The Welsh NHS transplant panel slice off their next ‘donor’ organs.

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In Stalin’s Russia, and for long after that murderous man’s death, the ‘mantra’ was simple. The State has nourished you; fed you and helped raise you; therefore your loyalty was to the State. If the State wanted steelworkers, you became a steelworker. If the State wanted an assassin, your reply was simple: ‘Who is my target, by when do you wish his death?’ The State reasoned that your body was theirs, to do with as they determined! There were no alternatives, the KGB saw to that. The Soviet State ruled by fear, and the fear was compounded by the knowledge of the Gulags, where ‘enemies of the State’ were sent to their deaths. The pinpricks offered by the ‘Samizdat’ were brushed aside as annoyances: the Soviet Empire lasted until it was torn asunder by the machinations of one man: President Ronald Reagan, the ‘man who won the war.”

So what, the reader might ask, has the might and deadly practices of the former Soviet Empire have to do with a car crash in Wales. Tim Grace, of Treboeth, Swansea, hit speeds of 130mph in a borrowed BMW X5. He, along with his passenger, drove recklessly after he consumed at least two bottles of wine, along with several cocktails. He passed another vehicle ‘as though the other car was parked’. The BMW swerved off the motorway at a speed estimated to be 95 m.p.h., and hit a tree. The woman died at the scene from massive spinal injuries: Mr. Grace lasted until the next day, when the machinery which was keeping his body alive was switched off. But the sentence, in that news report which betrays all that has been organised, in terms of State interference in our everyday lives was the almost unnoticed one, which said:-

The inquest, in Pontypridd, heard his heart, liver and both kidneys were used in transplant operations.

The Law in Wales was altered to allow the State, in the event of catastrophic injury to a Welsh person, to remove his or her organs without further reference to family, or personal wishes to the contrary, and to allocate them as the vultures of the Transplant authority see fit. This is because of the law alteration which ‘presumes consent’ for a dead person’s organs to be removed. I would place good cash upon the scalpels being selected and sharpened as the news came in of the crash, and presumably of the delight of the so-called ‘Harvest Teams’ as they heard that the young man had survived the crash, but had severe brain injuries. The death of the young woman passenger at the scene was probably considered unfortunate, as her organs would have not been of any use, as they would have commenced deterioration as her body still lay in the crumpled wreck of that borrowed BMW, driven by her companion who had neither a licence, nor insurance, but who was so welcomed at the hospital because his body was still functioning: brain dead but still of use, because his bodily organs could be ‘used to save and help others’!

Pc Carlo Vaquerizo said no other vehicle was involved when the dark grey BMW left the road in excess of 95mph. Ms Thomas, of Penlan, Swansea, died of multiple injuries at the scene from ‘particularly devastating’ spinal injuries – Mr Grace died of a traumatic brain injury in hospital the next day.

Ms Thomas had sons Harley, nine, and Jason, six. She was described by heartbroken friends as an ‘amazing girl’ and ‘fantastic mother’.

The inquest, in Pontypridd, heard his heart, liver and both kidneys were used in transplant operations.

Post mortem tests showed Mr Grace, of Treboeth, Swansea, was almost twice the drink drive limit at the time of the crash.

He had also taken prescription diazepam for depression. Mr Grace died of a traumatic brain injury in hospital the next day. Ms Thomas had sons Harley, nine, and Jason, six. She was described by heartbroken friends as an ‘amazing girl’ and ‘fantastic mother’.

The inquest, in Pontypridd, heard his heart, liver and both kidneys were used in transplant operations.

The English NHS Organ Donor Registration scheme, along with the much-vaunted “Donor Cards’, seems to this observer at least: to be in need of two things.

Firstly, a change in the very ethos of this once great and altruistic endeavour, because this Government is ‘consulting’ upon the implementation of changes similar to the one in Wales to the Organ harvesting system, and Secondly: a total name change. A ‘Donor’ means just that, a person who has chosen, freely, to donate his or her organs, totally altruistically, in the service of others. My choice of name for the new Service?

How about ‘NHS State Spare Parts Organ System’?

Alternatively…. ‘Vultures-R-Us’?

Gibraltar betrayed, Spain will be given Governing role.


