Big Media blocks Her Majesty’s Turquoise statement

It has been known and accepted for years that Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (GB&NI) has, firstly, a mind of her own, but secondly, and perhaps more importantly, many methods of ensuring that her opinions are both widely known and understood,  and of the whole idea of stating exactly what she thinks.

Perhaps less well known is Her Majesty’s impish and deep sense of humour, but it is there, and has been one of the methods by which she has managed the greasy, lying, self-serving clowns who have pestered her over the years,(minus one notable exception) whilst masquerading as politicians. She also has a great sense of style, of fashion, of dressing for the occasion. We must never ever forget that, at the age of 93, she has shrunk, literally in stature, but never, ever, metaphorically. When she visited the ongoing Crossrail construction site, she had been informed, and agreed to, the Crossrail request to name the line after her. So when she arrived, she was wearing a colour-matched hat and coat, exactly mirroring the ‘Elizabeth Line’ logo. This occasion was of course before Crossrail detonated the ’bombshell’ by stating that the central Elizabeth Line sections would be subject to a two year delay. This of course after all those documentaries produced during the tunnelling and station construction phases which stated, categorically; that everything would be ready ‘on time and within budget’! Everything, that is; excepting for making the train signalling speak to the station and tunnelling bits: and a small allowance (+/- £2 billions) for finishing off the bloody stations so people could actually use them!

Now we should travel, metaphorically of course, to the State Visit of the President of our greatest Ally, in both present and past times; the United States of America. If you give any credence whatsoever to the mockers, the blimp flyers and the “impassioned’ speeches from a confirmed enemy of everything Donald Trump represents, you might think that he is a dark apparition from a fascist past, a dictator who has placed his Nation in deep economic distress, a dictator who has, routinely, imprisoned or indeed murdered protesters, and set his face against democratic values. Surprising indeed to find, instead, a President who has played things by the Constitutional rule-book, who has proposed things, and has had them rejected by a hostile Congress, who has, even according to Mueller, not conspired with Russia to help get himself elected: and has withstood the most undemocratic series of attacks upon his Presidency’ legitimacy ever known in modern times!

It is said that he craved the ‘aura’ of a State Visit. As an American, albeit with a Scottish mother, he has always had a high regard for the Nation-State from which his forebears came; but ‘craving an aura’ because he would be mixing with the Royals? Come on. Apart from the Queen herself, they don’t present much of a bunch that would impress a man such as ‘The Donald’. As an example of that Family, what about the serial liar who is the Heir to the Throne? An espoused ‘greenie’ with his constant references to a theory where excess Carbon Dioxide is supposed to be the ruination of us all, unless we go back to Victorian standards of transportation (horses), and go freezing cold during the winter because we cannot hear our homes by gas boiler-fired central-heating, and depend upon wind and solar panels to power industry.

However, back to the State Visit, and that first and most important photograph of that tiny but indomitable LADY pictured between the towering figures of President Trump and his wife, the First Lady Melania. Note anything special about that Lady? Did you also note how few times that photo was actually used by most of the Mainstream Media and Websites.  It was shown, of course it was shown, and then, just as suddenly, it wasn’t. In its place was a very similar photo of the prior visit by President Trump when the Queen was pictured between the president and his wife. The difference? In the latest photo, seen and then just as quickly, not seen, was a subliminal message to the World which stated exactly what Her Majesty was thinking, not so much about President Trump; but about a certain series of Elections just held across the European Continent.

The photo?


Check the carefully selected tones of Light Turquoise. Remind anyone of a certain, freshly-minted Political Party?


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