Its the Numbers which count!

After the Parliamentary shambles produced after that useless woman slid into No. 10, who imagined that she had the stature of Thatcher: and then proved herself totally wrong by destroying the working majority previously handed to her after the 2017 election; we now see the change after the Tory Quislings were unceremoniously booted out; after the election of a Tory Prime Minister who is worthy of that term; after the turn away from a Marxist Ideal by masses of once-loyal Labour voters; after the ‘Stonking’ majority of the Tory Party was proven after that historic ‘Exit Poll’ was voiced with some gloom by all BBC broadcasters. 

From a  Minority government which limped along from crisis to larger problems; from a Government only held in place by a ‘Supply and Confidence’ arrangement from the DUP in Northern Ireland, we now see the spring in the Government’s step as they casually defeat wrecking Amendments galore, placed there by a Labour Opposition who know that they just ain’t got no hope, but feel that they have to sound off anyway, presumably to get their names noted by Hansard; and thus get their tiny slice of immortality.

Even Labour’s own in-house newspaper, the Guardian, attempts to hide, or at least disguise, the tragedy which befell that same Labour Party at that election. When it reports of  a ‘setback’ to the Prime Minister by stating that the House of Lords voted in favour of three amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, they forgot, or rather omitted, to report that all those worthy idealists were just spouting hot air. They did report that, because of Johnson’s big majority, the results are expected to be overturned by the Commons. Again, it must be asked, “What’s the point?”, The Opposition peers aren’t daft, well, not all of them. They know that those Amendments will not last for five milliseconds when the Bill returns to the Commons: so why waste the oxygen in even attempting to amend something which passed by a margin of 99 votes in the House of Commons? Things such as the wholesale decimation of all those expensive ‘QUANGO’S so beloved of failed politicians.

Opposition Amendments to that same Bill produced results as follows:-

 (division #3; result was 251 aye, 342 no)

(division #4; result was 251 aye, 341 no)

(division #5; result was 251 aye, 343 no)

(division #6; result was 261 aye, 339 no)

(division #7; result was 251 aye, 347 no)

(division #8; result was 251 aye, 347 no)

(division #9; result was 262 aye, 337 no)

Let us hope that Boris, along with his scruffy colleague Dominic Cummings, tackles the things which matter to the voters, and ignores the knee-jerk ideas which are creeping out of some crevices in Westminster. Things such as a speedy reform of both the voting system, the whole idea of ‘postal votes’, the presentation of ID documents at a Polling Station; and a wholesale decapitation of the Electoral Commission. Things such as a repeal of all ‘Hate’ Legislation, where the accused has to prove himself innocent of causing ‘Offence’ to some pillock or other. Things such as a removal of all ideas such as being charged with a crime on the basis of something written on line! Things such as the prompt withdrawal of ‘Education Guidance’ telling five-year-old Primary school kids that homosexuality is acceptable in mainstream life.

Let us consider what can be achieved after we  throw off the dead hand of Europe! Let us rejoice!