2nd Amendment Rights and Responsibilities

Some readers may have viewed the published videos on YouTube (usually) featuring young white men carrying semi-automatic rifles around on the wide streets of cities in certain American States, all in the cause of celebrating their ‘right to bear arms’ as signified in the 2nd Amendment to the American Constitution. Many of those videos comprise the gun-owner plus one or two like-minded compatriots, but also the presence of a long-suffering but usually affable Police Officer. Instead of telling these individuals, no doubt all of whom are possessed of IQs just into double figures, to get some sense into their empty heads, stop showing off their high velocity rifles, and find something else to occupy their time: they patiently have to tell these idiots that they are, more often than not, worrying other law-abiding Americans who look askance at some clown wielding an AR-15 (or the equivalent), all in the strange cause of demonstrating that they bow down daily to that same 2nd Amendment, just because they can.

So it was in this same strange ‘cowboy’ mode, presumably to show that the 2nd Amendment protects idiots as well as the law-abiding, that a young man walked into a Walmart store in Missouri, wearing body armour, carrying a semi-automatic rifle; then proceeded to commence pushing a trolley along the aisles: AS YOU WOULD NORMALLY DO!

This of course just days after the slaughter in an El Paso, Texas, Walmart, where 22 victims died, and another 24 were injured. A lot of people dialled for the police, but before they arrived, a courageous citizen, legally armed, faced down the idiot, and restrained him until the police arrived and took the weapon-carrying moron into custody. In the immediate aftermath of the carnage in that El Paso Walmart, one policeman was heard to observe: “He’s just damn lucky not to be rolled into the morgue!’

The youngsters I wrote about in my first paragraph were obeying the law, but, it seems to me, a slightly infantile pursuit, which usually involves taking up a cop’s valuable time, while he tries to explain why it ain’t the greatest idea in the American world to state, very publicly, that you own a machine capable of killing as many people as you carry bullets. Especially in these days when the possibility, in today’s America, of coming up against a mentally-deranged clown who is provided with the gun parts ready to be built into lethality by his friend. This same friend hid the parts so the shooter’s parents would not know of the weaponry purchases; before opening fire with his modified, short barrel AR-15, complete with a one-hundred round magazine in Dayton, Ohio. He killed nine, with fourteen more injured, in a ONE-MINUTE SPREE which ended when he was hit by a barrage from police weaponry.

There are many laws pertaining to the lawful ownership and ability to carry a weapon, but there is not, as far as I can ascertain, a law which prevents idiots from endangering themselves, and others, all in the sacred cause of proving that America’s Constitution applies its protections equally to morons, clowns and possessors of an IQ just into double digits!


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