Drugs, Death, and the Loony Lefties

To smoke, inhale, inject or sniff an illegal drug is, simply, an act of self-indulgence. It is also either a speedy road to a very early death, or a partial or complete onset of a serious mental illness and instability. The habit, the addiction, for that is what it is, is a curse upon the family members who have to live with the addict, with their constant cravings which can only be assuaged by a ‘fix’, obtained at a huge cost to the user’s physical and mental health, as well as to the wallets of the user’s family, because the drug of choice can only be bought at a price. As the addict is, invariably workless, the payments are made by thieving from family, or from random thefts. 

According to ‘Drug Health’ experts, Britain is facing a public health emergency as alarming figures for England and Wales show drug-related deaths have hit record levels, prompting calls for damaging cuts to treatment services to be urgently reversed. These same ‘experts claim that, instead of locking druggies up, they should be treated with tenderness, and respect, and kindness: oh, and besides all that, we should be spending lots of Taxpayer’s cash on treatment centres, ‘harm reduction’, addiction services, and, most importantly, Drug Consumption Rooms (DCRs) where illegally-obtained drugs may be used, consumed or injected under controlled circumstances (syringe exchanges etc.) Most if not all of the deaths are a direct result, according to these same experts, of the dreaded ‘Austerity Cuts’; inflicted on a Nation because, in the Government’s words, “We have got to stop spending money we do not earn”.

One expert told an expectant BBC interviewer that, because of these dreadful ‘Austerity’ cuts,  funding cuts to treatment services of 27% over three years were the cause of the latest increases. “These treatments save lives – you’re about half as likely to die if you’re in opioid substitution treatment than if you’re not – and they also save money by reducing costs for the NHS and reducing crime,” he said. What he is saying is that if the public (suckers all!) wants to do something which works, instead of ignoring all the suffering, early deaths, criminal activities: we should be funding Methadone treatments for heroin addicts without limit, and similar funding of many other truly dangerous ‘substitutes’ because it would save lives.

Another‘ expert’ stated, “Each year they have ignored us, continuing to do the same whilst people die. If the home secretary and the prime minister continue to ignore these calls then they will continue to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people every year.”

No, dear; the politicians didn’t kill them: they died at their own hands; and they will continue to die because they are and were stupid, they died because they are and were selfish, they died because they  CRAVED THE ‘HIGH’, they died because they knew best!


The only trouble with this attitude; of listening to the ;Do-Gooders’, is that it would require a change in the Law, and whilst many of our MPs are happy enough to ‘go with the flow’ on many ideas, funding deadly drug use isn’t high on their agendas. In the absence of these wild and woolly ‘Treatment’ ideals; how about funding a rise in the funding for the forces of Law and Order? How about getting the Police to cast off their politically-correct Twitter and Facebook survey squads, and pursue and arrest the drug pushers, the importers; the shadowy men who keep their own hands very clean; whilst at the same time, funding the early squalid deaths of thousands of their customers?

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