Our ‘Caring’ Media, and their probing questions.

I recoil at the faux compassion spoken by the BBC interviewer during the interview with the grieving Zoe Davis in regard to her twin dead sisters, including the words and then for them both to pass must be incredibly difficult? and I am reminded of the alleged editorial policy of the Boston newspaper  which went ‘If it bleeds; it leads’. Multiply that one sad story by the number of Covid-19 deaths, and you have a news editor’s daily wet dream. 

The ‘gotcha’ questions hurled by reporters to a bunch of politicians standing behind the barricades of lecterns in a large room in No. 10 Downing Street, is but the reality of our political life, which could well be paraphrased with the saying, “What are you hiding; and why are you hiding it?” If the Government didn’t put forward a spokesman at such a time of national crisis, they would be battered in the News, both print and visual. As it is, they have, reluctantly, placed themselves in the firing line. It could well be remarked, “Thats what you get the big bucks for”; although how anyone could prepare either themselves, or indeed their Government, to argue about something which was only a galactically distant possibility; or a supposition in the minds of the likes of ‘Survivalists’, beats me. 

I am also reminded about the equally hoary theory which stated, ‘It all about the money’. The politicians who will be pushed to apologise for not spending millions if not billions on extra equipment, protective or otherwise, high-tech, innovative, experimental or otherwise: should well be asking, in return, the questions, “If we had spent all this extra cash, mostly borrowed, on warehouses full of masks, gowns, new and improved ventilators, I.C.U.-equipped wards, a fifty-times upscaled P.P.E. distribution system unheard of just two months ago, a virus-casualty hospital which comes straight out of a fantasy novel; all fully-equipped  in NINE Days : where would the savings have been made within an already top-heavy and unwieldy NHS? What areas would be stripped of the millions casually poured into one after the other ‘special interest’ sector had pushed for capacity, or specialists and  rooms for ‘this extra’, or that ‘nice to have’ facility?

Would those ‘reversed’ questions also include the query that would ask whether the towering scorn targeted against a Government which was proposing to spend  all that cash on a mere supposition: a supposition which would have meant that the Government was facing the greatest threat to the Four Nations’ very existence and survival since World War Two: was really justified, or just imported for the occasion?

Would the savings have to come from all those expensive NHS IVF facilities, paid for by the taxpayer, so that many women who have ‘delayed’ having a family because of their oh-so-vital careers; can now have three cracks at a hugely-expensive facility because they are on the borderline age of fecundity, and haven’t been able to ‘ring the bell’ for this ‘longed-for family’? 

Would the savings be made by slashing the cash now allocated to be spent on ‘PrEP’ pills, marketed and spun as being the ‘threshold’ towards defeating HIV and Aids; but in actual fact demanded and pushed for by homosexual men who decline to use condoms, because these detract from the alleged pleasure unprotected sexual acts give by the ‘flesh-to-flesh’ contact so  desired by these weirdos? 

Would some of the savings come from the lucrative area of plastic surgery, where larger, or for a very few cases, smaller, breasts are demanded for women of all ages on the grounds of a ‘threat to mental health’ if the enlarged attributes are not immediately realised by the ‘suffering female patient’?

The ‘lockdown’ has meant the separation of all sixty-odd million of us, all separated into our own individual spaces. It has been hard, but with technology, with a half-way decent broadband connection, at leats we can talk to a vital image; even if it isn’t a patch upon real life. When I read or hear of the separation of families, I, as a mere stripling of 79 years, miss my four grandchildren so very much. I honestly don’t know if they miss me, as the second-eldest seems permanently glued to either tablet or phone screen; but would live in hope that the enchanting smile of my youngest grandson will, in due course, and with all proper safety procedures in place, light my life once more.


My reply to a Chinese ‘apologist’.

Being a former Engineer Officer in  the British Merchant Navy, I look upon the sea as part of my life, and I still read many maritime articles and online magazines. I chanced upon an article on Splash regarding China, and the author’s views upon that vicious dictatorship, I hope that you might read it yourself, and also read my reply to this journalist:-

Viewed from the one instance of his writing, Andrew Craig Bennett can be identified as a self-censoring writer who, by the very fact that he does not identify, by its proper name, Taiwan, The Republic  of China.  I presume that he does not wish to identify Taiwan, the Nation-State, because he prefers to self-censor his writing rather than upset the giant Communist People’s Republic of China, of which he writes so approvingly further further down his essay.