ITEM ONE If a ruling body is given tax-raising powers, it is considered a Government. ITEM TWO If a ruling body is given governance or ability to alter that governance, it is a Government.

In a stunning move, the long-held notion that Gibraltar is and always will be a British Overseas Territory has been fatally undermined by little-noticed yet supremely important clauses within the Withdrawing Agreement between the EU and GB&NI.

Spain will be given seats on a Committee which will control access, use and governance of Gibraltar Airport. Long a target for the grasping and corrupt hands of the Spanish, access to the very lifeline of Gibraltar as an independent entity has been given away to the corrupt hands of the Spanish, who have always wanted a foothold in Gibraltar proper.

Spain given full equal rights in all tax and financial measures alongside UK in Committee regarding tax fraud, tax residence, smuggling and money laundering.

OECD measure will apply to Gibraltar, in areas such as alcohol, tobacco and petrol products, giving Spain access, through the Committee, to Gibraltar’s Governance and Government.

If the deal is ratified, Gibraltar may as well commence hauling down the Union Flags, getting rid of the British Police uniforms, and watch as the Spanish take over without so much as a whimper from the British Government!

TAKING NOTE of the Memoranda of Understanding concluded between the Kingdom of Spain and the United Kingdom on [xx] November 2018 in relation to citizens’ rights, tobacco and other products, cooperation on environmental matters and cooperation in police and customs matters, as well as the agreement reached on [xx] November 2018 to conclude a treaty on taxation and the protection of financial interests,

The Kingdom of Spain (“Spain”) and the United Kingdom in respect of Gibraltar shall closely cooperate with a view to preparing and underpinning the effective implementation of Part Two of the Withdrawal Agreement on citizens’ rights, which fully applies, inter alia, to frontier workers residing in Gibraltar or in Spain, in particular in the territory of the municipalities that make up the Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar, and which, in Articles 24 and 25 provide for specific rights for frontier workers.

  1. To that effect, the competent authorities shall exchange up-to-date information on a quarterly basis on persons covered by Part Two of the Withdrawal Agreement who reside in Gibraltar or in the territory of the municipalities that make up the Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar, including, in particular, frontier workers.
  2. Spain and the United Kingdom shall establish a coordinating committee as a forum for regular discussion between the competent authorities to monitor matters relating to employment and labour conditions. That coordinating committee shall report to the Committee on issues related to the implementation of the Protocol on Gibraltar established by Article 165 of the Withdrawal Agreement (“Specialised Committee”) on a regular basis.

Union law on air transport which did not apply to the Gibraltar airport before 30 March 2019 shall only become applicable to the Gibraltar airport from the date established by the Joint Committee. The Joint Committee shall adopt the decision thereon upon notification by the United Kingdom and Spain that they have reached a satisfactory agreement on the use of the Gibraltar airport.

The international standards of the Group of Twenty (G20) and of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) relating to good fiscal governance, transparency, exchanges of information and harmful tax practices and in particular the economic substance criteria established by the OECD Forum on Harmful Tax Practices shall be complied with in Gibraltar, with a view to Gibraltar’s participation in the OECD Inclusive Framework on base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS).

  1. The United Kingdom shall ensure that its ratification of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, adopted in Geneva on 21 May 2003, and the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products, adopted in Seoul on 12 November 2012, is extended to Gibraltar by 30 June 2020.

Without prejudice to the first subparagraph, the United Kingdom shall ensure that a system of traceability and security measures relating to tobacco products that is equivalent to the requirements and standards of Union law is in force in Gibraltar by 30 June 2020. That system shall ensure reciprocal access to the information on traceability of cigarettes in Spain and Gibraltar.

  1. In order to prevent and deter the smuggling of products subject to excise duties or special taxes, the United Kingdom shall ensure that, in respect of alcohol and petrol, a tax system which aims at preventing fraudulent activities involving those products is in force in Gibraltar.

Spain and the United Kingdom shall establish a coordinating committee as a forum for regular discussion between the competent authorities of issues concerning in particular waste management, air quality, scientific research and fishing. The Union shall be invited to participate in the meetings of that coordinating committee. That coordinating committee shall report to the Specialised Committee on a regular basis.

