Things are just that bit cooler, up  there in Warming-Land

For those of us who have long viewed the whole idea and ideal of Climate Change, or Global Warming, or whatever the ‘buzz word’ is this week in these fast-changing times with a certain degree of scepticism; it is indeed a wondrous day when two people who have long been proponents of anything ‘Warming’, (or whatever slogan applies) produce a film which debunks and denounces everything the ‘Climate’ crowd have long held dear.

Such a happening occurred when the Michael Moore / Jeff Gibbs’ Planet of the Humans  was released, and an amazing 8.3 million viewed the video when released on YouTube. Because the video trashes virtually everything  the Climate crowd hold dear, and also because there was real pressure; YouTube was searching for a way to  take it down. Along comes a Brit photographer, whose work was included for a total of around ten seconds, who complained of ‘copyright infringement’: YouTube reacted and pulled the whole thing, despite the producers stating that they would remove the tiny video clip.

YouTube, along with all the Climate crowd, commenced cheering loudly, but they all had forgotten the ‘Streisand’ effect. BitChute pops up, and declaims “And free speech shall not be contained, and hosts the whole video. So YouTube loses all that exposure, and BitChute, alongside Parler, the free speech channel; whom no-one had noticed, gets a winner.

It is a long video, over an hour, but well, well worth the visit!


Burn, Baby, Burn!

Dr​​ Mary Frances Berry is a professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania and serves on the board of People for the American Way. She served on the US Commission on Civil Rights from 1980 to 2004, including as chair from 1993-2004. 

She, a black, supremely well-educated American woman speaking on BBC  says the rioters/protesters weren’t responsible for the fires, the cop who killed the black bloke was”! 

On the Beeb’s Radio Four Toady programme, with the clip commencing around  08.49. The BBC commentator asked the perfectly reasonable question, “Aren’t the  people who set fire to the Police station ‘arsonists too?” This African-American woman says, and I really think that she genuinely believed this; “No, the people who got angry, the people who wanted  better  accommodation,  the people who protested, the people who saw what happened, they aren’t to blame for the fire: the guy  who put his knee on that black man’s neck: he’s the guilty one!”

This is  the kind of discombobulated thinking which has landed America in the pickle it now sees itself.


The wages of sin? Not death; but instead a cool £1Million

I noted a headline the other day, with a name which rang a loud  bell for me. Sally Challen had just been informed of a High Court decision which would allow her to claim the estate of her dead husband. Now this statement may appear strange to some, but  if you read the story linked below, you would find that she had previously been precluded from the inheritance because she had murdered her husband; and as is well known, criminals are forbidden from profiting by their crime. But the Judge was persuaded that ‘this was different’ because she had been ‘coerced’ into her crime, and therefore should be able to benefit from her dead husband’s estate.

All because a bunch of do-gooders had got a Parliament Law altered which allows for  ‘coercive or controlling behaviour’ to be taken into account when a crime is committed.

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about this murderess who bluffed her way to a reprieve and release from a fully-justified sentence. As I wrote-

The majority of thinking Brits will have now read of the decision by the Courts not to charge Sally Challen after she was released from prison after a long campaign by her family, which claimed she was ‘controlled’ by her husband, and which was the reason she hit him twenty times over the head with a hammer.

As is ‘explained’ by the linked article in the Daily Mail, she was only considered for release after coercive and controlling behaviour was criminalised in 2015, and her solicitor could begin claiming that she was forced into this killing after many years of this ‘controlling and coercive behaviour’ by her husband.

Now I have a small sum of knowledge of women who have been in abusive relationships, for either long or short periods; having visited ‘Refuges’ on a couple of occasions, and the one thing which always comes to the fore is that the women made a conscious decision to seek help; to leave the premises where that abuse was happening, and to seek ‘Refuge’.

We are supposed to believe that this woman took the alleged beatings, emotional and physical abuse ‘because she loved him’!

She is supposed to have finally snapped, and killed this man whilst in a violent rage. Well, she did kill him, but she planned this death. She killed him because she was fed up with his constant cheating. She brought a hammer in whilst her husband was eating his breakfast, buried the hammer head into his skull over twenty times. When the jury heard of the systematic plans, of the manner in which she killed her husband, and then attempted to commit suicide at Beachy Head, they found her guilty of murder, and she was sentenced to a minimum 18 years in prison.

