STASI Hindu cop tells Press, “You’re Next!”

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu. Does that name seem vaguely familiar? Wait a minute, before the latest STASI-follower cop’s ‘Secret Police’-style orders to the Press over the leaked diplomatic cables published in the Daily Mail; where did that name strike a chord? 

Yes, folks, this loose-mouthed clown has form in the area reserved for those who would remove, reduce or drastically limit the British Press’ ability to print, within the guidelines, anything which would embarrass the Government. Note that I specify ‘Embarrass’. I do not include any information which could impact National Security, but do include the diplomatic traffic which carried the Ambassador’s personal opinion of the President of the United States, and his Administration. All that these statements tell us is the truth that this ‘Well-liked’ and ‘Competent Diplomat’ was in fact a signed-up member of the British ‘Deep State Swamp’; well known and well-understood for their deep distrust, dislike and detestation of a man who simply “Wasn’t one of us!”

But returning to this senior cop, tasked as he is with leading the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command. Basu had published what the sympathetic Guardian calls ‘an open letter to the media on how to report terrorism’, which sounds like a top cop issuing orders to newspapers and TV broadcasters on what they can and can’t publish.  Assistant Commissioner Basu blames the mainstream news media for ‘radicalising’ far-right terrorists such as the New Zealand mosque murder suspect. He attacks the tabloid press for publishing clips of the carnage in Christchurch and for making ‘the rambling “manifestoes” of crazed killers available for download’. Anybody might think we lived in a PC police state!

There is but one small item, about which our uniformed would-be bully should be more than worried. Our Cressida Dick hasn’t said a word in ‘support’ of big-mouthed Basu after his tirade against the Daily Mail, along with the rest of the British press. I do wonder why? Will he be sent back to Police College to have a refresher course on the British Constitution? Or will he be relegated to a beat on, say, Canvey Island in the middle of winter?