In which I agree wholeheartedly with the masked Muslim woman!

The parade of the weird, wild and woolly Gay Pride marchers (Waltham Forest sect.) had slouched, swayed and pouted its way along what passes for a High Street in that particular locale, when: Heavens Forfend: a protester emerged who was vituperative in her condemnation of these individuals who profess Pride in what, in Darwinian terms, is accepted as a perversion.

Many people have expressed their vehement opposition to the now-legal homosexual activities as celebrated by these ‘Pride’ marchers; although I do confess that I don’t find much to be proud about when they flaunt their weirdness. I have always subscribed to the ideals as professed by the late King Edward the 7th, who remarked, “I don’t care what they do in private, as long as they don’t frighten the horses by doing it in public!” But it is believed that this is the first time that a Muslim woman, albeit one who is totally hidden behind the Islamic niqab, (a.k.a. ‘As a letter-box’ (™ attributed to Boris Johnson))  has broken the silence previously afforded towards members of the LBGT ‘community’ in such a vitriolic fashion. Therein lies the strange dichotomy behind the attitudes of the massed SJWs. the ranks of the liberal Left in the vitriolic condemnation of anyone who speaks in the slightest opposition to the march towards the ‘acceptance’ of homosexuality as a normality: but totally ignoring the total opposition to all strands of the homosexual persuasion by all Muslims. 

When the Nation watches and hears the chanting of the (overwhelmingly) Muslim parents outside of that small primary school in Birmingham, British people began to understand the antipathy of the Muslim Community towards any liberal idea, hidden well within a Law which states that all children learn about ‘same-sex marriage’ homosexuality and other ‘liberated’ ideals because they must learn that such ‘Relationships’ are legal: and, following on from the ‘legal’; all such relationships must (Quod erat Demonstrandum), also be acceptable. The Muslim Community, in this area alone, gains my admiration and respect, because they do not quibble, they do not bend, they state outright that homosexuality is against their Religion, and as such, their children will not and must not be, at such an early age, subjected to Western Liberal Propaganda which states, categorically, that their beloved Religion is dead wrong when it comes to matters regarding homosexuality. I unreservedly applaud such attitudes, because they are standing up for something which is one of the bedrock foundations of their lives. 

Consider what would happen if I, as a white man, did shout out such epithets as “Shame on you, horrible people” against a march of homosexuals? I wouldn’t be allowed to feel the ground beneath my feet. I would probably be arrested, bundled into a police van, and charged with a Hate Crime before I took another breath. But that small woman, dressed in her niqab, continually said exactly those words many, many times. And why? Because the actions of those homosexuals, those lesbians, those transgender activists, in parading their divisiveness, offended against her religion; and notwithstanding the fact that she could not possibly be identified because of her garb, she was indeed willing to stand up and be counted.

Just imagine if any Brit stood up and volubly condemned Islam? The black-garbed and bearded battalions would be marching within hours, and we all know that to be true!