Come the time, come the hero; late as ever!

Three weeks ago. Three weeks to alter, forever, our Nation in just about every way possible and impossible. I wrote a polemic demanding ‘LOCKDOWN’; but, inside that post, also issued a warning about a ‘Police State’ scenario with our local ‘Stasi’, given free rein. But, it now seems, we have been lead, and lead badly, by a poseur politician who; admittedly, had managed to grab the headlines, a political triumph in Parliament, and an election victory beyond belief. But then, as we have come to realise, this same poseur Prime Minister, whose trouser zips seem to  be permanently unfastened, after seeing the departure of his (visible) enemies from his Cabinet, flies off to sun himself, and his pregnant girlfriend, in the millionaires’ hideaway of Mustique. Just as an aside, we still don’t know who paid for this £15,000.00 freebie, partly because the millionaire listed as paying for it in the Register of MP’s interests, stated categorically that it wasn’t him. This Prime Minister, fresh from the squabbles over his previous marriage, and having negotiated some settlement which would allow his wife to file for divorce, was frantic to get set upon yet another marriage, in order to bestow legitimacy on his future child, now lying comfortably within the womb of his fiancee.This was, as we all have known in reality, the actual face of a man who has never, ever, actually acknowledged all his kids, or his liaisons. So far, so stupid.

At the very same time as Boris was getting his butt suntanned in Mustique, the first warnings emerged from China, and actually before that from Taiwan, that a strange and unknown virus was wreaking havoc in a city called Wuhan. The scientific world is, these days, superbly well-connected, so the warnings from both Taiwan  and Singapore spread out widely that THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT. But the real nigger in the woodpile, Communist China, was still saying very little, because the Chinks still felt that any idea or news that a killer disease was erupting from a city of 12 million was just bad PR for Red China, so they silenced the whistleblowers, and the virus spread like wildfire through Wuhan. 

But the British scientists persisted, and the first of five Cabinet Office Briefing room A (COBRA) was held. But the apocalyptic statistics produced by, amongst others, Imperial College London; didn’t seem to worry Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty. These two, upon whose expertise this Prime Minister seems to lay overwhelming weight, were not impressed. Whitty is reported to have stated, “We have global  experts….strong track record of combating infectious disease….no confirmed cases….!!!”. This immediately after Imperial’s modelling stated 200,000 deaths a definite possibility! The Prime Minister was not present, at this or the following four COBRA meetings, and the virus swarmed ever further out from birthplace in China. Nothing happened in Whitehall, because the Prime Minister hadn’t been told about the apocalyptic statistics by his complaisant staff, who hadn’t been told either. Even if they had, the ‘Pandemic Plan’ had been sitting on a shelf, gathering dust. The warnings from Project Cygnus had been hidden and buried, by Jeremy Hunt, the then Health Minister, because the amount of cash required to upgrade NHS capabilities was, literally, apocalyptic itself. NO extra hazard suits were stockpiled, no orders placed for extra ventilator machines, or even plans for extra isolation beds or Intensive Care wards.

Once the Prime Minister was informed, chaired COBRA himself, and the terrible details emerged about the infectivity rates, they had to decide which measures to adopt: BUT WAITED NINE MORE DAYS, and by then the Prime Minister, thinking himself invulnerable, was himself infected. NO plans were adopted, and when the LOCKDOWN was announced, the Prime Minister knew that five weeks had been wasted, thousands would die; and whilst he was clapping outside Downing Street in that silly charade of ‘Support the NHS’, he was to be carted off to fight for his life within days.

We were delivered by the Prime Minister from the very real possibility of a Marxist-dominated Labour Party victory in  Westminster; that, in itself, is undeniable. But his known lackadaisical attitudes towards people who tried to tell him that things could become unreal, like nothing ever imagined in over three hundred years, meant that they were talking to blank walls. He is unlike the ancient Caesars, who had a slave whisper into their ear ‘Remember you are mortal’, and this lack of foresight could tell the British public that, although he had pulled off a winning deal over Brexit; his lack of a follow-through position over this Chinese Virus, was simply not good enough, and LABOUR’S Keir Starmer could waltz into Downing Street by default!