She was released, but I believe the Jury called it correct the first time, and she might have served eight years, but she should have served the full eighteen years minimum term; because she murdered her husband.

All she had to do was leave. All she had to do was get out, with the kids, and then sue for divorce: as she had previously sued. But then we are supposed to understand that she changed her mind, and went back to her husband! All she had to do was seek refuge: but instead she chose violence, she chose murder! She didn’t just hit him with a hammer, she hit him more than twenty times, and then attempted suicide.

Release her early because she was suffering from two previously undiscovered mental illnesses?   All you need is a good brief, an accommodating psychiatrist, a judge amenable to a really good story, an overly-permissive Law; and you can not only  get  away with murder, you get the lolly as well!



When we read of the death by murder or manslaughter of a defenceless child, a death which should have been prevented by officialdom, by Social Workers who, either by incompetence, or an inability to see what should have been patently obvious in a household where tragedy has struck, or sheer laziness and reckless action or inaction: we feel outrage. When we read or hear of the sexual abuse of hundreds of children and young girls, abuse which is and was tolerated by Officialdom in any disguise, when we read or hear that this abuse was known about and, literally ignored: we feel outrage. When the defenceless, defenceless as determined by their incapacity to make decisions for themselves are attacked or abused in any manner, we should and do feel outrage, because they cannot defend themselves. 

So how should we, as a body, view the huge pile of generated excrement and bullshit, masquerading as ‘Outrage’ which presented itself both before and after Dominic Cummings had told the assembled news media about his attempts to shield his young son from harm, when Cummings was fearful about both himself and his wife succumbing to Corona virus. The miles of newsprint, literally hours of News Broadcast time, all expressing ‘Outrage’; all aimed at one man whose job it is to advise the Prime Minister. 
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“It is our business, not the State’s, to say what risks we take with our health.”

For news, information and opinion, I read the Times and the Sunday Times. I used to favour the Telegraph, but since the Barclay Brothers’ ownership, together with their editorial slant, I stick to the Murdoch publications. Since the Murdochs give their editorial staff somewhat better say and leverage in their approach to things British, American and political, I like their writing, and I appreciate the breadth of their journalism. The Observer/Guardian side, with their incessant and droning Left-wing viewpoints on everything don’t ring any bells as far as I am concerned. I glance at, and sometimes read, sections of that which the Guardian prints; but only from the viewpoint of determining what exactly the opposing forces believe in on that particular instant. Perhaps firming my own views, in the last few years, I have only ever quoted from the Guardian’s pages approvingly, to the best of my recollection; exactly once!

The rest of the publishing field, the Sunday versions of the Sun, the Mirror, Daily Mail, etc., leaves me stone cold, as ‘Celebs’, ‘Eastenders and Corrie gossip’ and ‘sport, sport, sport’; hold little attraction for me.

I mention these titles because a supremely important opinion piece was published in the Sunday Times on May 17th. This fact means that, of the Sunday newspaper-purchasing public, just over 17% had access to the Noble Lord Sumption’s opinions, writing and conclusions. Lord Sumption has got a great deal of sway as far as this observer stands; he being a former Supreme Court Judge, a law Lord, a supremely well-educated lawyer, and, by the sounds from his Reith Lectures, a decent bloke. He writes of the initial stratagem behind the slogans, and the lockdown, of the initial decisions, and the lunacy of a 180 degree about-face, when the truly-questionable mathematical modelling was presented as ‘Absolute Fact’ by Professor Neill Ferguson (He, for those who need reminding, of the absolute farce of a modelling strategy which cost Great Britain the vast majority of our most valuable cattle herds and sheep flocks  during the Foot and Mouth disaster, by adding animals in contiguous fields to the cull totals). This modelling, later criticised by contemporaries as deeply flawed, foretold of 500,000 deaths, when more serious modelling may have foretold 50,000 deaths. This panicked the Cabinet, and forced the Lockdown into full-on driving mode. 

Prime Minister Johnson stated “I must level with the British public: many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time.”, and he was speaking factually. However Lord Sumption also quotes Health Minister Hancock when he made the grotesque remark “If you go out; People will die!”
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What a clueless bunch of spineless Twits

There was a discussion on the BBC looking at how many there are who believe in the’ conspiracy theory’ when it comes to the corona virus, and the part that Governments played in the virus. Well, folks, being blunt as I am usually am, to accuse this bloody Government of any conspiracy, apart that is by covering their  own arseholes, is, simply, ludicrous. Any bunch hatching a conspiracy would have, by very nature, to be ruthless, targeted and bold.

