Roman Catholic-run Irish hospitals to be forced into abortion acts.

I believe that the Catholic Church has, and always will, taken the right stance when it comes to some matters of conscience. I am a comparatively recent convert to the ideal of disliking the very idea of abortion; having, for many years hewed to the idea that a woman alone should hold the right regarding what happens to the child she carries within her womb. But I examined the evidence, including the UK Legislation regarding abortion, and, having determined that one could lead a regiment  of cavalry through the loosely-worded clauses, I honestly believe that we now have, in this oh-so-liberal Nation of ours: abortion-on-demand! That, folks, is plain wrong. Human life is precious, it should never be extinguished on a whim, and I believe that the Noble Lady Nuala O’Loan’s Religious Conscience Bill; whilst still a very short step, should have at least a fair hearing when it eventually arrives at the House of Commons.

I was raised in the Roman Catholic Faith. I absorbed the teachings of that Faith in the times of my childhood, I married in a Catholic Church some fifty years ago, in the Roman tradition, and all three of my children were baptised in that Faith. Despite no longer associating myself in any way or form with the Catholic Church, having determined that I could no longer sit silent when priests spoke from the pulpit to traduce the politics I have held for decades. I also decided to absent myself from the church when the very laws of our land were being breached by many Catholic priests bent on the abuse of innocent children, those same priests who were then protected and virtually concealed by a Catholic Hierarchy, who were intent on the outer carapace of that Church seeming intact: whilst concealing the cancer inside that religious body.

But today I do not write about British attitudes to abortion, but instead to the deep and devious planning by Irish Republican politicians, which is only now unfolding after the recent Irish Abortion Referendum; and the acquiescence of an Irish voting majority which is only now realising the extent to which the very ‘wool’ has been pulled over their collective eyes within the Republic.  The Irish Prime Minister confirmed that, under the terms of the proposed Abortion legislation, all publicly funded hospitals will be required to provide abortion services once legislation is enacted in the Irish Parliament. This confirmation was in reply to a question from Solidarity MP Mick Barry, who asked would abortion services be provided by the new national maternity hospital to be built in the grounds of St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, “a campus controlled by a company with a board dedicated to a Catholic ethos”.

The Irish Prime Minister (Mr Varadkar) said the Government would use the same model is used for the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, which provides for abortion where a woman’s life is at risk. “Hospitals such as Holles Street, which has a Catholic voluntary ethos, the Mater, St Vincent’s and others will be required and expected to carry out any procedure that is legal in the State.” In other words, the Irish Prime Minister is stating that Catholic concerns and objections to the act of abortion will be overruled; and it will be soon be seen that employment within hospitals, in whatever area, shall be governed by the Rule of Law, with no allowance made for conscientious objectors to absent themselves from the practice of killing the unborn baby!

So, the question surely must be whether the Roman Catholic Church in the Republic will, stand fast against the abortion orders, and close the hospitals down, rather that bow down to the demands of the baby-killers? I wonder why THAT particular question wasn’t highlighted during the run up to the Referendum vote? I also wonder if the Irish voters will now consider that they have been ‘conned’ by experts, who always stated that their one concern was for the safety of the future mother; but never, ever, mentioned the fact that the full weight of the Law would be slammed down on any doctor, nurse or hospital administration who dared to stand against the Government: especially when the Referendum result was a vast majority in favour of killing the unborn?

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