Islamophobia! Homophobia! Transphobia! FarRightPhobia(™)!

Of the four terms, descriptions or ideals listed above, three of those four are inventions to categorise and inhibit comment or opinion which may be construed as offensive to the person, grouping, mythical ideal or religious body concerned.

The fourth, namely FarRightPhobia(™), is my own invention, as it seeks to wound by classifying any person, group or Political Party who attempts to stray from the recognised and accepted Liberal ideals so carefully protected by vocal minorities as ‘FarRight’. Straying by virtue of applauding ‘Nationalist’ politics, populist (there’s another pejorative term for people who wish to band together to protect what they see as their heritage); or any other person, group or even Government which seeks to protect its own National traditions.

Of the three other categories of ****bia’s, I consider them all to be equally bogus, relying, as they do, on their self-administered Hate Crime status for persecuting and silencing any who oppose their ideas, ideals, politics or twisted notions of sexual orientation.

But my own named invention is a ‘DogWhistle’ term for a whole arc of characters ranging from the ‘Anti-Islam Activist’ Tommy Robinson; then through the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, trawling in the whole of the new ‘Vox’ Party in Spain, alongside the solidly nationalist Polish Government, the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, onwards to the hoped-for accession by Farage’s Brexit Boys: and any number of Youtube commenters who stray a millimetre away from the liberal line.

The new Right have a place, and if they succeed, as I earnestly hope they do, in swelling their ranks within the EU Parliament, the former Elite will suddenly be looking at, for the very first time, an Opposition worth talking about. Just think, an EU Parliament, holding a Right-Wing standpoint majority, looking at, as it can; the Budget for the EU? Will they all be slated with the FarRightPhobia banner? Or will they march forwards to bring the tiniest bit of Democracy to that whole EU bureaucratic dictatorship?

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