I would describe this shower as Clueless, Worthless and Useless.

Let us look at the latest Serial Cock-Up as brokered by this useless bunch in Whitehall and Westminster. The NHS surcharge  was introduced by the Cameron-Clegg Government. In one of the very few well-thought out ideas and apt items adopted by the Coalition Government, the charge was supposed to cover the costs of people from Outside the EU who used the NHS facilities if they came into this country. A more thorough explanation for those whose memories are slightly glazed, can be found at this link. The only arguments against the imposition of the surcharge were mainly from the Nurses’ Union; the Royal College, and those arguments were both expected, discussed, and ruled out

As has been known and accepted by many, a large proportion of NHS and Care staffers are from other countries outside of the EU, and as such, WHEN THEY GET THEIR VISAS, they must accept and sign up to pay the NHS surcharge. They know exactly what they are entitled to before they set foot on our shores! They might well be working within the NHS or Care Homes, but, they still had to pay. No one queried why these people came from all corners of the globe to work in Great Britain; no one supposed that their reasons  or motives for applying for the jobs they were doing were otherwise than getting a fair deal of money in comparison for doing a similar job in the country of their birth. 

The surcharge, by its very nature, was suppose to stop scandals such as the maternity wards full of Nigerian women, as has been verified,  all expecting the British taxpayer to pay for their forthcoming babies. The Surcharge bedded down over the months, and was deemed to be working well, with contributions in the order of £250 millions in 2019.

Come the Pandemic, come the howls of despair. “How come these poor, semi-destitute NHS and Care workers have to pay this iniquitous Surcharge, so that they are only allowed to continue risking their very lives if they pay this Iniquitous Surcharge?” and of course so on, and so forth… infinitum.

Thirty-odd of the very Tory MPs who voted this legislation into reality commenced bleating like a squad of scared rats, copying  Committee chairman William Wragg who called for an immediate change in policy, adding “now is the time for a generosity of spirit towards those who have done so much good”. Fat Pang himself, a.k.a. Lord Patten squeaked “it’s monstrous that people who come from oversees to help and risk their lives aren’t treated properly”.

Boris Johnson, who of course, because he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut, had already fouled his own front door by bleating, on national tv, “how his life had been saved by migrant workers’ watching over him in the St. Thomas’ Hospital ICU, bleated that the cash coming in was a necessary boost to the NHS. But the ever-caring Opposition Leader Keir Starmer had spotted a good line, and he wasn’t going to let the Government off the hook.

More and more pressure came from Social Media, the press and TV…..

Lo and behold, the charge, we are told, is scrapped.

This bloody Government has developed the backbone of  a large codfish, without the resilience, longevity or instincts of that fish

It is true, they couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery!

The sweet silence of Corona

Many things are changed. The virtual world-wide lockdown has altered whole economies, changed our very world, and, sadly, has caused thousands of casualties.

But there has been at least one fantastic change in a whole industry, in the broadcasting about, operation of,  and supporting of, the greatest waste of time known to  modern man. Sport.

How wonderful it has been to have whole mornings, afternoon and evenings free from the eternal output of commentaries, opinion, pre- and post-match discussion about the creases on some overpaid clown’s forehead, and whether the worry causing those frown creases will be cleared before this, and of course many other overpaid clowns commence either kicking, throwing, battering or losing a variety of different shaped balls. No more tense commentaries, no more screams of joy or sadness at some movement by some overpaid prima donna wearing some vastly-overpriced boots. No more money wasted on hugely-overpriced replica kit, which of course will be changed three or four times in a season.

True, the silence cannot last for much longer, but how nice it has been for the many millions who do not give two damns about a team, a league, an athletic event, whether it be overseas or local; who haven’t got a clue and care even less whether one bloke, or team, or whatever succeeds in some strange ritual.


Sport. What a waste of time, sweat and effort!

The House of Lords; and I.

When we look at, or rather read of, the people who have been elevated above their station in life to become members of the House of Lords, I suppose that the opinion of most is that of failed politicians ennobled to swell the ranks of the particular party in power at the time, along with the strangely British notion of ennobling certain ‘celebrities’ so that the ruling Politicians can be seen and acknowledged as ‘on the ball’, or whatever the catchphrase is at that time. 

