An Oscar Nomination & A Tortured Tiny Body

I would just like to remind you of the happenings and aftermaths of one of the most horrific crimes of our recent history. Most, if seeing the name ‘Jamie Bulger’ will remember immediately the history of the murder of an innocent little boy, a boy whose life was snuffed out before he had a chance to do little else besides capture the hearts of his parents and his nearest relatives! Here was a child, and he truly could be called a child, who was snatched from where he waited for his mother, walked along by his ten-and eleven year-old abductors, who when questioned by a slightly-worried passer-by, was told that they were returning him to his mother! He was taken to a stretch of waste ground, and assaulted to such a degree that one hardened Policeman, who had actually viewed the pitiful small remains, was quoted as saying he had “never seen such ferocity” perpetrated on the body of a victim of crime!


The killers, and I call them killers because that is what they were; were tracked down, apprehended, charged, sentenced and committed to where and what? Not to prison, or a detention centre; but instead to a “secure youth facility”! There they were given only the best, protected by law against the truly desperate grieving relatives, who only wanted vengeance for the terrible deed done against that small body, and kept safe until the age of eighteen years. Then, after an intervention by the highest sectors of the British & European judicial system, both were freed, given new identities and allegedly a great deal of money from taxpayers funds, and total anonymity in their new identities under pain of contempt of court proceedings against anyone who publishes anything leading to their new lives!


This as reward for the blinding of Jamie by pouring paint into his eyes, for jumping on his tiny genitals, for pushing batteries up his little anus, and then pulling the batteries out again by the use of twisted wire; before laying his tortured, still breathing body on a railway line and hoping that the train wheels would destroy their vicious, perverted assault on a defenceless two year-old boy!

So there you have it, The great British justice system demonstrated in all its glory! On one side, you have two young killers, given anonymity, new identities and residences, given an education and a chance to live in glory with the proceeds of their crime; and on the other, a grief-stricken mother, divorced and alone, a father so bitter that he was arrested while attempting to discover where the two killers were kept: a cold marble headstone and a few websites.

And now, the true trauma is being revisited, over and over again, in a ‘documentary’ film, based on the transcripts of the police interviews of those two murderous killers, murderous despite their youth, murderous despite the tears, the sobs and the protestations of innocence. A film which had been Nominated for an ‘Effing Oscar by the esteemed Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

I wonder how those media professionals will vote? Will they concentrate on the film attributes, on the shots of these two ‘child actors’ purporting to be the sneering killers as they deny all knowledge of those terrible acts, perpetrated on that tiny defenceless body with all the fury of two maniacs? Will they comment upon the sound systems, and their ability to catch every whimper, every denial, every tearful ‘scouse-accented’ statement that ‘it wasn’t me’. Will they place their votes on the director’s ability to recreate the sterile interview rooms where these two murderous youngsters were made to face the reality and enormity of their crimes? Will the Oscar-panel take note of the director’s statements that he felt he had to ‘humanise’ the two 10-year-old boys, who were labelled ‘evil’. Will the director’s words “And I started to read everything I could find about it and I got the interview transcripts and I think I was expecting to find something much darker and colder but instead I found, and realised there was this human story beneath it all.” make any difference to the votes of those Motion Picture Panel experts who will choose which Documentary Film gains a kind of ‘immortality’?


Will the words of that ‘talented’ director influence that panel? Will they be more inclined to level a gaze at a film which purports to show “some people might say it is wrong to do that but I would say you know they have been so dehumanised by the media and they’ve only ever been seen as these evil monsters. “The film is a dramatisation but it’s entirely factual and there is no embellishment whatsoever..“I think in the film, for the first time ever we see them exactly as they were and they were two ten-year old boys who did something that was horrendous but they don’t really know why.”: and then judge that same film in the light as revealed by those words?

