Muslim rape & grooming gangs: London: the deafening silence!

Astute readers, questioning Britons, those who actually place two and two together: and ALWAYS make four, have been gazing intently at blank spaces in newspapers, silence on televisions and radio, and wondering how on earth the one story which should be broken; has so far remained buried. We have seen the Muslim rape gangs prosecuted and jailed in Rotherham, in Oxford, in Huddersfield, in Telford; and in many, many more towns and cities. But the one story which has never surfaced, no hints, no rumours, is the one which must be lurking, stinking of the moral sewage it has certainly generated: is the silenced, censored, buried story or stories of the Muslim rape gangs who have been grooming and raping white girls in Greater London.

What story? You may well ask, but first you must consider statistics. In trial after trial, all across this once green and pleasant land, the facts are undisputed. Over the past two decades, Muslim men, some of British birth, but all of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage, have systematically groomed threatened, drugged, raped ,and destroyed the young lives of hundreds of predominantly White girls, of all ages and classes. The facts are there, from Telford to Newcastle, the photographs of literally hundreds of brown-skinned Muslim males literally litter the headlines, in sordid trial after trial with the heading :- Muslim rape. It could well be actually argued that this activity stems from their fealty to only one thing, their religion: it is in their very DNA. Their treatment of their own women is well established. So why, it must be asked, is there not a single documented case, allegation or even rumour of the same treatment meted out to the targeted platoons of white girls who exist, rather than, live in Greater London?


From Hounslow to Barking via Tower Hamlets, and from Croydon to Enfield, the maps are coloured ‘Red’ denoting Labour-controlled boroughs. The one thing which can be guaranteed in London’s local politics is that the mass of Muslims always vote Labour, partly because of the well-documented anti-semitism embedded deep within Labour, which mirrors the deep antipathy and indeed hatred towards Jews from Muslims: but also because of the simple truth that the Muslims like the Labour Party, because Labour doles out the welfare benefits, and the donations to the ‘charities’, without asking any questions. So the London Borough Council officers must be acting in the same way as the Labour Council scum in Rotherham, who laid ALL the blame for the vicious assaults meted out to those unfortunate young girls and women UPON those young women. Because to accept that they were telling the truth would have been deeply divisive, and ‘Racist’. Because the perpetrators of that abuse were Muslims: all of them. The Metropolitan Police must, I repeat MUST, have received stuttered and fearful complaints by the bucket load, and I would bet good money that their responses would be exactly the same as their colleagues in Rotherham; where the case files lay gathering dust, because it would not be ‘politically correct’ to lay the blame at the doors of those Muslim predators, because the Rotherham Police would be accused, correctly, of a failure to protect vulnerable girls because of the ethnicity and religion of the vultures whose allegiance is to their ‘effing Allah; along with his peadophile prophet Mohammed!

These scum do not act alone, but in concert. Whether in Newcastle, or Rotherham, or Telford, they were given ‘Carte Blanche’ by a system and a society’s overlookers, who were deliberately looking the other way. It is utterly inconceivable that the million-odd Muslims who have been literally allowed to swarm into our country and infest the many suburbs of London are not acting exactly as their brothers-in-bloody-religion have done across this nation of ours. Am I stating that all rapes are committed by Muslims? Of course not, but the organised assaults, the organised trafficking, the threats, follow a pattern; and they lead to a programmed path of degradation, of pure, unadulterated evil such has never been witnessed before in this once-green and once-pleasant Land.

The fact that not one case has surfaced within Greater London demonstrates what must have been a covert decision amongst ALL London Councils, in full but silent agreement with the Metropolitan Police; aided and abetted, no doubt, by the Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan; as well as the Tory buffoon Johnson before him.

Statistics never lie!!! 

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