Inappropriate? Outrageous? Dunno’ about that!

We are all susceptible to influences. Whether in what we read, or watch, or indeed listen to. Some may be malign, some merely inappropriate. Some influences are stated as being impartial, such as the whole output of the BBC, but people who have at least one operating brain cell can sort the few grains of truth from the sheer avalanche of partial bullshit which pours out of the BBC’s multitude of organs; all paid for, incidentally, with your cash.


But at least the BBC is open, or less opaque that others. There are very few news organs within the borders of this Dis-United Kingdom which I would trust wholeheartedly, and even fewer on the world’s stage. When Google first broke onto the Internet’s presence, the two guys who literally invented this amazing method of algorithmically listing items and news in a preference system, they held to a phrase which was supposed to show that they intended to be impartial. They had chosen the term, ‘Don’t be evil’. Yes, it’s about providing their users unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and giving them the best products and services that they can. But it’s also about doing the right thing more generally – following the law, acting honorably, and treating co-workers with courtesy and respect. That ideal has long disappeared from the Google masthead.

Google is, by virtue of its leadership, its generic growth, one of THE most successful corporations on this planet. But it also has grown into a Left-wing Monolith. Right-wing and Centrist ideas and thinking are, literally, frowned upon. If a Google employee holds Right-wing sympathies, he or she keeps them held very close, for fear of ridicule, harassment or worse. And so this Left-Good / Right-Terrible philosophy has oozed, like the slime it conceals, into all of Google’s products and productions.

YouTube is a Google product, bought by the Internet monolith for $1.65 billions, purchase date 2006. For long enough, it was a free-wheeling empire, with ‘anything goes’ as its unofficial slogan. But time change, and as the Leftwinger grip on all four major platforms has increased, so has the ideology captured what used to be a place where you could speak your mind, and nothing else happened. True, all these platforms are privately-owned companies, but ‘free speech, which used to be prevalent and welcomed, is in very short supply.

Tommy Robinson, as some on this and other places have averred, is due for either a major attack, a major ‘accident’, or, to be blunt, is murdered by the State. He is, again speaking bluntly, an outcast amongst outcasts. But the man has courage, he will not be silenced, and, as noted, he is standing for the European Parliament. He still broadcasts on YouTube, is silenced on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. He still lives on Youtube, but if you click onto the URL; you see:-

The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

I have watched this video, and so should you, because I cannot detect anything inappropriate or offensive at all!