The ONLY video worth watching by a British Electorate!

I come from a generation where the Labour Party was served by men of integrity, men of substance.  When Labour used to mean one thing, and one thing only: a single-minded determination to better the life of the working man, in accord with the Law.

But gaze at the Opposition Front Bench today, and what do you see, Marxists, Communists, terror-supporting Lefty sympathisers; people elevated beyond their mental capacities because of the colour of their skins.

I therefore feel it important to publicise what a lifelong (but now FORMER) Labour Party MP said, in the House of Commons, regarding his opinion of the people who now infest that Front Bench which once was peopled with Labour stalwarts who could be trusted with a Nation. I therefore ask  readers to view the speech of Ian Austin M.P.


I humbly state: Ian Austin for Speaker!