Tommy Robinson. An alternate voice?

As with many commentators, I have my doubts about Tommy Robinson. He is divisive, he is clever and calculating, he is, and has been, a target for both the Establishment, the Political elite and the Mainstream Media. I watch his many videos and broadcasts, he seems to be a one-trick voice, but a threat to the established order? What can one voice achieve? Quite a lot, it seems.

We have noted the seeming ‘its all a bit of a joke’ reporting of the ‘milkshake’ attacks on Tommy Robinson, and latterly on Nigel Farage. Its not just a ‘bit of a laugh! What are the chances of some twisted individual deciding to uprate the ferocity, by buying a milkshake container, and after emptying it, refilling with drain cleaner or another acid? Would that be  deemed ‘just a bit of fun’?

If OoL readers have not yet clicked, I upload a video of the Tommy Robinson MEP campaign meeting in Oldham. The video shows the Tommy Robinson viewpoint regarding the truth of how the attacking force were lead and guided by THE POLICE  through various streets to the actual place where the meeting was taking place. Seen any of the reporting of this meeting, held by a candidate for the European Parliamentary Elections? Headlines such as :-

  • Tommy Robinson: Police vehicles damaged during clashes at campaign event in Oldham
  • Violence as Tommy Robinson visits Oldham
  • Police blast ‘ill-informed speculation’ after Muslim Defence League and Tommy Robinson supporters come face-to-face in Oldham
  • Nazi scum’ Tommy Robinson supporters and rival protesters clash in ugly scenes
  • Oldham: Riot police clash with group of protestors

The video sections where the attacking force was assembled and marched/guided were obviously uploaded by members of the attacking force themselves, so that might be interpreted as the police officially condoning this violent assembly; but that again is only my interpretation of events. It does look as thought there was a guiding hand from above helping these people massing towards a confrontation. I would only point out one more significant fact; some of these Muslim attackers came from Halifax, thirty-eight miles away from Oldham!