So lets just have a glance at these badly slanted and somewhat puzzling puddles of vitriol splattered over his essay.

It is a fact that, by virtue of arms, violence and battle-diplomacy, the corrupt and incompetent Chinese empire was ruthlessly and efficiently demolished by a well-armed and competently-led Western Alliance. After the siege of Beijing, itself brought about after the Empire itself encouraged the ‘Boxers’ (“Righteous and Harmonious Militia”) to attack all that was Western, and especially Religious, the Empire itself was dissolved into chaos and the West moved in, Trading Houses were established in Shanghai, and the pattern of the China trade was established, backed up by the well-trained, efficient and battle-hardened Western Navies and military forces.

China stumbled onwards, involving itself in WW1, hoping to gain influence in diplomatic circles, but dissolved into a period when warlords ruled. The Communists began their revolution, but are overshadowed by the Kuomintang Party, under General Chiang Shai-Shek. Kuomintang succeeds in unifying China, but Communists withdraw to the interior. The Japanese invade Manchuria, the Kuomintang and the  Communists retreat to the  farthest reaches, and carry out a guerilla war against the Japs. WW2 ends at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; whereupon the Communists attack their fellow Chinese in the Kuomintang, who decamp over the straits to Taiwan

The Communist People’s Republic of China, stands now proud and strong in the Far East. Never mind how it got there, its’ wealth and power are undisputed. Ignore the mass-murders and mini-genocides under the peadophile Mao-tse-Tung, ignore the corruption, the slaughter-abortion of millions of babies; ignore the invasion of Tibet, even ignore the imprisonment of two million Muslim Uyghurs simply because they are Muslim. The National wealth has been generated by a sort of corrupted Capitalism, aided by Western companies building their factories in China, all in aid of more shareholder profits. It is a total dictatorship; ruled with absolute power by one man, dealing out his power through eleven Geriatric Committee members, who then dictate the ‘word’ to a hand-picked Assembly, whose ranks never, ever murmur dissent.

Compare this ruthless bloodstained mob with the second-oldest Democracy in the World, the United States of America. Built from scratch by the founders, men who understood politicians, assembled after a bloody War of Independence from Great Britain, perhaps the oldest Democracy going. The President of this United States is not, as described by this apologist for terror and bloodshed, ruled by a sulky Child-Emperor, but is a billionaire businessman-cum-politician, who firstly recognised the threat which is China,, and secondly worked out the way to deal with China, which is to treat it as what it really is, an Enemy to all things Free. 

The next target of Mr. Craig-Bennet’s bile is Great Britain and Northern Ireland, (GB&NI) the country of my birth. He calls us a ‘satrapy’. One presumes he means a low-level henchman or hanger-on. I would wonder how he came to that conclusion, when  history recalls that Great Britain’s sons fought alongside those of America in two World Wars, as well as a small uprising in Korea, where the Chinese, despite overwhelming manpower, were forced to retreat after American and British forces showed the Chinese how to wage war and win. He also derides us (GB&NI) for breaking with the European Union, calling this action a ‘fit of sulks’, when it was a true essay in Democracy, where a genuine vote to remain, or to leave, told a Government that we no longer wished to remain within a bureaucratic dictatorship.

He finishes by stating that the Communists acted ‘decisively’ when the Coronavirus struck. If by ‘decisively’ he means by silencing all the medical professionals who attempted to shout a warning, ‘decisively’ by welding bars across victims’ windows to prevent then leaving, by lying about when the Virus was discovered: yep, decisively it was!

Come the time, come the hero; late as ever!

