Hey Stupid!

  1. The virus comes in from abroad. From  China, Iran, Russia, Italy; and no-one stops them!
  2. This truly thick so-called Government demands all sixty-odd million of us stay at home.
  3. Being British, we, as a Nation, definitely dislike being told what to do.
  4. But, once we realise that the danger is absolute: we stay at home.
  5. The Police (Stasi Brigade) revel in their first chance at telling us all what to do, what to buy, and where to bloody walk.
  6. So the death statistics pile up, and despite all the footling Ministers say, about how the Protection Gear is just down the hallway, we just know that, as normal, the Government, the Civil Service, along with the wankers of Public Health England and the higher echelons of the NHS; couldn’t, collectively, get pissed in a brewery.
  7. The statisticians stumble upon a deadly pile of bodies, Virus victims: simply forgotten because they have been collectively tucked away; out of sight and mind, in 2,500-odd Care Homes, where our truly caring society has dumped their embarrassing refuse; where the GPs refuse to visit for fear of that self-same virus, where the staff stumble on, trying to care for the dementia-stricken victims who don’t even know of the peril they live within.
  8. But the numbers stubbornly refuse to flatten down, and the deadly graphs continue to rise.
  9. And then someone realises: we have left the front door wide open, +/- 15,000 virus possibilities are strolling through Heathrow every day: but, Fear Not: Health Secretary HandCock says its okay, its just that we needn’t bother our minds about 101 aircraft landing every day, laden with an average of 150 passengers. 
  10. Because, in the Head Wanker’s own words:- ‘At the current rate of transmission here, the scientists say that the epidemiological impact of keeping the travel open is very small, because there’s already large transmission here. But what I want to do is see the transmission rates here come down, which is why following this guidance is so important.’
  11. Try telling that to the relatives of some of the 14,500-odd dead and dying, sentenced to death by the virus particles probably shed by these people as they step, unhindered, untrammelled and untested, straight into the midst of unsuspecting England.