May’s Debt Legacy…..£1.45 Trillions.

Happily, the soon-to-be ex-Prime Minister will be dragged, kicking and screaming, out of No. Ten Downing Street, a place which she has disfigured for three years. Immediately after the craven coward Cameron ditched his responsibilities, and headed to count his money in solitude, and after the laughable ‘contest’ to select a new leader of the Tory Party produced the ‘coronation’ of the sainted Theresa; this staunchly ‘Remain’ politician commenced her planning to water down ‘Brexit’, and almost nullify the voice of the People, who had spoken so dramatically on that June day three years ago.

After two-plus years of the ‘Remainer’ cabal giving virtually everything up to their EU paymasters, the laughable Withdrawal Agreement (WA) was produced; and without a single other elected UK politician even viewing this traitors’ compendium, it was whisked away to Brussels. The signing procedure took thirty-four minutes, most of that time being used to blot the ink, and also to allow the EU Commissars to stop laughing. Fortunately, there were various groups of MPs, who for multiple reasons apart from the hard truth that this WA was little more than being sat outside the EU’s back door, waiting for the scraps from the big table, decided that this was No Bloody Deal, and 432 MPs voted against it. Twice more she came back to the Commons, and each time the numbers, although being whittled down, were still decisively against her WA. She received a Brexit extension twice, before settling on October 30 as deadline. But of course the long knives, already sharpened, were finally drawn for Theresa, and she signified her resignation.

But instead of going immediately, she stuck to the post, the big car, the red boxes, and the big flat in No. 10, with dreams of her ‘Effing Legacy’ to consider and push through. This bloody woman has always held to the strange idea that, if Britain ‘Leads’, the rest of the bloody world will rush to follow. This virtue signalling is best described as a pathetic attempt to keep alive the illusion that Britain, and British ‘values’; matter in terms of Global Power Politics. All that they see is the idea that people, politicians, newspapers will send these ideas abroad, and everyone will, somehow, get it that Great Britain is in the vanguard, and it would be wise to join the queue.

May’s first push was the £1 Trillion, that; folks is One Thousand Million Pounds Sterling costs to ‘De-Carbonise’ the whole British Economy so that she can be seen to have saved the world from Global Heating / global Warming / Climate Change / Al Gore’s bank account / Climate Catastrophe. This totally uncosted and (Cabinet) unapproved garbage will cost, well; no-one actually knows how much it will cost, but just imagine all British drivers having to move to electric cars over the next thirty years, to vehicles costing an average of 20% above the diesel/petrol vehicles in use today. Average Brit. car purchase is +/- £13,000. No of vehicles on the roads in 2019 is 31.7 millions. Therefore, replacement costs = 31,000,000 * £15,600 = £483 Billions for British motorists. That folks, is the total for cars: try working out what the cost is for the huge increase in replacement costs for all the trucks running on British roads. These costs are ESTIMATED AT £300 Billions.

That is one whole heap of cash which the Government is forcing the ordinary Brit voter to pay for something which will not influence the total amount of alleged Global Warming at all! Why, because China is still building coal-burning power stations, India is still planning to build coal-burning power stations, and that is where this illusory idea falls down. We push carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at the range of approximately 1.4% of the world’s total. Are the Indians going to bankrupt their economy to keep up with the Brits? Are the Chinese? We are the ONLY industrialised Nation on this planet to commit to these suicidal ideas: and all because Theresa May , along with the rest of the suicidal bunch in Parliament; wants to lead the ‘Effing world!

Add on to that stupendous total the costs of MAKING every British home swap from a gas boiler for central heating and hot water to an electric boiler. That, folks is 40 million homes, at a cost of £5,000 apiece; coming to a grand total of £200 Billions. Then calculate the costs of running all these boilers on the most expensive electricity in the world, especially if we have to pay along the lines of the prices established for the two Hinckley Nukes, as well as the other ten Nukes which will will be needed to cope, after all the Gas Stations are junked, (its all this Carbon Dioxide which is produced when the gas burns, you see)! And the rest; and the rest, and more!

But do the politicians care? Do they ***k! They’ll either all be dead, or able to pay from the huge pensions they are building up using YOUR money! Does bloody Theresa care? Does she ***k!

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