If the reader was a member of that Motion Picture panel: how would you vote! Would you vote to immortalise the memory of a tiny innocent smiling child, murdered by a pair of vicious killers; by giving the director a golden statue? Would you award an Oscar to help promote a documentary whose principal protagonists are now fully grown; one of whom is back behind bars for accessing pornographic child abuse images of the worst possible type off the Internet? Or would you declare that the purpose of this sinister film was simply to make money, and more money, and that no notice be taken of this film which seeks to cast a slur on the whole justice process, and also seeks to enhance the reputation of an ‘edgy’ director?



Deal? No Deal? Frankly, we don’t care: we just want to leave!


The avalanche of criticism aimed at those who voted to ‘Leave’ the European Union comes from so many sources that it is almost impossible to list or even to categorise the voices. But whether it is a business-base, a trading base, a political base or even an environment basis, those voices have but one message: why break the bonds; why leave? The cosy clutches of the EU are so appealing to so many areas of life all seem to ignore just one, teensy, tiny factoid of life that 17.4 millions identified. That ‘factoid’? It is simply that we had no control of the levers of power, of the way and manner in which we were governed, which in truth was at a distance from the centre of power. The core, comprised of big business, culture vultures, liberal and leftist-leaning politicians, including many alleged Tory MPs, loved the very idea of Europe, which comes slathered with lots of cash, lots of political-based jobs (which come together with stonking pensions), all of whom forget one other factoid: which is that all the cash to fund those multifarious projects, jobs, and of course pensions and expense accounts, comes, or is rather EXTRACTED from the Member States. They ignored the single feature of the ‘Leave’ strata of the British voting public, which was that we knew that we had been lied to, and then ignored.The Referendum gave us the hope to Leave, and tp Leave is what we wished to do!

Can anyone identify when they were asked if they wished the United Kingdom to take part in the machinations of the CERN Particle Physics Laboratory? Of course they couldn’t; we were never asked; our money was appropriated by a bunch of European bureaucrats, who have never ever asked anyone for the cash, they just took it, because it was authorised by the European Commission, the shadowy dictators of all of the European Project.

Some time back, I attempted to discover what the true cost of CERN actually had worked out to be. CERN? That is comprised of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that 27-kilometre underground tunnel, sited between France and Switzerland, filled with high-power electrical and magnetic equipment, all supposedly to view and discover what happens when sub-atomic particles are smashed together at speeds approaching terminal velocities. The result of all this massive engineering and scientific endeavour? They stated that they had realised the existence of the Higgs-Boson particle. Nobel Prizes were dished out like ice-cream cornets. The wider public, apart from a few ‘psychics’ who were prophesying ‘We are all doomed’, was distinctly less than impressed with the knowledge that the Higgs-Boson wouldn’t make their lives any easier, cut the cost of living, or even get Leicester City back to winning form again. The quest for the cost of the CERN collider? No-one actually knows; but the estimates are in the hundreds of billions of Euros. Which is to be expected, what with the tunnelling costs, the machinery and installation costs, the huge salaries paid to all these particle physicists, ancillary staff and general workers. But no one actually kept an eye on the budgets: after all, it wasn’t their money: it was OUR BLOODY MONEY!

We ‘Leavers’ have been roundly sneered at for years, as those who simply ‘loved’ the very idea and ethos of Europe just couldn’t get to grips with a fairly large chunk of Brit society who dismissed all the ‘gains and advantages’ of a Governmental structure which, looked at in the broad, unshaded light of practical people; looked very similar to a dictatorship. The European Project, first conjured up as a theoretical project during the First World War, was grown to reality so that the ordinary people, the folk who provided the actual cash through their work which funded all these European antics; the Governmental sprawl so beloved of the Elite; had no say in how their cash was to be spent, or rather squandered. We, the people, were fobbed off with a Parliament, whereby our voices were presumably to be echoed. The reality, which was a Parliament which was virtually toothless, had no financial or legislative clout at all, was specifically set up to be a talking shop, and very little else.