Spain and the United Kingdom shall establish a coordination committee as a forum for monitoring and for coordination between the competent authorities of any questions related to cooperation in police and customs matters. The Union shall be invited to participate in the meetings of that coordination committee. That coordinating committee shall report to the Specialised Committee on a regular basis.



We are watching as either principled former Cabinet Ministers resign because they cannot speak in support of an EU deal which virtually and specifically ties the UK’s hands with silken but steely-strong ropes: or as rats deserting a sinking, stinking ship-of-state, fearful that they will lose any chance of promotion in another Tory Government; led by a different Prime Minister. When Shakespeare wrote, in Julius Caesar, of the soothsayer warning Caesar about the Ides, or the fifteenth of the month; the ruler ignored him: for what could a soothsayer know? Theresa should have had the foresight to employ the equivalent of Mystic Meg to warn her that, in going to the Commons on the morning of the 15th, she would be making the mistake of her political life. She has broken too many promises, made too many concessions; the Ides will probably see the end of her premiership, or at least the beginning of that end!

Theresa May might be correct in stating that it (the Withdrawing Agreement) is about the best that Great Britain can expect. What she does not state is that Great Britain and Northern Ireland (GB&NI) has been outmanoeuvred from the beginning of these negotiations, partly by the betrayal from within by May’s own team, working behind the backs of the original Brexit Ministerial team, to produce a document which would find favour with the Europeans. With the amateurish briefings, the ‘red lines’ which suddenly became a ‘whiter shade of pale’, with the flood of concessions, all from Britain to a tough, united European Union negotiating team. With the Prime Minister’s hopeless and fruitless attempts to peel apart the solidified stance of the EU by visiting various EU capital cities and virtually pleading with various Presidents and Prime Ministers to give GB&NI some leverage, some breathing space. That whole exercise was a waste of jet fuel, as well as valuable bargaining time.

The mistakes which were made even before the Referendum took place have only now become apparent. The Government was so confident that they had made their case to the British people that they forgot that a Referendum question has only two answers: ‘yes’ or ‘no’. They forgot that a prudent Government makes plans, and someone should have tapped Cameron’s weasel shoulder, and politely suggested that, maybe the ‘Leavers’ had a point; maybe even not a very good point: but wasn’t it maybe a good idea to explore the (to the Triumphant Tory Toff) possibilities extant in ‘Leaving’? I recall awaking on June 24th, and being more than bemused to find that we had won! I was truly astonished, but perhaps not as much as our former, truly unmissed, Prime Minister.

I wrote on the morning of the Referendum vote those heartfelt words:-

Where a tiny bunch of powerful barons forced an autocratic King to face the limitations of his powers.

to this:-


Where, hopefully through today’s momentous vote, the mists will finally lift to bring back within our own borders and shores; the ability to write our own laws, free of a foreign court’s ability to overrule our own: to establish who runs our Nation, and who, in due course, we can dispossess by means of an unencumbered VOTE!

Let us LEAVE!

What we have been left with is a choice between further slowly solidifying control of GB&NI’s trading arrangements from an EU which never ever forgets, and crashing out in a NO DEAL scenario which will be economically bad, for at least two or more years, for the UK.

I leave you with a small piece I wrote over a year ago:-

In 1975, I was living in South Africa, raising a family; but news from the Country of my birth still filtered through, despite the newspapers being four/five days later than publication. I watched at second hand as the lies, the sheer hammer of the Elite Establishment pounded any opposition to British involvement in the European Common Market, as it was then known; into the dust. The slightest reverberation of dissent, of a call that the best way would be for Britain to shake off those ever-stronger European bonds, which were supposed to be silken, but turned out to be cast iron, was ruthlessly crushed, with those who spoke the truth as they saw it, being ‘rubbished’ and virtually vilified.

The Oxford Union debates have been memorable, but most have been hardly publicised outside a fairly exclusive circle. They have been the cockpit for the debates such as ‘”This House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country”, as well as the strange feminist squeals from Camilla Batmanwhatever. But one of the most important debates in the last Century was the one entitled That this House would say ‘yes’ to Europe’; which question was referring to the Referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Economic Community. The speech which rings true as far as this observer recalls was hardly covered by most newspapers, brushed aside within the ‘learned commentariat’, and, in the end, firmly defeated in the debate. But the one word, spoken by Peter Shore, a Labour Politician, is and was echoed in another, much more recent Referendum which came to a very, very different conclusion. The conclusion of the later Referendum was that we should LEAVE the EU; and the echoed word? Why, it was simply ‘FEAR’. Now when was that term used, and how was it used in that later Referendum?

