650 of THEM: 65 Millions of US

The headline above might seem, to some, to be written in a search for a headline which might revolt, but also to some as a warning of what can be foreseen. Foreseen as the last whimpers of democratic rule by a once-proud Nation State are slowly but surely extinguished by those who have plotted in secret for so long; but now see their plans emerge into the sunlight, weeks before they were ready to  be brought to fulfilment. There are 65 million Brits; and there are 650 MPs at Westminster: and only the Tories are partially on our side. The only real ones who can be trusted are the Brexit Party, and without a General Election in a hurry, they ain’t got shit!

And this was all brought about by a misjudgement, an aberration in the thinking of one man. The man? Ex-P.M. David Cameron. The misjudgement; the aberration? The belief that the placid, apathetic, somnolent British public, outside of the Westminster bubble, and the ‘chatterati’ of Islington and Liberal-Left thought: wanted the continuation of an existence deep within the bureaucratic morass which is the heart of the European Empire; formerly known as the European Union. The belief that they wished to sleepwalk into a Federal Europe, run by unelected and failed politicians, with no one able to question a decision, no-one allowed to challenge a Regulation: whether for choosing polluting ‘low-energy lamps’, or ‘importing Health & Safety regulations’ into working hour legislation. The belief that the British public wished to have Her Majesty’s Armed Forces under the direction and ultimate control of a bunch of Germans; ‘pickelhaube helmets’ as well. Cameron’s misjudgement? A binary Referendum which could only result in one of two replies “No, we’ll stick with the European Empire’; or “Hell, Yes; we want to bloody Leave this bunch to stew in their own semen!”

The tools for the usurpation of Democracy are already well established. As has been demonstrated just this month, a Politicised Supreme Court gave an unlawful decision, despite there being no applicable Law, so they just made one up. Most British voters will have blinked in astonishment as the ‘Loyal Opposition’ led as it is by a bunch of Marxists, Trotsky-ites and assorted fellow-travellers, resisted call after call for a General Election. For the past three + years, they have demanded, time after time; that same General election which they turned down twice in two days. Their excuse? “The time was not yet right.” 

I firmly believe that that short sentence can and must be explored and countered with the Truth. Most British voters still do not understand that the much vaunted Withdrawal Agreement, as promoted by Theresa May was much more than an agreement, it had the power of an International Treaty. Within that Treaty, Great Britain would have been bound by International Law to abide by all the words, sentences and paragraphs of a Treaty which was dictated by Europeans, as they wished Great Britain to be virtually ‘joined at the hip’, by the various clauses and regulations so beloved of Europe: to the extent that we would be tied hand and foot to the Union, but without the power to alter one comma of any rule or Regulation deemed appropriate by that same European Empire. We, a Nation State, which had voted by a solid 4% margin in a Democratic Referendum to leave this mess of would-be Nazis behind; were to be tied by Treaty to that same failed Empire, and, to be stifled by their idea of Law to be without a voice at all.

I would turn now to the nastier items now crawling out of the political woodwork, pushed and eased out in the faint hope that some mud, splashed by the alleged sexual antics which, again, were supposed to have happened twenty years ago. A Times columnist just happened to recall the hands of Boris Johnson being clamped around her upper thigh during a lunch. If this had happened, surely this same columnist would have called the police and laid charges of harassment against the Spectator Editor, or alternatively denounced him in her columns. But no, not a single ‘dicky bird’ was said: but suddenly, twenty years later, the whole episode is trotted out, and we, the public, are expected to accept her word that she kept quiet because she was “embarrassed’? I reckon the whole stunt was raised for one thing only, to attempt to embarrass the Prime Minister. Similarly, the Prime Minister was accused of favouring an American businesswoman when he was Mayor of London. He has since been referred to the Police, because he, during his Mayoralty, was also responsible for the Met. If thats the best that they could drag up over a twenty-odd year period, it shows that Boris Johnson, although not being one to stick to one woman at a time, was just not daft enough to do anything improper.

But I would return to the strange episode of the ‘dog which did not bark’. The dog in this case (with apologies to Sherlock Holmes) is the Election. The Labour Marxists want, desperately, to delay the Date of the General Election until they get things prepared, and the ballot boxes stuffed, and the Muslim Family postal votes multiplied by at least three. So they can ignore the yearning of Labour voters all around England who voted ‘Leave’. They also wish to have a “People’s Vote’; which is a silly way of disguising the fact that what they really wish is a Second Europe Referendum. They want to choose the questions, they want to obliterate any mention of that obscene word  ‘Leave’ (obscene to them, that is). They already have a corrupted Electoral Commission, intent on defacing the very idea of Democracy, and they already have the knowledge of the Tower Hamlets Mayoral Elections as to how to illegally swing an Election. They want Article 50 overturned, or revoked. They want to be able to shovel out a Lefty/Communist/Trot-laden Withdrawal agreement, full of inspiring sentences where ‘workers rights’ and ‘equality and diversity (which means sweet f**k all, really, except they want to spread the blacks/coloureds/ethnics, who will be queueing at the gates once the Immigration barriers are removed, all around)’ and whilst doing so, tie Great Britain firmly into the Customs Union and the Single Market!

The Police are thoroughly penetrated; they are docile and are politically to the side of the Liberal-Left, and; it must not be forgotten, they are well armed! Those Glock sub-machine guns have full magazines, and the Police are well-trained in their use! The Civil Contingencies Act was designed, by the Left; for times such as these!

If Prime Minister Boris Johnson can pilot this leaky Ship of State past the looming rocks of the despicable Surrender Bill, if he can navigate the shoals of the E.U. traps, the bureaucracy, the legalistic twisting upon a pin’s head; the biased courts and the Quisling speaker: he may yet pull off a miracle.

If he does not,



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