Single Vaccine? Good! MMR? H.m.m.m.m!

When I was six years old, my two brothers contracted measles. Two days later, my own skin was full of the bumpy spots, seemingly all of them itchy, four/five/six days later; we were all free of infection and back at school. All of our schoolmates had been infected, all were back, no-one was off sick. My eldest brother, the nosey one of the family, asked my mother why all the parents were relieved? She replied, ‘well, because you’ve had it early, you are all immune, you can never catch it again, and you retain that immunity all through your life’.

Statistically, it may have been the wisest thing to do to leave measles alone, without any medication involved, and in a healthy, robust nation as the British USED to be, it would seem to be the wisest path to have taken. About one in one thousand cases were severely infected enough to require hospital treatment. One in one hundred of those requiring hospital treatment succumbed, and died.

When my own kids were tiny, we booked up with our local GP surgery in a Cape Town suburb for the single vaccine for measles, and later mumps, mainly because my wife thought it vital for the kids to be protected. True, it was a bit of a hassle, getting the repeat booster shots in the series, but, apart from a few tantrums when the kids were vaccinated, it all went off well. Mainly because the injections were spaced out over weeks, and the viral load was not severe at any time.

Fast-forward twenty-odd years, and along comes the amazing (allegedly) MeaslesMumps&Rubella (MMR) vaccine, marketed and pushed by the major pharmaceutical companies as the ‘best thing since sliced bread’; and how it would protect more, and take less time, and on-and-on, just like all advertising campaigns do. The thing which just about everybody forgets, or rather avoids discussion; is the somewhat simplified truth that advertising campaigns are designed to accentuate the good things about any product, and to minimise or brush aside the negative things about that same product. No test data has ever been released from any MMR variant for public scrutiny.

Fast forward another ten years, and the MMR vaccine, still pushed by Big Pharma, is supposed to be the ‘gold standard’ of protection against these three diseases, with of course the resultant vast increase in BigPharma’s profit lines, because these injections don’t come cheap. But then comes the rash (if you would forgive the pun) of allegations from anxious parents that that little Jimmy, or indeed Janet, was perfectly okay until the MMR jabs, and they then went downhill fast, with the ultimate diagnosis of various types and severity of Autism, which is a range of mental disorders of the neurodevelopmental type.

A single British doctor ventured a hypothesis that certain types of autism were in fact generated by the MMR vaccine. Now whether this doctor was right, or wrong; as I have no expertise, I am unable to judge either for, or against this man: but the whole weight of the British medical establishment, alongside broadsides from BigPharma, (whose products, and of course profits, were at risk) landed squarely on this bloke’s head for even considering this heresy, he was hounded out of his job, disbarred from practicing, and he eventually left for America.

But here’s the thing, when the original measles vaccine was pushed out, and the general population was encouraged to have their children ‘protected’, that vaccine’s use  was never accompanied by any, repeat ‘ANY’ claim from a single parent that their child, or indeed their children; had been damaged in any manner whatsoever!

I am reminded of that old quotation from the master:-

Arthur Conan Doyle

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.


One thought on “Single Vaccine? Good! MMR? H.m.m.m.m!

  1. I remember as a child back in the 1940,s,one of my 3 sisters contracted measles.On being called out to see her, our GP advised my mother to put all of us together to catch it. Get it all over in one go was his idea. and that is what happened, all done in a couple of weeks.

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