You dozey, self-centred, wilful, stupid; stupid woman!

What do you call someone who enters a place, a country; in the full knowledge that there is no real Rule of Law? What do you call someone who enters a place, a country; in the full knowledge that that same country is ruled by Muslim Mullahs, who care little for Western ideas, and even less for simpletons who claim they have DUAL- NATIONALITY? What do you call someone who, despite strong advice to the contrary, enters this country, knowing that there is no real protection afforded by a British passport, for the slightly weird notion of ‘It’ll be alright; I’ve got a British passport, my daughter has a British passport, and I’m only visiting my mother’? What do you call a mother who places her child in real peril by entering a country whereby the Foreign Office advises against all individual travel; warns against banditry, theft and danger to life and liberty if you f**k around with any aspect of their bloody religion, culture, sense of security; or even just plain, ordinary cussedness? What do you call a woman who, despite all the official warnings to the contrary, decides that ‘She knows best’; gets on an aircraft with her daughter, and flies in to this pest- and danger-ridden cess-pit?

The real name of this woman? Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Her real title? Stupid, silly, bloody woman.

The name of this demi-paradise? Iran, or, to give its exact diplomatic title the Islamic Republic of Iran. The clue to the behaviour of the people who slung this stupid woman into jail? It is in the word ‘ISLAMIC’.

Her equally stupid, idealistic and slightly moronic (because he expects Muslim clowns to observe Western creeds and ideas) husband was interviewed, and stated:-

‘There were real hopes that not only would her three-day furlough be extended, but that her permanent and unconditional release was also just around the corner.

‘We shouldn’t lose sight of what Nazanin has had to endure – nearly two-and-a-half years behind bars, eight gruelling months of solitary confinement without a lawyer, a deeply unfair trial, and also being subjected to a string of unfounded accusations from the Iranian authorities.

‘Nazanin is a prisoner of conscience who should never have been jailed in the first place.

“Prisoner of conscience’? Rubbish!  The Iranian mullahs who scrutinise all airport entry lists and visa application lists must have collectively rubbed their hands in glee (or whatever passes for humour in those twisted minds) at the sight of yet another idiot basking in the belief that a foreign passport somehow gives the holder the extra armour against the monolithic Islamic State of Iran’s collective hatred of Western ideas, ideals and very ways of life.

When this loser is finally kicked out of Iran’s prison system, probably because the guards are sick to death of her constant whining, and upon her return to British shores, the first visit of officials should be from the local Council, to determine if she really is as daft as she makes out to be; because if they are correct, the little girl should be immediately taken into care.

2 thoughts on “You dozey, self-centred, wilful, stupid; stupid woman!

  1. Dozy woman got what was expected – Tim Newman @ Desertsun has covered it.

    Arrested on departure – not arrival – after Iran observed what she was doing.

    BoJo was correct.

    She worked for BBC Int journalist training, now for Thompson Reuters Foundation (Int journalist training).

    As for ANM – weak, despicable sellout. Alt no longer applies

  2. The Wikipedia entry for her really spells out how monumentally stupid she was. Working for the BBC even outside of Iran on a project in direct opposition to the Iranian regime puts a target on your back. To then enter that country thinking the authorities wouldn’t be bothered or a bit thick and allow her to have a lovely holiday seems at best nieve.

    Nope, they made an example of her. She may be a Political prisoner, but unfortunately them’s the rules in Iran. Enter at your own risk.

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