHE curriculum… suggests that same-sex marriages or civil partnerships should not be recognised as being lawful unions under civil law” (paragraph 20). The guidance makes a specific statement that ‘same-sex marriage’ cannot be contradicted, and “Questions will be asked” of both pupils and teachers to determine whether the guidance is both present and accepted by all parties. If the teachers have objected, or have made statements to the effect that they do not agree with the ‘Same-Sex’ farrago, the whole school will be downgraded as part of the inspection process! It is wrong to use same-sex marriage as one of these examples. It is a political issue that schools should treat in a balanced way.

“Even if the school’s curriculum documents are acceptable in relation to the fundamental British values, it is possible for teachers to convey in their teaching that either the values are wrong, or that they do not apply to the community served by the school… In order to assess compliance with the standard inspectors will check pupils’ understanding, in an age-appropriate way, of the concepts listed.” (paragraph 39)

LET ME BE VERY CLEAR. My opposition to this ‘GUIDANCE’ has got nothing to do with hating homosexuals of whatever tendency they adopt. The beliefs and practices which these people adopt and hold are lawful. However, that does not mean that I must agree with their beliefs. I respect their beliefs and ask that I be shown the same respect. My opposition to this guidance is that it is an attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate children, that it is attempting to make youngsters, along with their teachers and parents; to accept something that goes against true family values and principles.

From the very beginnings of the whole ‘gay marriage’ debate, the Government (a supposedly-Tory government) made it plain that this was what was going to happen. The Government has no mandate for this monumental change to our culture, which required 800 years of legislation to be re-written and redefine the terms “husband” and “wife”. Marriage was redefined over the heads of the 24 million married people in this country. This was profoundly anti-democratic. The Government ran away from this public debate. They bulldozed ahead without any thought for the consequences.

But one thing I do know; which is that I dislike, intensely, being advised, even on a subliminal basis, that my dislike of homosexual behaviour, as well as homosexual-friendly legislation, along with the very idea that homosexual behaviour, ideas and beliefs are not akin to perversion, is somehow beyond the pale within British Society. I disagree with the whole idea that once the act has been decriminalised, everything else is okay. I disagree that a man can marry a man, despite that now being legal. An Act of Parliament does not make a perversion acceptable, to those such as I who believe in the sanctity of Marriage. Sex, and the very act of love, is there for a single purpose, which is to beget children; and marriage is simply for the protection of children who spring from that union. Why do I bang on, despite many saying, ‘well, they have what they have demanded, which is legal acceptance; why go on, and on, about what is, after all, something which is both legal and accepted within modern Britain today? It is simply that I do not accept that my grandchildren grow up in a climate which accepts, without comment, a perverted sexual practice in their communities.

The headlines roll ever onwards, as do the adverts. We note the leader of the Scots Conservatives is pregnant, has announced she is expecting a baby with her partner Jen Wilson. Readers may note the coy phrase ‘with her partner’. Readers must be aware that it is a biological impossibility for one woman to make another pregnant, however much they might ‘love’ each other. The infamous Lloyds Bank advert which purported to show ‘freeze-frames of British life’ hoped to make viewers accept that to my mind, some weirdo asking another weirdo to marry him is part of normal British life; is yet another attempt to fix the ideals that ‘Same-Sex marriage’ is here to stay, and we should all just shut up and get used to it!

Ministerial assurances, given at the time of the ACT going through Parliament, were plain and straightforward:-

“…no teacher is under any duty to promote or endorse a particular view of marriage, and neither would they be as a result of any revised guidance in the future. The wording of section 403(1A) is clear. The Secretary of State issues guidance to ensure that pupils ‘learn’—it is worth paying attention to that word— ‘the nature of marriage and its importance for family life and the bringing up of children.’

“…teaching in this area should always be balanced and sensitive to pupils’ backgrounds, which for many will be reflected in the school’s ethos. Guidance contrary to that ethos would not meet those criteria. If Members want further Same-sex marriage test © Coalition for Marriage 2018 Page 3 of 3 reassurance, I draw their attention to Lord Pannick [QC], who I think is universally recognised to be an expert in this area. He said that it is ‘inconceivable’ that a teacher could be lawfully disciplinedfor explaining to a child of an appropriate age that the law allows for same-sex marriage but that many religions—or indeed the teacher—do not believe in it.”


The ‘Guidance’ is now aimed only at Independent Schools. But you can bet good money that if the clauses are passed without comment, the rest of the Schools system, inclusive of ALL religious or faith-based schools; will not be far behind. So when the ‘Consultation’ process begins, I would ask a plain question. Will you take part, will you answer the questionnaire? Will you give solace to those who ‘just love each other’ by accepting, dumbly; like the sheep which the Department for Education firmly believes you are; that the Guidance shall be forwarded unchanged? Or will you rise from your lethargy, from your place in front of the tv, where you watch ‘Coronation St., or ‘Eastenders’, or any of the myriad other doses of pap shovelled out by the broadcasters in the faint hope that you will also buy some other garbage supported by the advertisers: and sit down, use the Christian Insitute’s Guideline Pages for help, and then find the OFSTED guidance pages, and register your opposition to this perverted tripe?

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