Milkshake; or Sulphuric Acid

The ‘comedy’ slots on both BBC tv and radio, over the years, have become dominated by the Left, with very few exceptions. This, given the normal viewpoint of the Beeb, which just does not reflect any centrist or right-wing viewpoints at all, is, unfortunately, to be expected. The totally biased, and to my own mind abominable ‘The News Quiz’ dominated by hard-line left so called comedians such as the weirdy ‘Sandy Toksvig’ and the late, very-unlamented Jeremy Hardy; with their constant digs at President Trump and any other right wing targets: was typical of the BBC’s so-called comedy output.


Up until a couple of days ago, the BBC’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ was a programme I normally like and watch. Most unusually, there was some kind of balance, with Left and Right being equally exposed to ridicule, and also with the presence of the formidable intellect of Ian Hislop, the author, writer, Private Eye editor; and, for my own mind, one of the most influential voices in the broadcast media.


At 09.00 minutes into the Episode 8 show, the scripts touched on the milkshake attacks on Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and the Candidate MEP who involved himself with ‘Not Rape’ comments about a Labour MP. The attacks were jovially received and commented upon, with a small demur from the Labour MP, but in the main, those attacks were brushed aside as literally, ‘Acceptable Standards of behaviour in Politics Today’. Milkshake deluge was ‘acceptable behaviour’ knowing the recipients; was funny, seen as humorous, and ‘understandable”. These comments were general from all on the panel, inclusive of Ian Hislop.


I do wonder if these attacks had been carried out on Labour or indeed on Tory politicians on the stump; if they would have been judged with the same degree of humorous understanding, and acceptance that it was all ‘A Jolly Jape’: and that, given the political stances of Farage, Robinson et al; just ‘TO BE EXPECTED’!


I shall not labour the point too heavily, except to point out that there were 2,000 acid attacks in the last three years in this United Kingdom, with many victims scarred and disfigured for life!