May be; or hopefully Theresa May be Not!


The possibility of a new, and hopefully firmer hand on the tiller of State is within our sight. At long last, the Tory letters, those sent in hope of a leader who is not so treasonous, so poisonous, so divisive, are in to the 1922 Committee, and tonight we have the ballot which, hopefully will clear away the disastrous detritus of Theresa May, this utter failure masquerading as a Tory Prime Minister.

When Theresa May emerged from the farrago which was the last leadership election, with the result that she never actually stood in an election for the leadership, but was ‘annointed’ after all the others dropped out for one reason or another: Theresa May stated that she would carry out the will of the people. We can now see, in all its unvarnished cynicism, her efforts to get Great Britain & Northern Ireland tied with steel bands in almost every area of trade, commerce, military, security, diplomatically. The one saving item in this whole farrago is the truth, the fact, that if she survives the vote, and proceeds to put this Withdrawing Treaty to Parliament, her allies within the Democratic Unionist Party (D.U.P.) of Northern Ireland will desert their Supply and Confidence Agreement with the Prime Minister, and she will not be able to get a single Bill through Parliament without depending upon sympathetic votes from opposition Party MPs. In other words, she’s damned if she does; and equally damned if she doesn’t.

Before Mrs.Theresa May stated that she would fight the vote this evening, I was confidently whistling ‘Dixie’, and considering whom would get my vote, because I am one of the thousands of Conservative party members. I am still confident I will get that vote, and I cannot wait to vote: and my vote will be for:-

 ‘Anyone who states, categorically, that we leave, on March 29 2019’, not a second later. 17.4 million of us voted for that date, and, Deal or No Deal, we want to feel the Freedom!

I would hope that the waverers, the ones who failed to follow Rees-Mogg’s example last month, in spite of their promises, now consider their promises to fulfil their duty to the Electorate, get rid of Theresa May, this shrewish failure, and choose someone who can gain respect, and thus install a leader who will speak firmly to Europe, and state, categorically, that GB&NI has just decided that we are not a supplicant, but an Independent, Sovereign Nation: ready to do business, but on OUR terms, not theirs

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