Chinese Concentration Camps regrettable but understandable

Al Jazeera, one of this world’s truly unbiased news reporting services (Note to self:- Mike, you must limit your use of sarcasm) tells us that China is taking massive steps to destroy the Uighur Muslim population, who populate Xinjiang – the autonomous region in western China; by force of separation, detention and ‘re-education’. The Arabic news service, based in Qatar, and funded by the Qatar Royal family, themselves true devotees to democracy and the wider rule of Law (Not again, Mike: this constant sniping does you little credit,) has targeted the Communist Chinese in their alleged targeting of their Muslim populations, and especially the Uighurs in the western province of Xingiang.

Seems as though the Communist Chinese, after the invasion, destruction, annexation and subjugation of Buddhist Tibet was supinely noted by the whole world, with absolutely no retaliations, reprisals or sanction against that truly dictatorial regime for the ruthless attack upon a peaceful neighbouring State, have decided that one playbook is good enough to trot out again. The Uighurs, the majority of whom live in the western edges of China, are almost 100% Muslim in religious beliefs. Al Jazeera is reporting  the UN’s discovery that the Chinese are building ten super-sized Concentration Camps, capable of holding up to two million Uighurs, and then proceeding to attack their basic beliefs, their religion, and religious practices. The Chinese do this because they understand that, although peaceful right now, ten million Muslims can be inflamed with a single speech from a fundamentalist mullah, or a ‘Fatwa’ which preaches against, not cartoons of Mohammed or satirical French newsheets, but the anti-religious diktats of a Communist Regime intolerant of ANY dissent whatsoever.

Remember, when one discusses the Communists of the People’s Republic, you must recall the memories of the blood-soaked cobblestones of Tiananmen Square. When the PRC Commissars sent in the tanks of their Mongolian Shock Army against the unarmed students, and by crushing them beneath those tank tracks, or machine-gunning those who stood upright, sent approximately seven thousand to the mass graves, and a further fifteen thousand to the slave labour camps: THAT was the reaction of those murderous Leaders of the People’s Republic.

So when that same Chinese Government watched as the Muslim Invasion (in heavy disguise as ‘economic migrants’, of course); sweep out of Syria  and Turkey, and across half-a-continent to Germany, Sweden and Denmark, and saw the supine disengagement of the Governments of those nations, who literally welcomed the invaders across their borders, they determined that no Muslim swarm would be allowed to exist, even a thousand miles away from Beijing itself. The Chinese Communists watched with understanding and deep interest as the Burmese military uprooted hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims from Rakhine province in Burma (Myanmar), and sent them scattering across the border to Bangladesh. The PRC leaders completely understood the reasons behind the mass deportation of over 750,000 Muslims, and if a few died, the memories might be further imprinted on the mass Muslims, in that ‘this is what happens to prospective terrorists’ and that message is well implanted. The report by Al Jazeera focuses on the effect of the forced deportations of Uighurs, the removal of the children to state ‘orphanages’ where the very memory of their ancestors will be wiped from the young minds of those who have been taken.

The Arab news channel states that the Chinese determine to wipe the Uighur identity off the planet, and I agree with their assessment; but, perhaps surprisingly, cannot completely condemn the Chinese for their forced assimilation techniques. The Chinese have always thought ‘Long’; have made their moves as though they are indeed planning for the next century, not the next election cycle, as in the Western World which they so despise. The Chinese have long memories, and recall, as yesterday, the times when the Nations of the West, and of Japan, rode imperiously over their lands, importing heroin as trade goods for the riches of Imperial China. They do not wish to keep a threat on their western border, and if they react in the fashion which they are doing; they know that the West will not raise a single noise against their actions. Why? It’s all to do with ‘business’, with ‘trade’, with perhaps a concession from the West to the whining ‘liberals’ that they will ‘raise the Human Rights’ bit before they sign all those big contracts full of lovely profit. The West gave the Olympics to China, and the Chinese made all those wonderful promises about freedom of speech, along with all the other sheer, unadulterated bullshit, and after the Games were barely over, the artists, the journalists, the calls for religious tolerance: everything was back to usual, suppressed, neutered, banished or simply ‘Disappeared’!

Al Jazeera might want to take a look in its own backyard, with the well-known Islamic intolerance for any other religion, before swiping at China; a proto SuperPower, which is only doing what it feels is necessary to remove a cancer before it becomes malignant!


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