We see dozens, literally dozens, of politicians, from all Parties, ennobled for the specific purpose of adding to a headcount when votes are counted, so that the Government can depend upon those when voting on certain contentious Bills is necessary. We also see members  of the Lords whose ennoblement can be a mystery. I note the presence of Lady Floella Benjamin, whose expertise was seemingly to preside over certain children’s t.v. programming. Oh, and she also did lots of ‘Chariddee Wuk’ as well, so that is why this unelected drone is given the power to influence all Bills wending their way through Parliament: or was her ennoblement due to the fact that she is Black, and they had to get the ‘diversity’ numbers up?

I also note the presence, in the Lords chamber, of Baroness Doreen Lawrence. It is accepted that, besides being awarded £500,000.00 of taxpayers money because the Met. screwed up the investigation into the murder of her son, she was give the Title just to shut her up, and stop her mewling. Her husband, who was much the more worthy recipient of high office, did not receive any such distinction. 

I have personally only knowledge, through correspondence of one Noble Lady, and her name is Baroness Caroline Cox. It was she who travelled to Syria to test, and in doing so, certainly to my knowledge, demonstrated that the Assad Regime, whilst guilty of many things barbaric, had no hand in the alleged chlorine gas attacks on Jihadi- and rebel-held positions within certain Syrian cities. She travelled as part of a Christian delegation, and they collectively received a barrage of criticism for their pains. She protested that the missile attacks from America, the UK and France were illegal because they were made without any UN authorisation.

There are a few Members of the Lords who are worthy of their titles, such as senior Judges who are automatically ennobled, but they are outnumbered by the ‘paid for’ vote, inclusive of the lackeys wearing dog-collars under the ermine.

We need a second chamber, because Legislation without  independent scrutiny is dictatorship writ small, but the Second Chamber which I dream of is unpolluted with failed politicians, and diversity seat fillers. 

Only the British can moan so repeatedly; and so senselessly.

We here in these Islands seemingly love a good moan. It used to be about the weather, but we now seem to have moved to particular silly things upon which to target our collective angst.

For long enough, we have heard the singular moans about how unfair the Iranians have kept, totally unjustifiably and unscrupulously, the wife of a British man in prison. Tried and convicted on spying charges, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was given five years in the slammer. She may, or may not, have deserved the five years based upon the spying charges placed aginst her, but she surely deserved the sentence based upon the alternate charge of being really, really stupid!

Born in Iran, she married some Brit, and moves to England. So far, so fair, but the silly cow doesn’t renounce her Iranian nationality, apply for and receive a full British Passport. Oh no, this silly woman retains her Iranian passport, and states she has dual nationality. She flies back into Iran for a ‘holiday’ with her parents, along with her small daughter: and is picked up at the airport when she tries to leave. Imprisoned, she gets the full force of the Mullah’s slightly doubtful justice system and gets the afore-mentioned five years prison. It should be noted that the Iranians do not accept dual nationality, have repeatedly stated this on many occasions, thus proving that not only is she silly, she also ignores all the signs which should have told her ‘Never ignore an Iranian warning’. 

Every five milli-seconds, her husband is heard on the BBC, especially the BBC, saying how rotten it is to be without her and their daughter, and blaming everyone around for this ‘false imprisonment’. Everyone including all of Her Majesty’s Government, but especially the Foreign Secretary, was declared by this fool to be guilty of allowing his wife to travel to this Muslim shithole: and as I said, he pops up all over the Guardian and the BBC airwaves saying how unfair it is that she was still in prison. The simple fact that the higher reaches of the Government, inclusive of the Foreign Office hold no sway whatsoever with the Iranian mullahs is beside the point, the denunciations trip off the headlines, and are just as routinely are ignored completely by the mob in Iran.

But, possibly because the Iranians got caught even more short than the Brits did with the Virus; they of the rather strange belief that  Allah will provide, the Iranians released her into the temporary care of her parents, and, as she is nearing the end of her sentence anyway, the Iranians were also getting really bored with all the whining and wailing, so she may well be freed.