We, the British Leavers, were almost ready to give up, when the semi-revolutionary idea of UKIP came marching down the political highway, and made such a dent in the political landscape of that Parliament that Prime Minister Cameron, in a panic, promised a Referendum on that membership of the European Union. Imagine, the one thing which all politicians detest, a referendum! Why, because, in a referendum, there are two distinct choices: ‘yes’ or ‘no’; or, as it turned out to be for us: ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’. Once the Referendum Question was finalised, the Remain Campaign, comprised of virtually everyone in politics, businesses large and small, culture and the arts, everyone with access to either a microphone or a computer, commenced shovelling out the propaganda of ‘Fear’. Fear of the unknown, fear of trade barriers, fear of not being able to ‘drop over to their ‘fave’ beaches; or many other lame excuses.

But the sheer genius of British Politics pushing an inept Tory Home Secretary into the spotlight of being the Prime Minister has slowly brought our dreams to reality. She, being a true ‘Remainer’ despite all the wordy speeches about ‘recognising the Will of the People’, commenced the slow and steady progress of ‘negotiating’ a settlement leading towards a British Withdrawal.  Her ideal of a ‘withdrawal’ which would ensure the’ free trade’ ideal which had been built up over four decades of membership and alliance with Europe, with binding ties in trade, defence, security and all the other hogwash which ensured that we would be tied in fact to a Europe which would continue to take ever-increasing bundles of cash from Great Britain & Northern Ireland, without us being able to influence the rules.

And that, folks, is where she went so very, very wrong. She either forgot, or never ever bothered to ask, why 17.4 million British people voted, point blank to leave. Many ‘remainers’ stated that we wanted to leave because of the so-called ‘free movement of people’. Not so, most of the people who voted like I did were indeed wishing that the immigrants would be stopped, but those immigrants were from the Arab Muslim Nations, along with Pakistan and Bangladesh. We applauded the migrants from Poland, and indeed from Estonia, Latvia and Germany, because they were just as we are, not a hotchpotch of Islamic trouble makers intent on getting close up to the fount of all benefits, without having to work for anything at all!

Put plainly, we wanted to leave Europe, and govern ourselves. If we got fed up of our own home-grown politicians, we could shovel them out by virtue of an Election which was designed to achieve something, not, as happens in Europe; the monkeys are changed, and the organ-grinders remain exactly the same.

We voted to leave, and, as a trading nation, we could trade with Europe, or not, as the case may be; but trade on our terms and rules, not theirs. We want to go back to being unemcumbered by the rules of a semi-dictatorship, but instead being ruled by our own government and law.

Put simply as possible: we voted to leave, and ‘To Leave’ is what we want!



I wish to speak to you today about dreams. Dreams of freedom, dreams of the ability to control our own destiny, dreams, all  held, seen or felt by 17.4 Million British voters who had simply stated: “We want to leave!.” No ‘ifs’, or ‘ands’, or even many ‘buts’: ‘We want to leave!’

Some ten months ago, on the 29th March 2018, I posted a video on both my own channel, and on the AltNewsMedia News site. But now, ten months on from that video, I wish to review the progress, or rather the lack of progress, towards that vision, that elusive dream becoming reality. We watched as the reins of power were dropped from ex-Prime Minister Cameron’s hands, after he discovered that the British people had not bent under the enormous weight of the Establishment’s views which was ranged against them, and had voted, by a clear majority to ‘leave’. We saw as the Tory Party MPs clenched their collective buttocks as they chose a candidate to lead both the Party and the Nations, and we watched in disbelief as a confirmed ‘remainer’, Theresa May, got into power by default, as all the others dropped out or cancelled their challenges. Despite a supposedly-ringing speech after she was confirmed as Prime Minister, stating that she had listened to the People, acknowledged that ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she determined that ‘she knew best’; that trade, and ease of that trade, were more important than the slicing of those ties to Europe which 17.4 millions had demanded; she determined that she would be able to bend or squeeze favours from individual EU nations, despite that same EU stating, categorically, that they would speak with one voice, and that was through their negotiator.