Three weeks ago. Three weeks to alter, forever, our Nation in just about every way possible and impossible. I wrote a polemic demanding ‘LOCKDOWN’; but, inside that post, also issued a warning about a ‘Police State’ scenario with our local ‘Stasi’, given free rein. But, it now seems, we have been lead, and lead badly, by a poseur politician who; admittedly, had managed to grab the headlines, a political triumph in Parliament, and an election victory beyond belief. But then, as we have come to realise, this same poseur Prime Minister, whose trouser zips seem to  be permanently unfastened, after seeing the departure of his (visible) enemies from his Cabinet, flies off to sun himself, and his pregnant girlfriend, in the millionaires’ hideaway of Mustique. Just as an aside, we still don’t know who paid for this £15,000.00 freebie, partly because the millionaire listed as paying for it in the Register of MP’s interests, stated categorically that it wasn’t him. This Prime Minister, fresh from the squabbles over his previous marriage, and having negotiated some settlement which would allow his wife to file for divorce, was frantic to get set upon yet another marriage, in order to bestow legitimacy on his future child, now lying comfortably within the womb of his fiancee.This was, as we all have known in reality, the actual face of a man who has never, ever, actually acknowledged all his kids, or his liaisons. So far, so stupid.

At the very same time as Boris was getting his butt suntanned in Mustique, the first warnings emerged from China, and actually before that from Taiwan, that a strange and unknown virus was wreaking havoc in a city called Wuhan. The scientific world is, these days, superbly well-connected, so the warnings from both Taiwan  and Singapore spread out widely that THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT. But the real nigger in the woodpile, Communist China, was still saying very little, because the Chinks still felt that any idea or news that a killer disease was erupting from a city of 12 million was just bad PR for Red China, so they silenced the whistleblowers, and the virus spread like wildfire through Wuhan. 

But the British scientists persisted, and the first of five Cabinet Office Briefing room A (COBRA) was held. But the apocalyptic statistics produced by, amongst others, Imperial College London; didn’t seem to worry Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty. These two, upon whose expertise this Prime Minister seems to lay overwhelming weight, were not impressed. Whitty is reported to have stated, “We have global  experts….strong track record of combating infectious disease….no confirmed cases….!!!”. This immediately after Imperial’s modelling stated 200,000 deaths a definite possibility! The Prime Minister was not present, at this or the following four COBRA meetings, and the virus swarmed ever further out from birthplace in China. Nothing happened in Whitehall, because the Prime Minister hadn’t been told about the apocalyptic statistics by his complaisant staff, who hadn’t been told either. Even if they had, the ‘Pandemic Plan’ had been sitting on a shelf, gathering dust. The warnings from Project Cygnus had been hidden and buried, by Jeremy Hunt, the then Health Minister, because the amount of cash required to upgrade NHS capabilities was, literally, apocalyptic itself. NO extra hazard suits were stockpiled, no orders placed for extra ventilator machines, or even plans for extra isolation beds or Intensive Care wards.

Once the Prime Minister was informed, chaired COBRA himself, and the terrible details emerged about the infectivity rates, they had to decide which measures to adopt: BUT WAITED NINE MORE DAYS, and by then the Prime Minister, thinking himself invulnerable, was himself infected. NO plans were adopted, and when the LOCKDOWN was announced, the Prime Minister knew that five weeks had been wasted, thousands would die; and whilst he was clapping outside Downing Street in that silly charade of ‘Support the NHS’, he was to be carted off to fight for his life within days.

We were delivered by the Prime Minister from the very real possibility of a Marxist-dominated Labour Party victory in  Westminster; that, in itself, is undeniable. But his known lackadaisical attitudes towards people who tried to tell him that things could become unreal, like nothing ever imagined in over three hundred years, meant that they were talking to blank walls. He is unlike the ancient Caesars, who had a slave whisper into their ear ‘Remember you are mortal’, and this lack of foresight could tell the British public that, although he had pulled off a winning deal over Brexit; his lack of a follow-through position over this Chinese Virus, was simply not good enough, and LABOUR’S Keir Starmer could waltz into Downing Street by default!

Hey Stupid!

