Remember, everyone: the word used was ‘GUIDANCE’.

Long tine ago, in those far-distant days where the only menace, as far as concerned the Luton, Hitchin, Liverpool, City of London Police Forces, along with other contingents was any sound, word or video from Tommy Robinson. When the only speech worth noting was  the wise words of Jonathan Philip Chadwick Sumption, Lord Sumption, OBE, PC, FSA, FRHistS in his broadcast  Reith Lectures Series.

Before CoVid-19, the would-be Wallies-in-Uniform (and would-be Gruppenfuhrers) were threatening action if you wrote anything, derogatory or otherwise;  about a bunch of perverts on Twitter, and in many cases actually carried those threats out.

Come the Virus!

But now, these same uniformed would-be Nazis, equipped with the MOST extraordinary powers ever granted Police Forces, even in Wartime, are targeting Dog-Walkers, Ramblers and anyone trying to get a bit of peace. They have, of course, clamped on to the strange wording, ‘Non-Essential Travel’, placed there to make their harassment legal, and are targeting the aforementioned walkers who are, in fact, not committing any crime whatsoever, but because they are “Leaving their homes’, they are placing everyone at risk; according to the New Nazi / Gestapo / Stasi Gauleiters who have all jumped with joy at being able to push everyone around with legal impunity. The only thing missing were the Swastikas, still in their wrapping papers

The MPs who protested that these authoritarian measures were fully justified, and this Home Secretary should issue strong guidance to all Chief Constables that they should tell the ‘Woodentops’ to cool it, and swiftly. To mind their own business, and cease the legal harassment of people who are simply driving out so they can walk in peace! Even the afore-mentioned Lord Sumption comes in for criticism of his well-judged remarks by Police chiefs who replied that their officers were just doing the right thing, in difficult circumstances. Another Senior cop stated that “A small, number of cases where I think things could have been done differently. Comments regarding a Police State’ are widely “off the mark”

“Off the Mark’ such as flying a drone above a pathway into the Peak District, just to buzz and humiliate people who have the audacity to actually drive to an isolated spot to walk their dogs without fear of lessening the ‘Social Distance’ between themselves and anyone else.

“Off the Mark’ such as stopping drivers and enquiring is they are on an ‘Essential Journey’ despite this specific activity not being against the Law. A third instance of actions

Off the Mark’ were fining people £60.00 for buying ‘Non-Essential items.

The most environmentally disturbing ‘off the Mark’  action by Derbyshire Police was throwing black dye into  the water of a well-known Buxton beauty spot, to deter people from going there to take ‘selfies’ with the lake in the background. Just imagine, blackening the beauty of those lake waters, probably chuckling like small bullies, just because they can!

Possibly the strongest and sanest voice heard recently was that of Steve Baker, MP. This is what he had to say about this terrible but sadly necessary intrusion on our very freedoms.


The Only uniforms to be trusted within the UK are MILITARY. Why, because the Military owe their allegiance to the Crown, whereas the Police Forces are controlled and willingly pushed by politicians.