Promises made, and Promises broken!

At the base of this post is a scanned copy of an item which we were promised would not be possible. Four-odd years ago, a Tory Prime Minister, scared shitless by a perceived looming threat from UKIP, organised a Referendum which might lead us to the ‘promised land’ of a Great Britain & Northern Ireland (GB&NI) outside of the monolith which was the European Union.

Nearly three years ago, we had that Referendum. Millions of words were written about the terrible fate which was to be our lot if we voted ‘Leave’: many of those empty threats came from that same Government which had, reluctantly, put the Referendum in place, but many more were from embedded, powerful people who just ‘knew’ that the only way to go was with their beloved Europe. And yet, and yet: 17.4 millions of British voters said ‘bollocks’ to these threats; said ‘bollocks’ to those who just knew that ‘they knew better’ than we 17.4 millions il-educated louts who just didn’t understand or grasp the huge benefits of the EU superstate which somehow were so much more clearer to the ‘Elite’.

The 17.4 millions who voted to leave were ‘deluded’. Those 17.4 millions just could not believe that a Government which had promised an ‘IN or OUT’ Referendum would go back on its word. The 17.4 million British voters, after nearly three years of backsliding, backstabbing, lying and prevarication from a Parliament which was composed of 80% MPs who were given a firm instruction from their voters, and were desperate no to obey those instructions have conspired to build a stalemate, aided and abetted by a lying Prime Minister May who has consistently planned a path towards that very stalemate.

That Poll Card states that I am able to vote in an election for the European Parliament for the North East Region. But the North East Region of WHERE? You won’t find England mentioned anywhere in EU literature. As in Orwell’s Big Brother, we were relegated to being ‘Airstrip One’ in Oceania. We are neutered by their voting rules, we are castrated by the big voting blocs in that same Parliament, so why, I must ask, should any of us vote at all? As my colleague James noted earlier, a decision not to vote is a statement wasted. If you do go, and deface your ballot, that is counted.

The old parties are counting on the collective memories of their ‘sheep’ to be dulled. They are hoping that we, as a NATION, have forgotten that we said “ We want to leave’: they are hoping that the collective sheep who patiently vote Labour or Tory will not remember that they lied to us, they are hoping that we will forgive them, because, after all, the big Parties have our ‘best interests at heart’; don’t they?
Well, if I read the runes correctly, the old parties have not got their wish. They might have gained some traction with their lies, and counter-lies, but when Farage’s Brexit Party come out trampling the grass despite those notices stating ‘Stay off the grass’, they hopefully will realise that Abraham Lincoln was so right when he stated:-

 “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.