I am speaking of two years of betrayal, of two years when all semblance of the ‘rights’ of a democratic decision were virtually cancelled. All those decisions, the scheming, the abject surrender to all of the EU’s demands for our money, for our acceptance of their rules, of their statements that they knew best and, worst of all, that they just couldn’t understand why we wanted to leave, and all would be healed if we stated that in writing. When Prime Minister May called that ‘snap’ election, basing her call to the electorate upon the beliefs of her close advisers; and when that same election threw away the working majority which the Tory Party had, leading her to develop a majority based upon the votes of the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. She stumbled onwards, as her chosen negotiators went back and forth to Brussels, and eventually, last summer, produced the Chequers Plan. A Plan which resulted in the resignations of cabinet ministers who suddenly discovered that they had sufficient backbone not to be able to stomach the extent of the surrender document placed before them.

Ignoring all the protests, including the fact that two of her Brexit Ministers had resigned, the Prime Minister’s Chequers Plan was polished further, and presented to the European Commission, and it was accepted in thirty-seven minutes flat. It actually should have taken just five minutes, but one presumes that they had to allow the ink to dry before passing the 500-odd pages between the 27 heads of Government. Five minutes? They had dictated the bloody thing from start to finish, it was three semi-colons short of a full surrender document, so they knew exactly what was being presented to them.  In amongst the surrender sections was a specific proposal to tie Northern Ireland into EU Customs union until a Trade Deal was negotiated, and this had been accepted by PM May, despite the very words being total anathema to the DUP. The same bunch of MPs which PM May depended upon for her working majority in Parliament.

We watched as predicted, May’s Withdrawal Plan got voted down by the largest majority in British Parliamentary History for over eighty years. The plan was acknowledged, even by the 202 who supported it, as being so full of legislative holes as to be a bespoke fishing net, but one fashioned with the Common Fisheries Policy in mind. It was a disaster. But, instead of resigning, and calling for fresh Tory Leadership elections, or even a General Election, Theresa May just presents the same package again. But this time with a few ‘tweaks’  to hopefully mollify her DUP sector, who continue to state, in loud tones “No Bloody Way!!”

We now come to the slime, the true greasy-pole scum in Parliament, which is comprised of renegade members of the Tory Party, who are planning to wrest power from the Government, so that they can either delay or destroy the whole ideal of Brexit. This scum, aided and abetted by high-profile Labour Party MPs, are attempting to process legislation which will remove what little power the Government has in the legislative process. Will they succeed? They might, if they are afforded protection by the sleaze-in-chief, otherwise known as the Speaker.

So, the 17.4 millions glumly watch as our dreams are squashed flat, folded up, packed carelessly away, labelled ‘Not Wanted on Voyage’.

T’was a nice dream whilst it lasted, but reality is peeking, slyly, around the corner; the European trash, the Elite, the Remainers have all but won.

And we don’t even own a Yellow Vest between the lot of us!!!

Zimbabwe. The new thugs…….JUST like the old ones


Towards the end of Prez. Mugabe’s reign of terror over Zimbabwe, which lasted for some twenty of the thirty-odd years he held power in that once-fruitful country, a lone voice made itself known. It belonged to Pastor Mawarire. He posted a four-odd minute YouTube video online, and the adverb ‘viral’ must have been generated specifically to report how widely the original was watched. A copy of this video is presented below. If you watch it, you might see a man who is despondent, a man who is hurt, a man who was promised so much, and yet; over the years of the tyrannical lash of Mugabe’s ZANU PF heavies: has received so very very little. You might see a man who is still determined to raise his head, and his voice, in the hope that someone hears his cries, and might take action to relieve the burdens placed on that silent population of his once vibrant country. What you will not see is a call for violent revolution; what you will not hear is a call for bloodshed; what you will not hear is a call for violence against his Government.