But, just in time, another ‘Cause Celebre’ erupted when some youngster was out riding his motorbike, and his route took him alongside the edge of an RAF base which is leased to the Americans.  Some American woman comes driving out of the main gate, and deciding that all things American apply in England; turns and drives away on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the road. The youngster, not knowing that this Yank female has decided that the rules of the road don’t apply to her, hits her head on, and as he isn’t surrounded by at least a half ton of steel, dies at the scene. Ambulance and police arrive, statements are taken and the American woman is released back to her home ON THE AMERICAN BASE. The Foreign Office is convinced by the American that she has Diplomatic Immunity, as her husband is some sort of Intelligence operative. She claims the same ‘Diplomatic Immunity’, climbs on to a convenient military jet, and is whisked away, a fortnight after the crash. Too late the cops realise that she has walked away from serious charges resulting from her admitted driving errors, and say she doesn’t have Immunity, and the Yanks should send her back to face justice.

Reams of newsprint are printed, along with literally hours of television interviews later, the family are invited to the OVAL OFFICE , and are told that the American woman Anne Sacoolas is just next door, and would they like to  meet. Mrs Charles, Harry’s mother, says ” No, we want her in court” and flounces out of the President’s house. Ever since then, there have been ever louder condemnations of this American’s refusal to ‘face justice in England’. The Foreign Office gets involved again and the reply? The American’s reply is still the same, ‘we don’t extradite our citizens overseas’, in spite of a Treaty saying just that. The Northampton Police gets involved, and produce their trump card, they get Interpol to slap a Red Notice onto Anne Sacoolas. Harry dunn’s mother is overjoyed, and give interviews all over the shop saying, “We’ll now see her in court.” No one has the heart to state that a Red Notice isn’t an Arrest warrant, and besides which, she could only be arrested if she moves across the American borders.

But that doesn’t stop all the headlines, the piteous cries of ‘justice for my Harry’ coming from the ‘ever-grieving’ Mrs. Charles. Despite all the ever-lasting calls for justice, what Mrs. Charles and her family should do is slide back into the obscurity which enveloped her family before her son got smashed into this American’s car which was driving on the wrong side of the road. Why? Because the Trump Administration will never, ever send Anne Sacoolas back to  face a British court, so why continue with the bleats and the posturing? Thats why. 

Face reality, Mrs. Charles; do us all a favour, and cease the whining, it doesn’t do you any good, and soils your dead son’s memory ever further. The headline reads, “We don’t expect her to jump on a plane, but no one can live as a fugitive for ever”; but that is exactly where you err, Mrs. Charles.  

As to the Treaty, we have sent 13 Brits to America via extradition: the return of extradited Americans to Great Britain? Zilch; Nada; Zero!

Mrs. Sacoolas is HOME, and if she has any sense at all, thats where she is gonna stay!

England’s Discards?

Two decades before World War Two began, my grandmother’s life turned upside down. She was an upright, strong, imposing woman, she had to be, as her husband had died quite young, leaving her with six children to bring up, and earn a living at the same time. She was trained as a teacher, trained and studied further, and took a Headship post for over two decades. In her retirement years and later life, she stayed in the homes of four of her family who had spare bedrooms, and was welcomed in all respects. She died at the age of eighty-three. This ‘care in their own family’ was so common-place in the world pre- and post-WW2 that no-one chronicled it. Family looked after family; and that was it.

Grandma was sometimes frail, querulous and just sometimes plain obstinate, but the younger family members, in those far-off days of the thirties through to the fifties and sixties, simply accepted that this old woman, or man in the case of Grandpa was Family: first, second and always; and where possible, made a plan. In the south of Continental Europe, in France, in Italy, in Spain, the older generation are looked upon as, virtually, the repository or memory of the family. GrandMere is a definite statement in France, and she, or her husband GrandPere, certainly in the Code Napoleon, have a right to be involved in all things Family.

So where and how did the older generation somehow be slid, adroitly, quietly and with no fanfare at all; into the bottom drawer of British Family life? How did they be pushed away, and seemingly automatically be subsumed into the ‘CareHome Industry’, without so much as a murmur of regret, of veiled annoyance, of any form of upset that so  many older people are just consigned to the slag-heaps of society, which is what these dumping grounds have become?

