The Electronic Spy on your wall.

Copied content….Email to British Gas  09/07/2019

Customer Reference No. ***************

Dear British Gas marketing/accounts team,

I recently received a reminder that my payments had changed, and a further email to advise me that, as my present tariff was ending, you invited me to renew with another tariff. Which change I authorised, placing me on your HomeEnergy Secure Green Oct 2021 energy tariff. 

However, I noticed that I was not able to renew by moving to the cheapest tariff, because that was reserved for users who either already had, or were in the process of, getting their metering changed to one of your fabled Smart Meters.

I would never, ever, authorise the installation of one of these so-called Smart Meters in my home, as I consider them to be a gross intrusion into my privacy, and of being of benefit only to the Supplier, with zero benefit to me, the consumer. 

I believe, as do many others, that the whole idea of so-called Smart Meters is to prepare the whole country for the hidden use of ‘Smart Metering’ which is the ability, of the Supplier, to switch off the supply to any area if there is a surge in use which might affect the generation system. 

I also believe that the use, on the front of every British Gas envelope, of the wording “Upgrade to smart meters for free” is both untrue, wildly inaccurate and open to misinterpretation. The so-called ‘Smart Meter’ is definitely not ‘Free’, as the cost is estimated to be some £11 billions, and that cost is silently added to the basic bills of every consumer, who is supplied by any one of the Suppliers of energy: so it cannot, under any circumstance, be a ‘Free Upgrade’.

As I am not a fan of these meters, am I to be financially penalised because I do not believe in either the claims, the expensive advertising; or the technology. I am considering complaining to OfGem, but am writing to you so that you might reply to my complaints, before I take this further.


Mike Cunningham

So far: apart from a letter confirming receipt of my emailed complaint, no reply whatsoever. I await, with some interest, British Gas’ considered reply.