But his Government, under the iron hand of Mugabe and his close cronies, attempted to crush that voice, but fortunately the Zimbabwe Justice system hasn’t been brought under the heel just yet, and High Court Judge Priscilla Chigumba stated that the Pastor was acquitted on both the main charge of attempting to overthrow the Government, and the alternative charge of ‘incitement to commit public violence’. He travelled out to places such as Oslo, where he was feted and congratulated, but in Zimbabwe, he was a marked man.

Fast forwards to the alleged ‘Gentle Coup/Overthrow’, where Mugabe was finally ditched and cast aside. There was a short-lived euphoria, before it was confirmed that Mugabe had in fact resigned, and the former First Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was to be the new President. In other words: in a typical Black African approach to power politics, the old dictator was cast aside, and his crony, who had stood firmly by his side; who had organised a massacre of twenty-odd thousand opponents of Mugabe’s ZANU PF party: who had lived high off the hog while Zimbabweans literally starved, was confirmed as the new President. But the promises flowed out of President Mnangagwa’s mouth stated that the time of dictatorship was over: that there would be new elections, that the Opposition would not be targeted: that all would be fine, in this: the best of all possible worlds!

So the elections were held, and the Opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was targeted, the ZanuPF thugs ran riot, and the election was, as everyone suspected it would be, rigged so blatantly that the neutral observers were aghast at the efficiency with which the ‘ghost votes’ were cast, and so swiftly accepted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). Protests began, but the Zim. Army was on the streets, allegedly to ‘keep the peace’ and seven died, with dozens injured.

Enter the forgotten voice of Pastor Marawire: although not forgotten by the thugs of Zanu PF and the President. He spoke out against the Government’s actions doubling the price of fuels such as petrol, and as a result, he was arrested by armed policemen, and hustled away from his home. But the Government showed that they too could learn lessons, as all of Zimbabwe’s Internet was closed down virtually overnight, and the Pastor’s voice was silenced.

We  may see and hear that Pastor’s voice again, we might even see a new video, with his Flag wrapped around his shoulders: but I believe that the resonant hope, so vibrant in that original video, will be muted, will be sieved through the efficient apparatus which is ZanuPF’s thuggery, and will sound as coming through a cracked bell, with a jarring note and a certain sadness!



I have written before on various topics, but today I wish to concentrate on British Politics, and on those politicians who claim to represent us in Parliament. I wish to comment upon the gross betrayal of a Democratic voice and vote, the largest single voice in British political history. How that voice, that vote; has been cynically spun and welded into the greatest betrayal in British political life. I refer of course to the Referendum Vote, by which 17.4 million British people voted to leave the European Union. I refer to the cynically twisted methods by which both the Government, headed by Prime Minister Theresa May, her band of deeply-loyal (to the EU) Remain civil servants, and over eighty-percent of the members of House of Ccommons, all of whom have received instructions from their constituents that they wish to Leave the European Union; but have subverted, trashed, spindled and dismissed the Democratic will of the majority of the voters who took part in that Referendum.

After a total of two-odd wasted years, we were presented with the so-called Withdrawal Bill, which was sent to the European Commission without firstly being presented to Parliament. As the contents of this Bill resembled a ‘wet dream’ as far as the European Commission was concerned. it gained approval within thirty-seven minutes in a 27-NATION Commission meeting. As a negotiation document, it was a complete and utter surrender to the demands and desires of the Remainer and Remoaner MPs within Westminster. May’s document, which, I hasten to remind viewers, would carry the full weight of an International Treaty, which cannot, I repeat cannot, be broken under International Law. It tied and promised Britain into untold numbers of European endeavours. It literally gave access to our Fishing waters through a cynical interpretation of Europe’s regulations. It removed us, at one stroke, of access to Galileo, the European G.P.S. system into which over a billion pounds Sterling has been sunk. It ties us for an indefinite period of obeying EU Regulations, without ever having a voice in how these Regulations were built. It even assured the European Union that, in a direct contravention of all that was promised to Northern Ireland’s DUP, Northern Ireland would be tied into the Customs Union to PREVENT a ‘hard border’ between the Republic, and Northern Ireland.