  1. The virus comes in from abroad. From  China, Iran, Russia, Italy; and no-one stops them!
  2. This truly thick so-called Government demands all sixty-odd million of us stay at home.
  3. Being British, we, as a Nation, definitely dislike being told what to do.
  4. But, once we realise that the danger is absolute: we stay at home.
  5. The Police (Stasi Brigade) revel in their first chance at telling us all what to do, what to buy, and where to bloody walk.
  6. So the death statistics pile up, and despite all the footling Ministers say, about how the Protection Gear is just down the hallway, we just know that, as normal, the Government, the Civil Service, along with the wankers of Public Health England and the higher echelons of the NHS; couldn’t, collectively, get pissed in a brewery.
  7. The statisticians stumble upon a deadly pile of bodies, Virus victims: simply forgotten because they have been collectively tucked away; out of sight and mind, in 2,500-odd Care Homes, where our truly caring society has dumped their embarrassing refuse; where the GPs refuse to visit for fear of that self-same virus, where the staff stumble on, trying to care for the dementia-stricken victims who don’t even know of the peril they live within.
  8. But the numbers stubbornly refuse to flatten down, and the deadly graphs continue to rise.
  9. And then someone realises: we have left the front door wide open, +/- 15,000 virus possibilities are strolling through Heathrow every day: but, Fear Not: Health Secretary HandCock says its okay, its just that we needn’t bother our minds about 101 aircraft landing every day, laden with an average of 150 passengers. 
  10. Because, in the Head Wanker’s own words:- ‘At the current rate of transmission here, the scientists say that the epidemiological impact of keeping the travel open is very small, because there’s already large transmission here. But what I want to do is see the transmission rates here come down, which is why following this guidance is so important.’
  11. Try telling that to the relatives of some of the 14,500-odd dead and dying, sentenced to death by the virus particles probably shed by these people as they step, unhindered, untrammelled and untested, straight into the midst of unsuspecting England.

The Parasites who have the power to decide whether I Live, or Die!

I am no great fan of the New York Times. Their political stance in the days of a legally- and lawfully-elected President is woeful to behold. But in areas where they have no political axe to grind, their journalism is both impressive and courageous, which is what journalism is supposed to be all about. I wrote about one Long Read, and commented then the real journalism shines through. They now wrIte about the travails of the British during the Coronavirus attack.


We have not seen or heard much about the tortuous discussions, held mainly in secret behind closed doors in the backrooms of British political life, as to the ethics and outcomes, both religious and of ‘quality of life’, of decisions regarding ‘Who lives: Who dies’? Behind those secret decisions whether a complete stranger, lying comatose on a shielded hospital bed, will live: or die! Whether that  complete stranger, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Agnostic, Atheist will be allowed to gain access to remarkable technology, expensive and scarce, so that he or she might live. But the actual word which is the guiding philosophy is scarce, because of political and medical decisions, made by both medical and political insiders, when scarce taxpayers cash, was being discussed, when life-changing decisions for the very future of our Nation, were being made on the grounds of Cost-Benefit Analysis. In layman’s terms, the bean counters decided that the strategy behind purely medical decisions should be made on the value of the patient’s future in terms of whether that patient’s survival would be of benefit to Society?

So the questions must be asked, and specifically answered by those in high places in both the NHS and in Government.

Questions such as:-

  • Why were the public health laboratory services, a network of local and regional laboratories that was established as part of the NHS in 1946 to respond to the threat of bacteriological warfare; closed down? Were they closed as part of money-saving procedures, or were they deemed unnecessary because all research was being handed to the private sector?
  • Why were the specifics, the data and the conclusions of Operation Cygnus buried from sight, despite the terrifying implications of the complete state of Unreadiness of the British NHS being laid out in all their significant realities?
  • Why did Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, bury this important, and, as has been proven, correct in all its perilous true information about how unready, in all respects, the precious NHS really was, in terms of a pandemic which was not an Influena virus?

But the largest and possibly the most important questions are and should be directed at the very top of the NHS & Public Health England, EXCLUDING all the medically-qualified senior men and women who are wearing those valuable and ultra-scarce heavy-duty gowns, visors and masks whilst tending to Virus-riddled patients; but instead aimed at the parasites who inhabit the top ranks of  both NHS & Public Health England. I make a direct and substantial difference between the NHS professionals: consultants, surgeons, registrars, staff and senior nurses: and the”appointed” staff who infest the ‘Trusts’, the ‘Committees’, the vast bureaucracy who stand aside, but organise and decree what happens inside those overstretched hospitals and wards.

