MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT. Over the next five weeks, we here in Great Britain & Northern Ireland will be making the most important decision in the political life of our Countries. More important, to me, than when we went to war against the Nazi Totalitarian State in 1939: more important to me than when we sent troops to free the Falkands; more important, to me than any other polItical decision since the First World War. In that particular savage conflict, we were tied with interlocking Treaties which bound us to act in one direction, when sense would have dictated that we should have waited before committing our armies to the hell of Passchendaele, and of the Somme.

We are facing a General Election where the opposing Parties have very different paths they claim to follow; but of the two, Tories and the Brexit Party which claim to be in favour of leaving, the Tories seem set on a Treaty which would tie us to Europe, and the Brexit Party detemined to make a clean break with all of the European Union; and then the possibility of a Free Trade deal with no strings at all.

The Labour bunch are set on what, to me, seems the mealy-mouthed approach; which would delay Brexit until they fashion a gerry-mandered re-run of another Referendum, where the questions posed would be an even closer chained arrangement, as in a semi-divorce, or remaining within the EU. But even then, notwithstanding Corbyn’s well-known dislike for Europe, it would never be acceptable to the Unions, who pay Labour’s debts.

The Lib-Dumbs, being the only Party which wishes to nullify the first referendum in total, revoking Article 50 as the first measure through their Parliament, are at least semi-honest. The Birkenstock Brigade  will never get to run things, but they have hopes of crafting an alliance with Labour; despite having to hold their noses while contemplating sitting with the Marxists and fellow-travellers who infest the Labour Party.

So, will Boris Johnson see sense and form the loosest of electoral alliances with Farage’s Brexiteers? Will the Tories stand down in seats and areas where Labour has ruled for decades, where the Tories have no chance of winning in a thousand years, thus letting The Brexit bunch have a clear run: and in return be granted, by the Brexit Party, the offer of not standing in seats where they are vulnerable if their vote was split by the Insurgents?


Farage seeks a statement whereby Boris drops his May (as amended by the Irish Sea) Withdrawal Bill, and proimises to campaign on a Free Trade deal. Trouble is, Boris is wedded, deep down, to his WA (Mk2) deal. He probably knows that very few people have actually read the whole thing, because if they had, ordinary voters would have no difficulty whatsoever in labelling the whole thing as ‘Brexit in Name Only’. Does he believe that voters, reading the words:- “ of any matters underway in relation to Union legal membership and not finalised, as and when or if the transition period ends, they remain under Union control.” realise they have been sold a large pup! In plain English, if agreement has not been reached by the end of the Transition Period, the ‘status quo’ rules; and the Union wins. “Article 129. 3. In accordance with the principle of sincere cooperation, the United Kingdom shall refrain, during the transition period, from any action or initiative which is likely to be prejudicial to the Union’s interests, in particular in the framework of any international organisation, agency, conference or forum of which the United Kingdom is a party in its own right.” Fishing and agriculture springs to mind here. We couldn’t stop the factory fishing boats dredging the very sands where the fish breed and eat; because the Bloody EU would ignore our requests. This Pro-Brexit website is worth a watch, as it succintly sums up all 537 pages of EUSSR drivel in the best way possible.


Voting? I would never ever presume to advise anyone on how to vote: but intend to state how I shall be voting, and would so vote in any Constituency of this Nation.