The Illegal now arriving in Clapperton Rd. Clapham.

He arrived with a ‘bang’.

One neighbour thought that the sound was from building operations.

He probably reckoned that, once he was up in the air, he would be safe.

Possibly unaware that passenger accommodation on modern jet aircraft is specially engineered to be both pressurised and insulated. Insulated because the outside temperature at altitudes around 35,000 feet is a blisteringly cold (negative) -50 degrees Celsius.

So when some clown stows away into the space into which the massive undercarriage folds into, he will arrive both dead and frozen solid.

He might have saved himself the people smuggler’s charges for the journey overland, but, in the few moments left him after he, and the Kenyan jet, arrived at that 35,000 feet altitude, he might have wondered if the cash saved was really worth it.

I wonder if the bloke whose garden he dented can claim from Kenyan Airways to re-grass his garden?


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