Defence Secretary UK; from Infancy to Senility, without benefit of Maturity


Plucked from the rank listings of the Tory Parliamentary Party by a desperate Prime Minister, desperate because she had lost the rest of that list, to fill yet another Defence resignation after the debacle of the Chequers garbage. Williamson, a former businessman with interests mainly in ceramics, had fought a losing battle for a Westminster seat in Liverpool, changed his targets and became South Staffordshire MP in 2010. After the resignation of Cameron, he led the team backing Theresa May’s bid for the Premiership (Political; not football: sorry about that), and as a result became her Chief Whip. He was subsequently appointed to Defence after Michael Fallon’s resignation. He had no experience, in any capacity whatsoever, with the needs of Defence, of the military, or indeed of the military mind.

Upon taking up his new role, Williamson discovered the reality of politics, as best shown in the letter which was left for the new chief secretary to the Treasury, by the old one, namely Liam Byrne. The note stated:- Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam. Noting, as he did, the parlous state of the Defence Forces, in terms of both costly and late equipment and blindingly-obvious stupid diversity-based recruitment policies, he determined to attempt to get more cash to pay for just some of the more expensive toys. He was abruptly informed that, as the UK was presently giving £14 billions away to countries like India, who incidentally run their own space programme, as well as the bottomless pit formerly known as Black Africa; there wasn’t any new money at all, so he would have to make do.

He is now quoted as stating that Britain should pursue a new ‘global’ role, as we (GB&NI) were looked up to by Australia. He said he expected a dramatic shift in political focus after Brexit – with the UK building deeper relationships with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Caribbean states and nations across Africa. The Defence Secretary predicted these countries would look to the UK for ‘the moral leadership, the military leadership and the global leadership’.

Now if this spouting of the usual blizzard of inanities pushed out by all British Cabinet MPs is for real, let me put Mr. Williamson straight on a few items.

Britain has one aircraft carrier busy commissioning, but as yet has no F-35 jet aircraft to fly off of her huge decks because, well, they are very, very expensive, and the R.A.F. gets first dibs on the new goodies. We also have six Type 45 destroyers: well they do exist, but are mainly tied up together because, if the sea-water gets warm, the intercoolers cannot handle the resultant load, and the whole ship’s turbine engines conk out! They are being refitted with better power sources, larger coolers, and uprated turbines; but we have to bear the cost, despite the original errors being from BAe, the clowns who built them. We have two assault ships, but the M.O.D. keeps trying to sell them. The Royal Navy has some twelve smaller destroyers, but they are nearly all tied up: BECAUSE WE HAVE NO SAILORS TO MAN THEM! We also have five Fisheries patrol vessels, but, during the recent spat with the French fishermen, not one was available, Of the FOUR R.N. vessels delegated for fishery protection duty, one was 8,000 miles away in the Falklands, HMS Forth was unable to sail because of the huge numbers of defects found after handover from BAe Systems the builders, (inclusive of electrical busbar connection bolts being GLUED back on after rupture); one is in dock for repairs, and the fourth was in Norway at, wait for it; a Culture Festival.

The first purpose of Government is to be certain that they have made sure that their Nation can be defended. Politicians, of any colour or hue, hate the very idea of Defence; because Defence, in terms of modern equipment and manpower, costs shed-loads of cash, and must be planned for over many years. Politicians detest the idea of a valid Defence, because very little about an efficient Army, Navy or Air Force can be ‘spun’ to make them look good. There is nothing a leading politician, again of any hue, likes more than to be photographed surrounded by uniformed soldiers, sailors or airmen whilst celebrating a ‘Job Well Done’: but they hate paying the bills which come due. ( We have to acknowledge that not all politicians like being photographed adjacent to tanks or big guns, such as Emily Thornberry ‘Shadow Defence’). The pronouncements of certain politicians are famous for their double-dealing lies, saying ‘Whatever you want, you can have,’ to the generals, whilst stating exactly the opposite to their Ministry servants.

I have a few tips for Minister Williamson.

  • Sort out the Defence of the Homeland first.
  • Get the cash for the ships, both working, and built.
  • Increase the budget for manpower, and ensure we have the minimum to both fly and maintain those costly jets, man and run the ships which are needed for Homeland Defence, and get rid of Capita, at present running the recruitment for the Army; and of course failing miserably. They built a website for the recruitment process, and it was so unsuccessful that 100,000 applied through a ‘call centre’ but most lost interest when they never received a call-back!
  • Ignore these stupid ideas for bases in the Caribbean, the Gulf and Singapore. If these countries wish to defend themselves, let them build and man their own defence forces, despite the habit of those self-same forces being the first to overthrow the governments who pay them.
  • Adopt President Trump’s attitude towards NATO, which states, “pay up, pay more; or we’ll pick up our tanks, missiles and other toys, and let you sort your own defence needs out against Russia”.
  • Tell this fixated stupid woman masquerading as our Prime Minister to abandon all these Treaty tie-ups with the bloody EU; such as The UK will have the possibility to participate in projects of Common Foreign and Security Policy Agencies, including the European Defence Agency, but without having any decision-making role.  We should not be tied to a failing Federal state for anything, and as the French and us are the only EU nations with anything approaching reliable defence systems, tell the other EU nations to start spending THEIR money, instead of relying on us for all the dirty work!