The Public Health England Advisory Board is listed below:-

Chief Executive Duncan Selbie. Prior to 2013, he was Chief Executive of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, the regional teaching hospital for the south east of England. From 2003 to 2007 he was the Director General of Programmes and Performance for the Department of Health and subsequently its first Director General of Commissioning. Before this, he was Chief Executive of South East London Strategic Health Authority and before that Chief Executive of the South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust. He joined the NHS in January 1980. NO Degree in any sort of Medical Knowledge or Expertise 

I write of Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow, who has a physics degree, a PhD in biophysics, author of a paper upon  the Conformations Triggering Amyloidosis; (No, me neither). She has at least seven Honorary Degrees, but strangely enough, nothing at all to do with basic Medicine. She was also Vice-Chancellor of a University, President of Universities UK, and the Royal Society of Biology. In other terms, she is a typical QUANGO queen, well in with the Political mob, and likes travelling first class. Again, as I noted before, NOWT to do with Health or Medicine.

I also write of Sir Derek Myers: Derek was the first joint Chief Executive of two London Borough councils, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham (November 2011 – December 2013). Prior to that, he was Chief Executive of Kensington and Chelsea (2000 – December 2013) and Director of Social Services then Chief Executive at the London Borough of Hounslow. He is also a former chairman of the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (2008 – October 2012) and a former non-executive director at the Department of Health. He was knighted in the Queens Honours list in 2014. A member of the Board and chairman of Audit at Public Health England and a trustee of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, and the London Think Tank, the Centre for London Communications Agency. He was Chief Executive of the Kensington Borough, but hastily resigned after the Grenfell Tower burned down, with all those nasty charred bodies to explain. Again, I note NOWT about Medicine, Health or Pandemics Qualifications, although there was a rumour he was, at one stage, a Social worker.

I also write of Poppy Jarman. She has no degree in any sort of Medicine, although she does have an MBA . Jaman completed her MBA at the University of Portsmouth. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching. ( so, at least PHE is better informed in Executive Coaching.) She also was race equality programme lead for National Institute for Mental Health in England. Again, NOWT in basic Degree Qualifications in any sort of Medicine.

And finally George Griffin, recently retired as a consultant physician and Professor of Infectious Diseases and Medicine at St George’s, University of London. At last, a single Medically-qualified person on the Panel which leads Public Health England, the body which is supposed to steer all of the NHS in matters of Health in England.

And do we believe they have done a good job?


Do we F***!


The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent virus threat and have therefore raised their threat level from “Miffed” to “Peeved.” Soon, though, level may be raised yet again to “Irritated” or even “A Bit Cross.”
The English have not been “A Bit Cross” since the blitz in 1940 when tea supplies nearly ran out.
The virus has been re-categorized from “Tiresome” to “A Bloody Nuisance.” The last time the British issued a “Bloody Nuisance” warning level was in 1588, when threatened by the Spanish Armada.
The Scots have raised their threat level from “Pissed Off” to “Let’s Get the Bastard.” They don’t have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.
The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its alert level from “Run” to “Hide.” The only two higher levels in France are “Collaborate” and “Surrender.” The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France’s white flag factory, effectively paralysing the country’s military capability.
Italy has increased the alert level from “Shout Loudly and Excitedly” to “Elaborate Military Posturing.” Two more levels remain: “Ineffective Combat Operations” and “Change Sides.”
The Germans have increased their alert state from “Disdainful Arrogance” to “Dress in Uniform and Sing Marching Songs.” They also have two higher levels: “Invade a Neighbour” and “Lose.”
Belgians, on the other hand, are all on holiday as usual; the only threat they are worried about is NATO pulling out of Brussels.
The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy.
Australia, meanwhile, has raised its alert level from “No worries” to “She’ll be alright, Mate.” Two more escalation levels remain: “Crikey! I think we’ll need to cancel the barbie this weekend!” and “The barbie is cancelled.” So far, no situation has ever warranted use of the final escalation level.
The Russians have said “It’s not us”

Dystopia. A Society Built and Nurtured by the Left.

The Politician Steve Baker gave a fantastic speech during the final discussions about the Corona Virus Bill when it sped through the Commons. He stated categorically that, although they were not allowing a dictatorship, they are implementing at least a dystopian society.

