Obituary: David Bellamy; silenced for being a ‘Denier’!

In the long run my observations have convinced me that some men, reasoning preposterously, first establish some conclusion in their minds which, either because of its being their own or because of their having received it from some person who has their entire confidence, impresses them so deeply that one finds it impossible ever to get it out of their heads. Such arguments in support of their fixed idea … gain their instant acceptance and applause. On the other hand whatever is brought forward against it, however ingenious and conclusive, they receive with disdain or with hot rage – if indeed it does not make them ill. Beside themselves with passion, some of them would not be backward even about scheming to suppress and silence their adversaries. I have had some experience of this myself. … No good can come of dealing with such people, especially to the extent that their company may be not only unpleasant but dangerous. Galileo Galilei

There once was a well-qualified scientist. 

His Qualifications and titles included OBE., BSc., PhD., Hon FLS,. DSc., DUniv., C.Biol., FIBiol., FRIN.

   Hon: Professor Adult and Continuing Education-University of Durham. Special Professor of Geography University of Nottingham. Hon Professor of the University of Central Queensland.  

   President of The Conservation Foundation, Durham. Surrey and Birmingham Wildlife Trusts, Coral Cay Conservation, National Association for Environmental Education. British Naturalists Association, Conservation Volunteers of Ireland, British Institute of Cleaning Science, British Home and Holiday Parks Association, Camping and Caravanning Club of Great Britain.  

   Vice President British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, Fauna and Flora International, Marine Conservation Society, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Wild Trout Trust, Countrywide Holidays Association.  

   Trustee of the Living Landscape Trust, Hon Fellow Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management. Honorary Member of the Emirates Environment Group.     

He is an international consultant, author of 44 books, writer and presenter of some 400 television programmes on Botany, Ecology and Environment. 

   Recipient of the Dutch Order of the Golden Ark, the U.N.E.P. Global 500 Award; The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for Underwater Research; BAFTA., Richard Dimbleby Award., BSAC Diver of The Year Award, RGS Busk Medal. 

His name? David Bellamy.

For many years, David Bellamy was a constant upon television, especially the BBC. Any Natural History programme, Children’s programmes including “Blue Peter’, he was never far away. He was a ‘natural’ when it came to putting over his viewpoints on Botany, Biology, the wonder and nature of trees: his views and statements were welcomed, sought after. He was courted by the famed and the famous. His views on both habitat and the environment were absorbed so well because of his manner of speaking, as an ordinary man, as ‘one of us’. His contemporary was David Attenborough. Between them, they had the ‘natural world’ all sewn up, and shared between the two of them.

But then came the utter tragedy, the betrayal of all that ‘the Majority’ spoke for and accepted. He said that, in his opinion, the whole premise of Global Warming, of Climate Change, of the theories put forwards by ‘eminent’ scientists about the effect of Man, in the guise of the emission of Carbon Dioxide was mistaken, the whole idea that Carbon Dioxide was the accelerant behind the melting of the ice-caps, of the diminution of huge glaciers was; simply: POPPYCOCK.

His broadcasting and television work dried up, he was scorned by the BBC, ITV followed suit, he was lashed by the ‘climate change’ troll brigade for daring to speak out, to speak his truth, in the face of ‘The Accepted Science’ as known by all these ‘scientists’ who get their funds from, Promoters of ‘Climate change’; who else.

He was a truly nice man and bore the scars with humility. But, just for the sheer hell of it, I give you two things with which to ponder the past, and indeed the future. In one of his interviews, he said:-

“Climate change is happening, it’s been happening all the time there has been a climate, and there certainly is a period in recent times when it appears that the temperature is going up and up.

“But I would show you this one thing out of the paper – strawberries in December, frog spawn in February – not 2007 but 1868 and no one blamed global warming then. I have asked the global warmers how to explain facts like that and they always don’t give me an answer. So I am a sceptic. We have got to get this thing argued out in public properly and not just take one opinion”

In fact he believes that the Earth is heading for another ice age and then temperatures will cool down.

He said temperatures are going up and down all the time and he does not think it can simply be blamed on the amount of carbon dioxide being produced.

What he thinks are responsible for rising temperatures are sun spot cycles.

He said: “The sun is getting old and it is getting warmer all the time but we do have cycles of sun spots and when those sun spots come the effect is to warm the Earth up and warm the atmosphere.

“They are big flares, there are enormous flares, it’s an atomic powerhouse – you can actually see them – they are enormous eruptions. At least half of the temperature rise that we have seen correlates with these sun spots.”

What he passionately believes is that the subject should be properly debated and not just one side accepted without that.

He said: “We have got to get this thing argued out in public properly and not just take one opinion.

“Science works like that. Science is wonderful because you can argue with people and when you got proved wrong you went away with a bloody nose but you looked up to that scientist even more and you tried to get your research right.

“And I don’t actually think we have been given, and especially the public, has been given a fair whack of the other side.”

He said he would like people to be given the other side of the story and let them make up their own minds.

But he says he is used to attracting derision for his opinions on the subject. He said he has had problems getting papers published which go against the view that global warming is due to carbon.

He said: “We are labelled climate sceptics, heretics. In fact some people have said we should be tried for crimes against humanity because if we don’t stop something which perhaps isn’t even happening, millions of people are going to die.

“I honestly think it’s appalling that we have been told by some pretty top people that global warming is going to kill billions of people in the future and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

He adds: “I think it’s pure scaremongering and I would stay stop it until the debate has been had in public and we can come out with a real scientific consensus of fact.”

But he said he supports the move for people to take measures to conserve energy. One area he believes should be concentrated on is looking at using tidal power to provide energy instead of the more popular method of wind power.

The second is an interview which he did with an Irish tv show, and this is what he said then:-


Rest now; you fine, upstanding man; your time has now run, but they may well regret shunning you in decades to come!

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