A One-plank Party: or a One-Party State?

Gazing at the updated EU Parliament polling statistics, I see what has been published and stated about Farage and his Brexit Party; and then check what the ‘Man’ has said about his Party’s policies, and I am slightly perturbed.

We all know about Farage’s past, from his earlier days as a metals broker in the City, to his transformation of a moribund Political Party of protest, into a political machine which was so feared by Cameron that he was forced to concede an In/Out Referendum on Europe to try and stem UKIP’s march onwards.

But no-one seems to have forecast the massed bands of voters transforming their allegiances from the Old Political Parties to this brand spanking new identity. The only ones who had any inkling that this ‘tsunami’ was rolling towards the EU polls were those who, despite voting ‘Leave’ in that historic Referendum, knew why they were accompanied by the other 17.4 million. They knew that, amongst those millions, were at least three million who had NEVER VOTED BEFORE!

I haven’t much time, normally, for political pundits. Most political animals disrespect the ‘plebs’, those strange people who watch ‘Corrie’, or ‘Eastenders’, or ‘Love Island’; or indeed any of the so-called ‘Reality’ TV shows (so-called because they are truly light-years away from true reality). The politicians, and their hangers on, along with the TV and media journalists, just do not understand, or even attempt to understand, the real lives of the sixty million who provide their comfy houses and flats, whose taxes pay for their pouting and preening on various TV and Radio programmes.

I’ll give you one example of how much they simply do not ‘get us’. Recall, if you would, the tornado of criticism which landed, fair and square, full in the face of ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown; speaking to an elderly Rochdale resident: when he called an elderly lady, who had the temerity to state that she didn’t like all these immigrants coming in; “some bigoted woman”! Imagine, an elderly lady, the very stuff of Middle England, telling a Labour Prime Minister the truth; as she saw it! The damage limitation went on for days! The simple truth that Westminster lives and operates in its own ‘bubble’ is well known; not so well known is the studied indifference to the woes and worries of ANYONE who lives outside the M25. We are there to vote, every five years; and vote in the way which is expected: and then to bloody shut up and respect our betters!

I am fairly well-read and educated when it comes to politics. I read, voraciously. I devour news stories because I want to know the truth about the decisions taken on my behalf, and why my views aren’t taken into account?

We went to the polling stations, that June morning now almost three years ago, and we told them, “We want to Leave”.

Millions of people thought as I did. But two-odd years later, I sadly recorded the epitaph to a dream. I said,” So, the 17.4 millions glumly watch as our dreams are squashed flat, folded up, packed carelessly away, labelled ‘Not Wanted on Voyage’. “T’was a nice dream whilst it lasted, but reality is peeking, slyly, around the corner; the European trash, the Elite, the Remainers have all but won. And we don’t even own a Yellow Vest between the lot of us!!!”

And then, because of the machinations of surrender had not been complete, because some MPs wanted this: and other MPs wished for that; we were forced to ASK for a Brexit Extension, and then another Extension, and then someone noticed the truly fabulous fact that we had to vote in the EU elections, because we hadn’t left, and we were still an EU member state. And then that bloke popped up his head, right above the parapet, and stated “I’m Back’! From nowhere, Farage’s Brexit Party has enlisted 100,000 members each paying £25.00, so that they have a nest-egg of over £2.5 million; along with massive ratings on every poll recorded.

We do not, as yet, know much about Farage’s Brexit Party; mainly because he hasn’t told anyone. He might just sweep the Euro Elections, giving a boost to his message towards Westminster “I’m Back.” But I’ll reserve judgement until I see if he makes promises he might keep, as opposed to promises he will keep. He is, after all, JUST ANOTHER POLITICIAN.


One thought on “A One-plank Party: or a One-Party State?

  1. Yes, he is another politician, but I feel he is one grounded in reality. The Brexit Party may be a one trick pony at the moment but I hope one that will shatter the dream world of the existing parties. Lets get the EU elections and the Peterborough Bye Election over and build from there. There is a distinct feeling of brown trouser time in both Con and Lab HQs

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