Open letter to Peter Clarke, H.M. Chief Inspector of Prisons: re:- Tommy Robinson (a.k.a. An enemy of the State?)

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I refer and write on the recent imprisonment, for Contempt of Court, of Mr. Tommy Robinson (a.k.a Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) after a streamed broadcast commentary on a trial at Leeds Crown Court. I do NOT write or refer to the alleged Contempt, or the proceedings which are stated as being prepared against Mr. Robinson, as these are sub-judice, and therefore are exempted from further comment, as far as I am aware.

What I do write about, and would further comment upon, and ask yourself, as the Chief Inspector of Prisons to examine, investigate and report upon, is the truly disgraceful manner in which Mr. Robinson was treated during his period of incarceration, especially in the second prison in which he was confined, in solitary confinement ‘for his own protection’. Mr, Robinson is, as a matter of public record, a staunch opponent of the Islamic religion, and many of his speeches and recorded comments refer specifically to the outrageous number of Muslims of Pakistani or British/Pakistani heritage who have been charged and convicted of the sexual grooming and multiple rape attacks against predominantly white British girls and children.

Mr. Robinson alleges, in the broadcast interview linked here, that he was treated abominably by the Prison Service, and I would further aver, by some highly-placed individuals within both the Prison Service itself, as well as the Home Office.

He stated and alleged:-

  • First prison he was sent to had a low muslim population, and although held in solitary confinement, he was given access to exercise, correct food, and in general treated as any other prisoner.
  • He was then moved to second prison which had the highest Muslim population of any Category C prison in England.
  • For food, over the nearly two months of his incarceration, he was given one tin of tuna fish and a piece of fruit every day. He claims that he only ate the tinned food because he could not trust the prison canteen staff as regards poisoning his food. Tommy alleges that he lost over forty pounds (18 Kgs.) in weight during his imprisonment.
  • During that interview, he compared his time in a British prison with that of Guantanamo Bay, and I, for one, do not believe he was exaggerating.
  • He stated that he was deliberately placed in a cell which was on the ground floor of the block, directly opposite to the prison mosque; which meant that every Muslim prisoner was able to walk past his cell window, and those who wished him evil were thus able to throw human excrement through his opened window, (open because of the unusually high temperatures experienced during this summer) and because Mr. Robinson was forced to block off the window entirely, he was virtually drowned in sweat for most of the day and night.
  • He was further told, by either the police or the prison staff, that police were on their way to his home, as they had ‘been informed’ that someone was plotting to throw acid at his family!
  • He also stated, during another interview, that despite the fact that he was supposedly in solitary confinement ‘FOR HIS OWN PROTECTION’’, his cell door was left unlocked and ajar at least three times.

As for the underhand methods employed during his arrest, transportation and further appearance before, in Tommy’s own words ‘A KANGAROO COURT’, his ultra-speedy sentencing despite not being given the chance to organise a defence of any sort, these are for others to answer for in perhaps the fullness of time; but I mention them here to give emphasis to the gravity of the situation which Mr. Robinson found himself in.

I, as an journalist/contributor to, and also as an Englishman with a keen sense of British Justice as it used to be, and of an equally keen idea of fairness and equality under the Law, would therefore ask if you, in your position as Chief Inspector of Her Majesty’s prisons, would urgently enquire as to the veracity or otherwise of Mr. Robinson’s claims regarding his treatment over the time he spent in prison.

If you find that Mr. Robinson was placed in possible jeopardy, and in the way of possible genuine harm during his custodial period, I would ask that the individuals who were responsible for the orders regarding Mr. Robinson’s treatment, cell placing and supervision be brought to book, and held responsible for, if proven, the grave threats against Mr. Robinson’s life and well-being.

The Prison Service members, governors, senior staff, should be POSITIVELY asked why Mr. Robinson was transferred from the first prison (low-to-non-existent danger of attack) to the second prison, where, by virtue of the high concentration of Muslim inmates; it was imperative that Mr. Robinson be given the maximum protection possible. They should also be told to answer for the decision to place Mr. Robinson in a cell which was easily accessible and vulnerable to attack from inmates who were avowedly hostile to Mr. Robinson.

As a final note to assist you in this conversation, I wish to record that I have personal experience of the Prison system, having been associated with Consulting Engineers’ work and plans for such works at HMP Hull, HMYOI Wetherby, and engineering decisions and implementation at three other prison establishments. I know that NOTHING, repeat NOTHING, happens within any individual prison without the absolute approval of the Governor, along with senior staff members: as well as senior figures within HM Prison governing hierarchy, both in the Home Office and elsewhere!


GrandPa1940 @

This letter will be sent to the Chief Inspector of the Prison Service; and will be copied to all those noted below; signed under my real name!

Cc:- Roberta Blackman-Woods MP for Durham City,

Home Secretary Sajid David, MP

Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg M.P.,

The Baroness Caroline Cox,

Lord Pearson of Rannoch.

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