What can we, as voters and believers, do? Can we vote the Tories out, and bring Labour in? The Labour bunch are, if anything, worse that the bloody Tories: they absolutely adore Europe, with it’s labour-friendly laws and its liberal bent (in all terms of that word). The LiB-Dims? Vince Cable has ‘I love Europe’ tattooed around his buttocks: so not much hope there. UKIP is a spent force, after Farage’s resignations, and the multitude of chancers attempting to lead that once shining example of political rectitude. We look across the Channel, and watch as President Macron’s iideals and laws are trampled underfoot by the ‘Gilets Jaune’ or Yellow vests: which are and were so plentiful because France’s laws making every road user carry one in case of ’emergencies’.Do we have a British version of the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ movement? Not really, the only name which springs to mind is that of Tommy Robinson. Unfortunately, he has been so specifically targeted by our politicised police forces, inclusive of Cressida Dick’s heavy mob in London, that he stands more chance of preaching unhindered in a mosque than making a political movement emerge in Britain.

So what must we do? A quiet insurrection? A movement which produces, in every Parliamentary Constituency at least one Independent: one person without political baggage, one person who promises to keep his word, and if we all vote for the little guys, suddenly we might just stand a chance!

Power, Green Politics and Earthquakes

In March 2011, a subterranean earthquake literally moved Japan by eight feet and triggered a massive tsunami wave which shattered ports and towns along Japanese coastlines, and causing 16,000-odd deaths. The Fukushima nuclear plant’s emergency power and cooling systems were overcome by this huge wall of water, three of the four reactors were damaged by hydrogen explosions, contaminated water swept into the ocean; and 571 died from radiation poisoning. The tragedy occurred because no-one had even thought of the possibilities of a thirty-foot high wall of water smashing through the retaining walls of the nuclear plant’s back-up power and cooling systems. This tragedy was seized on half-a-world away by Green(ie) politicians in Germany, who cordially detest the very idea of nuke power, it being nasty, and dangerous, and totally un-Green. They hold a variable amount of political clout in the Federal Republic, and used this clout to have all the nuclear stations, already under threat of premature closure because of whipped-up panic after Three-Mile Island and Chernobyl; to be placed on either full shut-down or premature closure. As there have been no earthquakes of any comparable size or ferocity in Federal Germany, or anywhere else in mainland Europe for decades, if not for centuries, the push to get rid of the nukes was, again, purely political; as well as featuring prominently in the plan to get Germany towards the queue towards ‘Global Warming’ or else ‘Climate Change’ which is the term favoured now it is commonly accepted that the world isn’t warming due to Man’s activities.

As the only possible power plant alternatives to nuclear power, which are able to provide long-term uninterrupted base electricity load; are thermal power stations utilising coal (oh, terrible, full of Carbon; the Dioxide bit is normally not published as it would confuse the readers. Confuse? The fact that Carbon Dioxide comprises approximately 0.04 % of Earth’s atmosphere is not normally publicised because; well, it might publicise that fact to the ordinary plebs who provide the cash for all this so-called ‘reduction in Carbon technology’).The ‘approved’ technologies, (approved, that is, by the Greenies and the ‘Warming’ crowd, are of course wind power from huge bladed turbines, and solar energy derived from photo-voltaic cells laid out in vast arrays. What is always left unsaid, or rather not admitted, is the fact that wind power is only available when the bloody wind blows: and if the sun sets, away goes the solar power as well. So. nuclear power, which is, incidentally the only “Carbon-free” source available which can, and indeed does, provide safe, constant, easily-available electricity, is being shut down because the Greenies just don’t like it!