I don’t think I am alone in having to consult a dictionary to discover the concise meaning of that strange term ‘dystopian’, but it simply means ‘relating to or denoting an imagined State or society where there is great suffering or injustice’.

So let us explore certain statements, and then see if they comply with that strange and threatening terminology

A society in which you are investigated for your thinking when you openly question whether men can “be” women is a dystopia. When, in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lady Macbeth calls on evil spirits to help in this task by saying “Come, you spirits/that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,/and fill from the crown to the toe top-full/ of direst cruelty. Make thick my blood./Stop up th’ access and passage to remorse”; This speech reveals her willingness to banish femininity and become like a man who kills mercilessly and without remorse.  But that was in the realms of make-believe. 

What we see in this present ‘Dystopian’ society are men who wish that others now address them as female, who state that their ‘gender’ is now that of a woman, despite retaining penis, testicles, a male frame, a deep voice and muscular structure which comes with that masculinity. That which they deny is of course patently ludicrous, can a man give birth to a child? Can a man, no matter how many steroids and other drugs they push into their deluded bodies, act in the most feminine and female acts known to humanity by giving birth to that child? Of course they cannot. Those who suffer from true ‘gender dysphoria’ which is itself akin to a mental illness. But, in this ‘Dystopian’ life we are now forced to accommodate, people have been fined and indeed imprisoned for  writing about, or addressing a man, a man who states that his gender is that of a female, as a man, or ‘Sir’ or indeed ‘Mister’!

A society in which you are arrested for detaining a man who molests your daughter in public is dystopian. Imagine that you read, or watch a video, about a political activist, a protester against Muslim Rape gangs, a journalist who had taken his family to an outdoor park. He learns from his daughter that a middle-aged man has molested his daughter. Despite the activist knowing that he has been a police target for years, he finds this paedophile, and attempts to detain him; but in the ensuing struggle, he bloodies the perpetrator’s nose. The police are called, and he lays a charge against this paedophile. But instead of arresting the predator, and asking the Activist to make a statement: the police arrest the activist/journalist, and take a statement from the alleged paedophile, and then let him go! But you wouldn’t have heard or read about the circumstances, because only the arrest of the activist/journalist was reported, not of the circumstances preceding that arrest.

What is patently obvious, to me at least, is that the whole thing was a trap, a set-up: for the purposes of entrapping the journalist/activist, because he has been a thorn in the side of the Judicial process, and they were determined to ‘fit him up’!

A society in which tens of thousands of organised sexual crimes against children go knowingly unpunished to avoid the terrible charge of racism is Dystopian. That same activist has attempted to highlight the disgusting series of trials, where mainly Muslim Pakistani and Afghani gangs have targeted, groomed and raped thousands of white British girls and young women, on a semi-organised basis. Of a society where this sexual abuse is known of, and seemingly tolerated by the various Councils and Police forces involved; under the excuse that action  against these Muslim gangs would be seen and considered as ‘Racist’! That is not only an allegation, it is true. But the vast majority of the British public may have read of the charges raised against these Muslim grooming gangs, but because of a ruthless ‘reporting restriction’ laid out on all these trials by activist judges, no one will ever hear of the tragedies inflicted on these defenceless girls; and the actions of these MUSLIM RAPE GANGS, because no newspaper, print or online, is allowed to publish a single word of the evidence lead during these trials. When the judge who jailed some of these rapists then at Liverpool Crown Court in May 2012 said their victims were “raped callously, viciously, and violently”; no-one was able to test the veracity of his statement because all reporting was ‘restricted’! When you cannot even read of what is said during ALL of these trials, when Judges routinely bar ANY reporting of the vile crimes committed by overwhelmingly Muslim men against White British girls and young women can be described as truly dystopian!

A society in which it is said to be bigoted with parents objecting to having ageing men dressed  and ‘made-up’ as women “dancing and singing to pre-school children in a public library is a dystopia. To further the cause of ‘Diversity’ and of telling primary school kids that  homosexuality is not only legal, it is perfectly normal for men to push their penises into other men’s anuses, for women to lie together in some twisted idea of sexual congress and ‘fulfilment’ through the magic phrase of ‘If someone loves someone’, then literally any thing goes! That is Dystopian!

