Glasgow: High-tech finally comes a-calling?

A news item in the Glasgow Evening Times caught my eye. For many reasons.

The event? The scheduled arrival at Glasgow Airport of an Emirates Airbus 380, beginning a regular service to Dubai.

Why the surprise?

Was it the fact that the big jet was visiting Scotland at all?

Was it the fact that the airport had spent an estimated £8 million to equip the buildings with the necessary extended sections, walkways, transfer areas, etc., as the large Airbus is totally oversized for average terminals?

Or was it the fact that one resident commented “Went to put the bin out and saw a crowd of folk in the street. Turned out the Emirates #A380 was landing at Glasgow.”


My eye was caught by this comment, but only to the extent that at least one Glasgow resident has not only been issued with a rubbish bin, but he also actually uses it!