But Germany, along with just about all of Western Europe, depends for another vital source of power to heat its homes, provide energy towards industry, and this is of course Gas., providing the energy to power the CCGT : Combined Cycle Gas Turbines – these use Natural Gas to power a Turbine which turns a Generator; making electricity. A second system uses the heat to produce steam which is used to turn a turbine which powers a generator making more electricity: Gas comes to Germany from both Norway and from the Netherlands, but an increasing percentage comes from Russia. The actual figures are concealed, in Germany at least; but the increase follows record years for Gazprom exports to Germany in 2016 and 2017, with the country receiving 53.4 b.c.m. last year alone. Germany is the largest buyer of Russian natural gas, and makes up 27.5% of Gazprom’s total exports in 2017.

As the Washington Times stated:- Russia has long shown a willingness to use its energy supplies as a weapon. Does anyone really think that Moscow would hesitate to blackmail Berlin with the threat of supply interruption if the Russian President Vladimir Putin thought it would help achieve his political, military and security goals?

As the Russian economy limps along, hamstrung by Western sanctions over Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine, Mr. Putin would like nothing else than to gain additional leverage over Germany with Nord Stream II. It would give Russia the leverage in a future crisis to make Europe an offer it couldn’t refuse: Do what we want or no gas for you. Nord Stream 11 is a pipeline which runs from Vyborg in Russia, direct to Germany’s gas receiving installations in trenches sculpted in the rocks along the length of the Baltic Sea, thus bypassing all those pipelines passing through the Ukraine. That nation, which has the unfortunate ability to shut the gas off completely if that once-subservient nation gets pissed-off with the once-mighty Russia. By building the NordStream pipeline, Russia has virtually captured the whole power requirements of Germany for itself, as the Germans, ever eager for a deal, can throw off the Dutch and the Norwegians to gain an illusory advantage by signing up to the Big Bad Bear (alias Putin’s Russia).

Enter the one man who sees things from a totally different perspective. Not from Europe’s viewpoint, certainly not from the vast majority of appeasement specialist Western politicians: but instead from the viewpoint of a patriotic business-minded American: President Trump. During a NATO leaders’ meeting, he stated categorically that “We’re supposed to protect you from Russia, but Germany is making pipeline deals with Russia. You tell me if that’s appropriate. Explain that.”

With this tirade delivered to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Donald Trump began his visit to the annual summit of NATO allies in Brussels. It was an extraordinary departure from normal diplomatic protocol. For the first time, a U.S. president was openly acknowledging NATO’s role as a military protectorate over Europe in the post-Cold-War era, rather than keeping a pretence of an alliance of equals. It was also the first time that a U.S. president has so explicitly linked America’s economic interests to America’s offer of military protection.

Fair enough, President Trump has not forgotten that the United States, by virtue of its huge gas discoveries and also by the ‘fracking’ technology, has lots and lots of surplus gas to sell to anyone. He would love to have more customers for America’s gas such as the Lithuanians, whose domestic gas market used to be the sole purview of Russia’s Gazprom. But the Lithuanians, having really bad and totally justified memories of the Russian occupation during and after the Second World War, were the first to kick off the chains which bound them to Russia, organised and found a dock for Independence, and can now import 75% of all three Baltic nations’ gas needs.

Germany ought to pause, and consider whether she should be building two import terminals: one for NordStream 11, and one for imports from America, or anywhere else in the world which is not dominated by a KGB-bred power-hungry dictator!

I’m all for the old ways of thinking.

IT is indeed a while since I even considered Dad-Dancing: mainly because the look of sheer horror which fleeted across my daughter’s face stilled the thought before it became reality.

But the French, of all people, have finally ‘sussed’ the truth, that its a good thing, a positive thing; and should be welcomed by all sensible people, excepting the odd Grandpa whose  sense of rhythm has long since departed.

Folks, I give you, Dad-Dancing, ‘style-Francais’:-




The Muslim British Home Secretary is quoted as saying that ““Unfortunately, this means that there are no easy answers,” he wrote. “So our response is focused both here in the UK and abroad.”. His position, which is to sympathise with the fools who are massing on the French shores, is typical of a Muslim who wishes to see as many Muslim compatriots as possible allowed into England, is his reply to the rhetoric of ‘no easy answer’

Well, Home Sec., I tend to disagree with both your statement and your attitude of commiserating with a horde of criminals who want to get to the bloody ‘promised land’, where the free benefits flow, where the Law is abused every second, and where the scum proliferate.

