Invaded. Rapes and Murders. No Revolution!

Manchester Arena TheCuttingSuite

We have been invaded. That is a fact, for much of Europe, inclusive, for now, of the British Isles. True, the invasion was carried out in full view of the populace, but not a shot was fired in our defence, not a single Governing voice was raised in warning, excepting a trusty number of blogsite voices, one or two mainstream news websites, and the remainder, all cast away in the ‘Far-Right’ category, so well is the propaganda working against us. The invasion is almost normalised, with the complaisant politicians, the Quislings on the Labour, Tory and Lib-Dim benches truly happy with their efficient sell-out of our Nation State, with our very Nation invaded all in the cause of Global Harmony.

I believe that all who read this polemic will know exactly of that which I speak and write of. If you think, or if you have any kind of an open mind, you will have already come to the same conclusion as I. But, although the invasion is ongoing, it is not yet complete; and the question is: what will it take to arouse a slumbering population, semi-catatonic in front of a tv screen, (not less that 55”, obviously, and in full High Definition) watching the modern equivalent of ‘Bread and circuses’, but now coming dressed as “Love Island” or ‘Strictly something or other’! What kind of atrocity would it take to arouse a nation which has been plastered with left- and liberal-propaganda, so that a nationwide epidemic of Muslim rape gangs brings nothing more that “Its only a few, and they’re in jail now” as a response from a brain-washed, or rather brain-dead population after approximately 2,000 (and counting) young white girls were groomed, targeted and raped. 22 (Twenty-two) died in a terror bombing at a kids pop concert in Manchester, with 139 wounded, half of them were kids. Eight dead in the terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market

Is this the same nation who, when the Government stated, back in 1939, that Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg attacks on Poland were an attack on an ally, and as Germany had ignored our warning, we were at war with Germany? The British stood forward, and joined the Armed Services in their thousands. Others volunteered for War Work. Many died, some in vain, with many mistakes made; but our hearts were in the right frame, and with the help of allies: we came through.

We have invited these blood-crazed monsters into our midst, and, slowly but surely, our very Laws have been subverted so that if anyone speaks out too loudly, they are pilloried, ostracised, or imprisoned. How many must die before this nation of ours actually wakes up, and realises that its is almost too late. How many would actually realise that a Muslim Home Secretary is, even now, planning the ‘overhaul’ of our immigration schemes, but a significant gap will be noticed when it comes to migrants from ‘The Commonwealth’. The gap, no restrictions will be placed upon ‘family and relatives’ migration, and where do the vast majority of commonwealth migrants actually come from? Pakistan, Bangladesh, and all the Muslim hangers-on posing as asylum-seekers from the sewage-dumps of Iran, Afghanistan and all stops east.

The young lady in the following video asks the ONLY question, and also speaks the truth. How many have to die before we, as a Continent, wake up to reality?