Lots of so-called experts have climbed on to the so-called Measles Epidemic, calling for mass vaccinations to prevent this ‘terrible scourge’ from spreading further into the unvaccinated children,, and many more have climbed on the ever-more vociferous denunciations which target those who preach against the ‘Settled science’ of multiple effect or (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccinations.


As I am definitely no medical expert, I have to rely on the published and accepted evidence of medical practitioners and scientists, and have also to take in the published results of surveys which sought to disprove the findings of those, such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield; who posited that there was a direct correlation between MMR vaccinations and autism in certain of those children vaccinated  by this (MMR) vaccine. Dr. Wakefield’s thesis was attacked from all angles, despite his statements otherwise, here in the UK, his research was stated to be false, and riddled with error, and he was disbarred from medical practice in Great Britain & Northern Ireland.


The practice of vaccination has been accepted as scientific fact for centuries, after Edward Jenner proved, in 1796, that an weak injection of cowpox overcame a smallpox infection in a young girl. But it is indeed a long stretch from a weakened strain injection of a similar disease, to the multi-tested, meticulously-tested drug regimes of today. With literally millions vested in the sales of MMR vaccine products, the huge pharmaceutical giants obviously reacted with speed to frustrate and deny the statements of theories of Dr. Wakefield, and to a large extent succeeded, as he was forced to relocate to the USA.


But, strangely; no-one has come forward to assert that autism, and the prevalence of that condition in youngsters who have received this powerful drug cocktail is entirely disassociated. Better if Dr. Wakefield had set aside his small test survey, and instead concentrated on the fact that autism numbers had increased substantially during the time that the MMR vaccine had superseded the initial single doses of targeted vaccines against individual diseases. It is not beyond the comprehension of those untrained in medical practice to accept that the sudden heavy viral overload, produced in very young children when given the MMR vaccine, is sufficient to produce change in that young, still forming body: which would not have occurred if the vaccines had been given in the old, well-proven, single vaccine method.

True, many parents found the constant appointments for the single vaccinations tiresome, and time consuming: but what if it were proven that the MMR vaccines were literally too powerful for some young patients’ systems to absorb without a reaction; and that reaction was to result in the formation of autism in that unsuspecting child’s body and mind?


Just asking!


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