As one observer stated, “they’ve had plenty of practice in the Med, a few ferries and a number of slow-moving albeit massive cargo ships aren’t going to worry the dangerous fools (comprehensive term combining bogus asylum-seekers, bogus migrants, so-called refugees and a regiment of Muslim fanatics) bent on making the short passage across the Channel between Calais, Dunkirk and the English coastlines around Dover?

There is a course of action which is readily available to any Government, but they will not take it up because of the ‘liberal backlash’ which would erupt from every twat under the skies. What needs to happen is that Great Britain firmly states that it will no longer give any access to any criminal clown,, migrant, refugee, asylum-seeker; bogus or not, who arrives, by any means whatsoever, onto British soil. The form of address which should be adopted is simple, swift and easily achieved. The Police can simply arrest the criminal, or criminals, because they have broken the Law by avoiding the correct path of entry, and state, “ Turn around; I am now handcuffing you; you are being arrested, and will now be transported back to the shores of France, where you were able to gain asylum, and thence you will be deported back to the sewage-pit from which you came.”

There you are; Sajid: its as easy and as uncomplicated as that!


In a less than stunning announcement, the Muslim Home Secretary caved in and recalled two Border patrol boats from the Med., in order to provide the promised taxi service for the throngs of thugs who are now poised to swarm across the Channel. He  states that Britain will provide support to the French authorities, and “persuade” this mob that they will be stopped. Under British Law, immediately the scroungers get past the half-way mark in the Channel, they are British responsibility. To house, to provide all legal benefits, to support and, in the end; to allow to remain, as a festering scab on the British taxpayer.

As a Daily Mail reporter stated:- In France, she reported that local police were pointing immigrants camped out at ports towards Britain. Part of Javid’s new emergency plan to halt the flow is to rely on increased co-operation from the French. Good luck with that. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that our French ‘partners’ can’t be trusted.

If they were serious about stopping immigrants heading for Britain, they would turn them back at the border when they attempted to enter France.Under international law, migrants allegedly fleeing oppression are supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive. In this latest case, that means Serbia. None of them should have any right to settle in Britain.

But the reason this country remains their No 1 destination is the same as it ever was. We’re not just perceived as a soft touch, we are a soft touch.

In Calais last week, Sue Reid spoke to a 33-year-old Iranian, who told her: ‘My friend reached England from here in a boat and is now in a three-bedroom flat in Birmingham. He likes it very much.’

I bet he does. What’s not to like? There are plenty of people born and bred in Birmingham who have been on the council waiting list for years and would just love a three-bedroom flat. Yet an Iranian can jump out of boat on a beach in Kent, make his way to Brum and move in straight away.

While we roll out the welcome mat, immigrants will continue to make the Channel crossing, secure in the knowledge that, once they set foot in Britain, the chances of them being deported are less than zero. Despite the current song-and-dance at the Home Office, the numbers will go on rising. In no time there will be so many small boats heading our way that it will be like Dunkirk all over again.

In ending, I would make specific reference to the Header photo of the small body of the Syrian boy who drowned as his father went with his family off from a Turkish beach in an attempt to gain a foothold in Greece. In spite of staying in Turkey, where he had a job, and safety, his sister paid thousands of dollars to people smugglers who stated that a professional would take them to Greece. But of course the smugglers lied, and it was the father, who had taken his family to their deaths, who was the only survivor. The photo itself, slanted and marketed as “Dead Refugee child” galvanised the world into hasty action, and pushed the Muslim mob ever forwards on their journey towards the conquest of the European world.

All it would take to get that bloody mob of scroungers, scum and the flotsam of the world a virtual free pass would be a similar picture on a Kentish beach: and our lords and masters would organise Channel Tunnel trains into a bloody shuttle service for this bunch of Muslim menace!