For purely medical reasons, I was forced to place my wife in a care home so that I was able, at extremely short notice, to undergo medical checks and tests. Fortunately, the time was short-lived before I was able to claim my wife back from the ‘care’ of that Care Home. Signed off by the Care Quality Commission, this home was accepted by the Council, and advertised itself as such. As I said, ‘I was able to claim my wife back from the ‘care’ of that Care Home’. I shall not go into detail, but would state that I am sure that the staff members deserved their Minimum Wage payments at the month’s end. But the inmates, the shuffling pack,  the sheer detritus of a society which would rather shovel their old family members ‘out of sight’ because they were surely ‘out of mind’!

In 1960, there were 3535 former Public Assistance Hospitals, Local authority Hostels, Charity-run and Privately-run care facilities in England.

In 2020, there are 21,861 Care Homes, catering for as few as six people, up to a Company- or Corporation-run care facility catering for 400. The statistic which should be burned into our National Psyche is the number 291,000, which is the number of Care Home Residents in England in 2019. ‘Care’ is big business in England. A week in a top-grade institution such as ‘The Priory’ can set you back £1,000.00 for a week’s stay. The average cost is £650.00, and ‘costs’ are forever rising.

Many are suffering from Dementia, some are ill with other ailments, many are lonely: but one common denominator stands out, mostly, they have all been forgotten. Every day, when my wife was resident in that home in County Durham, I drove across and spent at least two hours with my beloved. In the four-odd weeks of her stay, I counted exactly two other family visitors meeting their aged family members.

I do not count myself as anything special, these days religion does not count very highly in my own scheme of things: but I recall, every day, fifty-two years later; the words  spoken to a smiling, soft-eyed witch who had beguiled me;-



Bhopal Plus

The Bhopal gas leak that killed at least 15,000 people resulted from operating errors, design flaws, maintenance failures, training deficiencies and economy measures that endangered safety, according to present and former employees, company technical documents and the Indian Government’s chief scientist.

The Dec. 3 1984 leak of toxic methyl isocyanate gas at a Union Carbide plant in the central Indian city of Bhopal produced history’s worst industrial disaster, stunning India and the world. The breakdown of safety precautions ran into dozens of examples, most of these were filed and forgotten by the Union Carbide senior management, who were targeted on cost-saving and staff reduction measures.

At least 15,000 died, with over 150,000 seriously injured. The reasons for the disaster were many. The plant had never been profitable, as the target market, Indian farmers, were scratching a living anyway, and the sophisticated chemicals produced by the Bhopal  plant were far too expensive for routine purchase by unsophisticated farmers. The whole plant had been virtually shut down, but, because moving, in bulk, 45 tons of methyl isocyanate (MIC), a dangerous and volatile chemical compound would have been extraordinarily expensive, the whole shebang was left to lie; an accident waiting to happen. 

But worse was to follow the decision to leave the MIC within the plant. The safe storage of the MIC was totally dependent upon the refrigeration plant, which cooled the volatile chemical to preordained safe limits; this, as well as a spray system for  gas leaks being operational; and a flare tower to accommodate the expanding gases. Because the whole plant was a financial step-child, no one in the Union Carbide Engineering hierarchy was told that the Refrigeration plant was switched off to save cash, the spray system was never strong enough to have reached to the expanding gases, and the flare tower besides being built to the wrong parameters, was also disconnected, and unavailable when needed.

But the truly criminal element, which some engineers believe was the final link which caused the explosion, was the simple fact that one of the elements of MIC is phosgene. Phosgene, to those whose reading of the First World War history books has faded, is another name for THE POISON GAS used in the WW1 trenches by both Germans and the Allies. Phosgene reacts with water and types of  stainless steel, and the explosion was thought to have occurred when a disused pipe was flushed, without checking whether the valves were signalled ‘closed’.

Union Carbide disclaimed all responsibility for the accident, all the senior management staff had already left; no substantial compensation was paid to anyone; The plant still remains, befouling the entire soil for decades; the birth defects of the third generation are now coming to light; and the American Multi-National Dow Chemical corporation, who bought the whole Bhopal pile of garbage, continue to obfuscate and delay any objective enquiry into the Bhopal disaster.

The reader may, by this time, wonder why I excavate history of an industrial accident. Well, since most have been reading and watching anything Chinese Virus-related, there were reports of a toxic gas leak from a plastics factory in the Indian city of Vishakhapatnam. The Japanese firm LG owns the plant, where styrene escaped into the streets, causing chaos, death & panic.


I wonder how the Indian government will react with a Plant Owner which is not American?