Muslims in London. A troubling statement.

I spoke to a family relative yesterday evening. An inconsequential happening, one would think. We talked about sadness, about at least two members of our wider family splitting through divorce. We reminisced about my wife’s mother, now sadly deceased, and how she was the glue which held the family together, as the occasions when family visits occur, or even phone calls made, have decreased sharply since that lady’s death. I told him about my wife, and of her dependence upon my help, and he sympathised. He told me of another sister whose husband was suffering from a disease, and of his battles to gain relief from pain. He asked about my own grandsons, and of their fathers, my own family, and I told him of the birthdays parties, of the things which made us laugh, and of the things which annoyed us.

One of the things which I know to be absolutely true about my brother-in-law is that he is totally apolitical. He cares neither for Labour, or Tory, or indeed any of the other chancers. He lumps them all the same, he reckons, quite correctly, in that they are not worth a collective bucket of spit. All those politicians are out for, in his accurate summation, is firstly the power; and secondly the money. That same money which sploshes around in both local and national government, in the hundreds of QUANGOs, of the so-called Charities; all totally dependent on taxpayers’ cash. The reason why I stress his absolute impartiality is because of what I am about to relate, because impartiality is at the very pinnacle of this small anecdote.

He asked me if I had written anything after the novel which I published a few years ago on a religious theme. I replied that my last endeavour “Then so shall you reap” was built around the ‘Jihad’ attack on an Emirates a380 jet, and the effect the death of his small grandson within that passenger jet’s crash had upon a billionaire, and about the ultimate end of Islam, and Muslims in this world. His reply startled and astonished me. He stated that my views, and my story, would be anathema in the London in which he and his family lived and worked. He said that, as he worked in local education, he came up every day with the encroachment of Islam and its followers, the million Muslims resident, legally and illegally, in London. He stated that, if anything came up which annoyed Muslims, or their beliefs, in ALL areas, whether education, commerce, religion, retail or wholesale business, local or indeed national government, the White and non-Muslim Majority kept their mouths tight shut, and Islam won out every time. The Muslims now know that they have the power, and ANY grievance, argument or disagreement involving Islam, and its Muslim adherents, is ALWAYS resolved in favour of the mouthy, litigious, Muslim interloper. With the Hate Crimes legislation firmly in place, backed by the ever-crawling Government and the Crown Persecution Service, no-one dares open his or her mouth in protest, because that; folks, is Hate Speech, and a Hate Crime, and the silent ‘écroulement’ or collapse of the ability of British people to control their own lives is ever further established.

Despite protests, and in full knowledge that they are breaking the Royal Park rules, they pray in Hyde Park every day, and twice on Sundays, and our Police just supinely ignore them. A lady attempted to have the rules enforced, and SHE was targeted by the police for her troubles.

We have been betrayed by the Labour Party, with their cynical mangling of the immigration system, so as to import millions of Muslims who would automatically vote Labour; and by the Conservatives, who allowed this stinking system to continue when they kicked Gordon Brown and his Labour crew out. They should have sliced the visa system into small shreds, but they did not, and so we were again betrayed by politicians who only see advantage for themselves, and for the ‘effing Party they nominally support; and to hell with everyone else. We are watching, silently, as over 130,000 muslims swarmed in to the once-tolerant lands of Great Britain & Northern Ireland this last year alone, and now we see the results of over three million observers of a foreign cult, so different to our own: as they infest the very land which we, as a nation, have kept sacrosanct for centuries!