Brexit goes Legal! No more Banana Republic traditions in GB&NI

Caught sight of a Brexit Party video, on FaceBook, the message from which seems to be that they are launching a Petition to review certain aspects of the voting; and of course the electoral system which allows these aspects.

The main source of the disquiet seems to revolve around the presence, in both the Peterborough By-Election Count and in the actual campaign, of a convicted fraudster; as well as allegations of postal votes being delivered in carrier bags.

Whether these allegations can be further tested remains to be seen, but I think it is yet another indicator that our Electoral System, in certain areas and in terms of all Political parties, needs a thorough overhaul, with the whole Postal vote system being rigorously overhauled and investigated.

On a separate note, I wonder if many other people have noticed the impressive stance and words of Brexit’s Mr. Richard Tice?

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