I give you Mr. Peter Shore, a prescient politician who, like many of his confreres both then and now, was dissed, insulted and virtually ostracised: for speaking the entire, unvarnished truth as he saw it!

Muslim rape & grooming gangs: London: the deafening silence!

Astute readers, questioning Britons, those who actually place two and two together: and ALWAYS make four, have been gazing intently at blank spaces in newspapers, silence on televisions and radio, and wondering how on earth the one story which should be broken; has so far remained buried. We have seen the Muslim rape gangs prosecuted and jailed in Rotherham, in Oxford, in Huddersfield, in Telford; and in many, many more towns and cities. But the one story which has never surfaced, no hints, no rumours, is the one which must be lurking, stinking of the moral sewage it has certainly generated: is the silenced, censored, buried story or stories of the Muslim rape gangs who have been grooming and raping white girls in Greater London.

What story? You may well ask, but first you must consider statistics. In trial after trial, all across this once green and pleasant land, the facts are undisputed. Over the past two decades, Muslim men, some of British birth, but all of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage, have systematically groomed threatened, drugged, raped ,and destroyed the young lives of hundreds of predominantly White girls, of all ages and classes. The facts are there, from Telford to Newcastle, the photographs of literally hundreds of brown-skinned Muslim males literally litter the headlines, in sordid trial after trial with the heading :- Muslim rape. It could well be actually argued that this activity stems from their fealty to only one thing, their religion: it is in their very DNA. Their treatment of their own women is well established. So why, it must be asked, is there not a single documented case, allegation or even rumour of the same treatment meted out to the targeted platoons of white girls who exist, rather than, live in Greater London?


From Hounslow to Barking via Tower Hamlets, and from Croydon to Enfield, the maps are coloured ‘Red’ denoting Labour-controlled boroughs. The one thing which can be guaranteed in London’s local politics is that the mass of Muslims always vote Labour, partly because of the well-documented anti-semitism embedded deep within Labour, which mirrors the deep antipathy and indeed hatred towards Jews from Muslims: but also because of the simple truth that the Muslims like the Labour Party, because Labour doles out the welfare benefits, and the donations to the ‘charities’, without asking any questions. So the London Borough Council officers must be acting in the same way as the Labour Council scum in Rotherham, who laid ALL the blame for the vicious assaults meted out to those unfortunate young girls and women UPON those young women. Because to accept that they were telling the truth would have been deeply divisive, and ‘Racist’. Because the perpetrators of that abuse were Muslims: all of them. The Metropolitan Police must, I repeat MUST, have received stuttered and fearful complaints by the bucket load, and I would bet good money that their responses would be exactly the same as their colleagues in Rotherham; where the case files lay gathering dust, because it would not be ‘politically correct’ to lay the blame at the doors of those Muslim predators, because the Rotherham Police would be accused, correctly, of a failure to protect vulnerable girls because of the ethnicity and religion of the vultures whose allegiance is to their ‘effing Allah; along with his peadophile prophet Mohammed!

These scum do not act alone, but in concert. Whether in Newcastle, or Rotherham, or Telford, they were given ‘Carte Blanche’ by a system and a society’s overlookers, who were deliberately looking the other way. It is utterly inconceivable that the million-odd Muslims who have been literally allowed to swarm into our country and infest the many suburbs of London are not acting exactly as their brothers-in-bloody-religion have done across this nation of ours. Am I stating that all rapes are committed by Muslims? Of course not, but the organised assaults, the organised trafficking, the threats, follow a pattern; and they lead to a programmed path of degradation, of pure, unadulterated evil such has never been witnessed before in this once-green and once-pleasant Land.

The fact that not one case has surfaced within Greater London demonstrates what must have been a covert decision amongst ALL London Councils, in full but silent agreement with the Metropolitan Police; aided and abetted, no doubt, by the Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan; as well as the Tory buffoon Johnson before him.

Statistics never lie!!!