We need only a leader: and that could well be a FEMALE CROMWELL

It might appear that I am looking backwards in time, but gazing in distaste as I now view our present crop of politicians, judicial nominees, along with the ’Woke’ antics of the Spare and his weird wife, we need a shake-up unlike any we have ever dared contemplate in over four centuries.


We see the desired result of the Referendum nullified by a collection of fools, knaves and puffed-up loons (A.K.A. John Bercow, the twisted dwarf masquerading as the Impartial Speaker), allied to disaffected Tories, Marxist Labour politicians, Lib-Dems wearing out their sandals as they slide along Westminster, the entire Elitist Establishment, lauded and supported by the lies of the BBC and (strangely enough, Sky). By their twisted notions and motions, they have done their best to deny the Prime Minister his goal, which is to Leave the bloody EU, or, as a second goal, a General Election. They wish to tie British hands to a Treaty which will lash us to that same EU for decades, whilst being unable to alter a single comma of the innumerable Diktats from the Dictatorship in Brussels.

So where will we see our own Cromwell? Does he exist? If Boris would speak and treat with Farage, and organise a pact, we might see a Tory/Brexit Alliance which would command a 150 seat majority, with Labour reduced to impotence, and the LIb-Dems to La-La Land.

Would it come to pass? I honestly do not know: but if it did, that pact would indeed raise Boris/Nigel to the ranks of greatness, and we would be delivered from this diseased and cancerous place named Brussels for evermore!

However, there is but one person, and one only, who stands above the dregs and the dross of politics in Westminster, and that person is Her Majesty.

Should she deign to place her feet once more onto the the steps of that throne, might Elizabeth the Second tell those scheming knaves that She rules, that She prorogued, and that She, the Sovereign was not lied to by her Prime Minister, and that the Prorogation stands: BY HER COMMAND!

17.4 Millions voted LEAVE: 11 Unelected Law Lords Nullify that Vote!

Some 3-odd years ago, 17.4 million British people voted to leave the corrupt dictatorship which is the European Union: and today, the eleven unelected Law Lords which form the Supreme Court have told us that our votes do not count; have told us that the one man who promised that we would leave wasn’t able to do so; have voted to allow the scheming ranks of Remainers, inclusive of the Communists infecting the Labour Party, the loonies of the Lib-Dems, the snivelling Scots of the SNP who wanted to glue their country to JeanClaude Junckers nether regions to have their way.

The political fallout from this decision from a corrupted Court will resound for decades, and if the Labour /Lib-Dem / SNP/ PlaidCymru coalition of devout Remainers continue to deny the Nation the General Election which the Tories have repeatedly called for, they in turn will reap the whirlwind from an Electorate which, these days, is both better informed and able to judge between a bunch of Elitist Remainers, and a Tory Party which promised that we would LEAVE!