Prosecute British Soldiers? Yes: but also the murderous IRA!

Penny Mordaunt wants to relieve British troops of the worry from prosecutions for actions of decades back. She wants to bring forward legislation which would prevent prosecutions for alleged crimes committed by British soldiers in foreign mis-adventures. Fair enough, but, being a POLITICIAN first and foremost, she will not extend this relief to soldiers who were doing nothing more than their sworn duty as loyal soldiers of the Crown, fighting a war against a bunch of terrorists in the British province of Northern Ireland


Strangely enough, I would support these legislative actions, and would also support legal actions against soldiers who are believed to have committed crimes in Northern Ireland during the Troubles: but with one specific caveat. I would wish to see all those IRASinnFein terrorists, who have been conveniently pardoned or ‘forgotten’, to be also pursued with the same vigour as those soldiers who were performing their duties lawfully.


If that was promised, and those terrorist murderers were threatened with Justice, we would soon see a change, both in promised prosecutions, and in vilifying and threatening men now in their seventies and eighties, who wore the uniform and pledged their lives to protect us.