I wish to speak to you today about dreams. Dreams of freedom, dreams of the ability to control our own destiny, dreams, all  held, seen or felt by 17.4 Million British voters who had simply stated: “We want to leave!.” No ‘ifs’, or ‘ands’, or even many ‘buts’: ‘We want to leave!’

Some ten months ago, on the 29th March 2018, I posted a video on both my own channel, and on the AltNewsMedia News site. But now, ten months on from that video, I wish to review the progress, or rather the lack of progress, towards that vision, that elusive dream becoming reality. We watched as the reins of power were dropped from ex-Prime Minister Cameron’s hands, after he discovered that the British people had not bent under the enormous weight of the Establishment’s views which was ranged against them, and had voted, by a clear majority to ‘leave’. We saw as the Tory Party MPs clenched their collective buttocks as they chose a candidate to lead both the Party and the Nations, and we watched in disbelief as a confirmed ‘remainer’, Theresa May, got into power by default, as all the others dropped out or cancelled their challenges. Despite a supposedly-ringing speech after she was confirmed as Prime Minister, stating that she had listened to the People, acknowledged that ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she determined that ‘she knew best’; that trade, and ease of that trade, were more important than the slicing of those ties to Europe which 17.4 millions had demanded; she determined that she would be able to bend or squeeze favours from individual EU nations, despite that same EU stating, categorically, that they would speak with one voice, and that was through their negotiator.

I am speaking of two years of betrayal, of two years when all semblance of the ‘rights’ of a democratic decision were virtually cancelled. All those decisions, the scheming, the abject surrender to all of the EU’s demands for our money, for our acceptance of their rules, of their statements that they knew best and, worst of all, that they just couldn’t understand why we wanted to leave, and all would be healed if we stated that in writing. When Prime Minister May called that ‘snap’ election, basing her call to the electorate upon the beliefs of her close advisers; and when that same election threw away the working majority which the Tory Party had, leading her to develop a majority based upon the votes of the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland. She stumbled onwards, as her chosen negotiators went back and forth to Brussels, and eventually, last summer, produced the Chequers Plan. A Plan which resulted in the resignations of cabinet ministers who suddenly discovered that they had sufficient backbone not to be able to stomach the extent of the surrender document placed before them.

Ignoring all the protests, including the fact that two of her Brexit Ministers had resigned, the Prime Minister’s Chequers Plan was polished further, and presented to the European Commission, and it was accepted in thirty-seven minutes flat. It actually should have taken just five minutes, but one presumes that they had to allow the ink to dry before passing the 500-odd pages between the 27 heads of Government. Five minutes? They had dictated the bloody thing from start to finish, it was three semi-colons short of a full surrender document, so they knew exactly what was being presented to them.  In amongst the surrender sections was a specific proposal to tie Northern Ireland into EU Customs union until a Trade Deal was negotiated, and this had been accepted by PM May, despite the very words being total anathema to the DUP. The same bunch of MPs which PM May depended upon for her working majority in Parliament.

We watched as predicted, May’s Withdrawal Plan got voted down by the largest majority in British Parliamentary History for over eighty years. The plan was acknowledged, even by the 202 who supported it, as being so full of legislative holes as to be a bespoke fishing net, but one fashioned with the Common Fisheries Policy in mind. It was a disaster. But, instead of resigning, and calling for fresh Tory Leadership elections, or even a General Election, Theresa May just presents the same package again. But this time with a few ‘tweaks’  to hopefully mollify her DUP sector, who continue to state, in loud tones “No Bloody Way!!”

We now come to the slime, the true greasy-pole scum in Parliament, which is comprised of renegade members of the Tory Party, who are planning to wrest power from the Government, so that they can either delay or destroy the whole ideal of Brexit. This scum, aided and abetted by high-profile Labour Party MPs, are attempting to process legislation which will remove what little power the Government has in the legislative process. Will they succeed? They might, if they are afforded protection by the sleaze-in-chief, otherwise known as the Speaker.

So, the 17.4 millions glumly watch as our dreams are squashed flat, folded up, packed carelessly away, labelled ‘Not Wanted on Voyage’.

T’was a nice dream whilst it lasted, but reality is peeking, slyly, around the corner; the European trash, the Elite, the Remainers have all but won.

And we don’t even own a Yellow Vest between the lot of us!!!

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