A society in which basic observations of reality are forbidden by the use of magic words – “racism” “-phobia” – is a dystopia. To make and enhance a Hate Crime Law so that the ‘offender’ is made to attempt to prove his or her innocence when a complaint is made that someone is offended by  a speech, a Tweet, a Social Media post. The Hate Crime law is deliberately overturning centuries of British common Law and precedence by stating, categorically, that the accused is guilty, and must attempt to prove his or her innocence. Ludicrous and Dystopian!

A society in which you can be ruined for speaking the truth out loud is a dystopia.

Sir Roger Scruton was appointed to a Better Housing commission by the Government. He was interviewed by an editor on the New Statesman, and his words were turned inside out, his reputation was trashed, and the Government promptly dismissed him. It was only after The Spectator investigated that the whole piece was found to be a distortion, that he was hastily reinstated. Dystopian!

A society in which the shameful and disgusting are celebrated as virtues is a dystopia.

A society which has replaced the national home of somewhere with the borderless market of everywhere is a dystopia.

A society in which an invented grievance is a good career move is a dystopia.

A society that penalises the talented and the bright, so that Black or Ethnic minority candidates may be employed in their place in the name of “diversity” is a dystopia.


I rest my case!

Remember, everyone: the word used was ‘GUIDANCE’.

Long tine ago, in those far-distant days where the only menace, as far as concerned the Luton, Hitchin, Liverpool, City of London Police Forces, along with other contingents was any sound, word or video from Tommy Robinson. When the only speech worth noting was  the wise words of Jonathan Philip Chadwick Sumption, Lord Sumption, OBE, PC, FSA, FRHistS in his broadcast  Reith Lectures Series.

Before CoVid-19, the would-be Wallies-in-Uniform (and would-be Gruppenfuhrers) were threatening action if you wrote anything, derogatory or otherwise;  about a bunch of perverts on Twitter, and in many cases actually carried those threats out.

Come the Virus!

But now, these same uniformed would-be Nazis, equipped with the MOST extraordinary powers ever granted Police Forces, even in Wartime, are targeting Dog-Walkers, Ramblers and anyone trying to get a bit of peace. They have, of course, clamped on to the strange wording, ‘Non-Essential Travel’, placed there to make their harassment legal, and are targeting the aforementioned walkers who are, in fact, not committing any crime whatsoever, but because they are “Leaving their homes’, they are placing everyone at risk; according to the New Nazi / Gestapo / Stasi Gauleiters who have all jumped with joy at being able to push everyone around with legal impunity. The only thing missing were the Swastikas, still in their wrapping papers

The MPs who protested that these authoritarian measures were fully justified, and this Home Secretary should issue strong guidance to all Chief Constables that they should tell the ‘Woodentops’ to cool it, and swiftly. To mind their own business, and cease the legal harassment of people who are simply driving out so they can walk in peace! Even the afore-mentioned Lord Sumption comes in for criticism of his well-judged remarks by Police chiefs who replied that their officers were just doing the right thing, in difficult circumstances. Another Senior cop stated that “A small, number of cases where I think things could have been done differently. Comments regarding a Police State’ are widely “off the mark”

“Off the Mark’ such as flying a drone above a pathway into the Peak District, just to buzz and humiliate people who have the audacity to actually drive to an isolated spot to walk their dogs without fear of lessening the ‘Social Distance’ between themselves and anyone else.

“Off the Mark’ such as stopping drivers and enquiring is they are on an ‘Essential Journey’ despite this specific activity not being against the Law. A third instance of actions

Off the Mark’ were fining people £60.00 for buying ‘Non-Essential items.

The most environmentally disturbing ‘off the Mark’  action by Derbyshire Police was throwing black dye into  the water of a well-known Buxton beauty spot, to deter people from going there to take ‘selfies’ with the lake in the background. Just imagine, blackening the beauty of those lake waters, probably chuckling like small bullies, just because they can!

Possibly the strongest and sanest voice heard recently was that of Steve Baker, MP. This is what he had to say about this terrible but sadly necessary intrusion on our very freedoms.


The Only uniforms to be trusted within the UK are MILITARY. Why, because the Military owe their allegiance to the Crown, whereas the Police Forces are controlled and willingly pushed by politicians.