The Parasites who have the power to decide whether I Live, or Die!

I am no great fan of the New York Times. Their political stance in the days of a legally- and lawfully-elected President is woeful to behold. But in areas where they have no political axe to grind, their journalism is both impressive and courageous, which is what journalism is supposed to be all about. I wrote about one Long Read, and commented then the real journalism shines through. They now wrIte about the travails of the British during the Coronavirus attack.


We have not seen or heard much about the tortuous discussions, held mainly in secret behind closed doors in the backrooms of British political life, as to the ethics and outcomes, both religious and of ‘quality of life’, of decisions regarding ‘Who lives: Who dies’? Behind those secret decisions whether a complete stranger, lying comatose on a shielded hospital bed, will live: or die! Whether that  complete stranger, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Agnostic, Atheist will be allowed to gain access to remarkable technology, expensive and scarce, so that he or she might live. But the actual word which is the guiding philosophy is scarce, because of political and medical decisions, made by both medical and political insiders, when scarce taxpayers cash, was being discussed, when life-changing decisions for the very future of our Nation, were being made on the grounds of Cost-Benefit Analysis. In layman’s terms, the bean counters decided that the strategy behind purely medical decisions should be made on the value of the patient’s future in terms of whether that patient’s survival would be of benefit to Society?

So the questions must be asked, and specifically answered by those in high places in both the NHS and in Government.

Questions such as:-

  • Why were the public health laboratory services, a network of local and regional laboratories that was established as part of the NHS in 1946 to respond to the threat of bacteriological warfare; closed down? Were they closed as part of money-saving procedures, or were they deemed unnecessary because all research was being handed to the private sector?
  • Why were the specifics, the data and the conclusions of Operation Cygnus buried from sight, despite the terrifying implications of the complete state of Unreadiness of the British NHS being laid out in all their significant realities?
  • Why did Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, bury this important, and, as has been proven, correct in all its perilous true information about how unready, in all respects, the precious NHS really was, in terms of a pandemic which was not an Influena virus?

But the largest and possibly the most important questions are and should be directed at the very top of the NHS & Public Health England, EXCLUDING all the medically-qualified senior men and women who are wearing those valuable and ultra-scarce heavy-duty gowns, visors and masks whilst tending to Virus-riddled patients; but instead aimed at the parasites who inhabit the top ranks of  both NHS & Public Health England. I make a direct and substantial difference between the NHS professionals: consultants, surgeons, registrars, staff and senior nurses: and the”appointed” staff who infest the ‘Trusts’, the ‘Committees’, the vast bureaucracy who stand aside, but organise and decree what happens inside those overstretched hospitals and wards.

The Public Health England Advisory Board is listed below:-

Chief Executive Duncan Selbie. Prior to 2013, he was Chief Executive of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, the regional teaching hospital for the south east of England. From 2003 to 2007 he was the Director General of Programmes and Performance for the Department of Health and subsequently its first Director General of Commissioning. Before this, he was Chief Executive of South East London Strategic Health Authority and before that Chief Executive of the South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust. He joined the NHS in January 1980. NO Degree in any sort of Medical Knowledge or Expertise 

I write of Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow, who has a physics degree, a PhD in biophysics, author of a paper upon  the Conformations Triggering Amyloidosis; (No, me neither). She has at least seven Honorary Degrees, but strangely enough, nothing at all to do with basic Medicine. She was also Vice-Chancellor of a University, President of Universities UK, and the Royal Society of Biology. In other terms, she is a typical QUANGO queen, well in with the Political mob, and likes travelling first class. Again, as I noted before, NOWT to do with Health or Medicine.

I also write of Sir Derek Myers: Derek was the first joint Chief Executive of two London Borough councils, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham (November 2011 – December 2013). Prior to that, he was Chief Executive of Kensington and Chelsea (2000 – December 2013) and Director of Social Services then Chief Executive at the London Borough of Hounslow. He is also a former chairman of the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (2008 – October 2012) and a former non-executive director at the Department of Health. He was knighted in the Queens Honours list in 2014. A member of the Board and chairman of Audit at Public Health England and a trustee of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, and the London Think Tank, the Centre for London Communications Agency. He was Chief Executive of the Kensington Borough, but hastily resigned after the Grenfell Tower burned down, with all those nasty charred bodies to explain. Again, I note NOWT about Medicine, Health or Pandemics Qualifications, although there was a rumour he was, at one stage, a Social worker.

I also write of Poppy Jarman. She has no degree in any sort of Medicine, although she does have an MBA . Jaman completed her MBA at the University of Portsmouth. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching. ( so, at least PHE is better informed in Executive Coaching.) She also was race equality programme lead for National Institute for Mental Health in England. Again, NOWT in basic Degree Qualifications in any sort of Medicine.

And finally George Griffin, recently retired as a consultant physician and Professor of Infectious Diseases and Medicine at St George’s, University of London. At last, a single Medically-qualified person on the Panel which leads Public Health England, the body which is supposed to steer all of the NHS in matters of Health in England.

And do we believe they have done a good job?


Do we F***!