Nigel Farage fearing for his family’s safety: still speaking truth to power!

It is possibly a strange detail to relate, but the fate and future political history of Great Britain & Northern Ireland  are possibly bound up in one man’s actions and beliefs. If Nigel Farage had been given the protection for both himself and his family, from both the left-wing bullies and agents of the State who were so busily pressing their dislike and hatred of him personally, as well as  the spectacular rise in popularity of UKIP, to such an extent that ex-Prime Minister Cameron was forced to concede a Referendum: he would not have left as speedily as he did. The Referendum which his Tory Party, along with £20-odd millions of Government & Leave-supporting garbage had been defeated by a patchwork bunch of amateurs. I would suggest that Nigel Farage himself contributed in no small measure to that defeat, mainly through the advent of Social Media productions such as YouTube. By these means did Nigel Farage get his message out to the world, from the seats and circus-like atmosphere of the European Parliament. By no other endeavour other than these broadcasts, he pushed the message of how spendthrift, how ridiculous, how burdened-down with bureaucracy, and ultimately how powerless was the Parliament in which he spoke, and these broadcasts resounded and rebounded through the ether.

I do not often speak or write of a regard for modern-day politicians, the vast majority of who are worth little more than the scrapings from a dung-ridden boot, but I do write of Mr. Farage with a genuine liking, and a complete understanding of his desire to leave the cockpit of British Politics immediately after his triumph, and it was a triumph! From absolutely nowhere, either in polls or in political power, to a position where his Party could demand a Referendum, and get it, is and was a considerable achievement. The fact that the 21/2 years of so-called negotiations have been squandered away by a Tory Party, a Prime Minister and a Civil Service which has always been of the ‘Remain’ persuasion is not of his fault, but I firmly believe that, if Farage had stayed as UKIP leader, and with that voice as steadfast now as it was so many times in the past, we should be seeing a very different outcome to that which is about to be dumped upon a weary British public.

To that end, I give readers just a taste of that which we should have been listening to, and thus send our deepest and best wishes to NIGEL FARAGE.