The art of generating sheer, unadulterated Bullsh*t

I am a long-time fan of good, well-written and -plotted American political drama series and films. We rarely see a good reproduction on this side of the pond, possibly because of the dearth of good politically-astute writers. The ideal series, in this writer’s opinion, was The West Wing, which followed the highs and lows of a Democrat President over two tumultuous terms in the White House. Its treatment of politics in America was subdued, its message was refined; and didn’t attempt to ram down your throat that everything the President or his Party did was great, and everything championed by the Republicans wasn’t, automatically, bad. The series gained 277 award nominations, and won 87. I liked it, I hold the boxed sets on my shelves, and recommend it to any.


Not so much the latest political series from the States, namely Madam Secretary. The first two series were good to excellent, with good storylines, well-acted and well-plotted: in other words; believable. But the present series? I have never watched a more nakedly-biased set of programmes up to, and including, all three Brit Party Political Broadcasts. It is so anti-Republican that it should be renamed the Nancy Pelosi Hour, it is that bad. If they aren’t battering away at the ‘heinous’ idea of ‘Nationalism’, as opposed to the glories of a Global scenario where everyone loves each other, while singing ‘Kumbayaaa’: they are hammering out the message that Global Warming, or alternatively Climate Change is not only real, it is already here; or the fact that the whole developed world must accept the ‘Refugees’ from countries which have disappeared under the rising waters! This type of naked propaganda does their message, if there is one, no service at all: as even the dimmest can see underneath the make-up and the gloss, a scenario which is reminiscent of Goebbels at his worst.


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