The House of Lords; and I.

When we look at, or rather read of, the people who have been elevated above their station in life to become members of the House of Lords, I suppose that the opinion of most is that of failed politicians ennobled to swell the ranks of the particular party in power at the time, along with the strangely British notion of ennobling certain ‘celebrities’ so that the ruling Politicians can be seen and acknowledged as ‘on the ball’, or whatever the catchphrase is at that time. 

We see dozens, literally dozens, of politicians, from all Parties, ennobled for the specific purpose of adding to a headcount when votes are counted, so that the Government can depend upon those when voting on certain contentious Bills is necessary. We also see members  of the Lords whose ennoblement can be a mystery. I note the presence of Lady Floella Benjamin, whose expertise was seemingly to preside over certain children’s t.v. programming. Oh, and she also did lots of ‘Chariddee Wuk’ as well, so that is why this unelected drone is given the power to influence all Bills wending their way through Parliament: or was her ennoblement due to the fact that she is Black, and they had to get the ‘diversity’ numbers up?

I also note the presence, in the Lords chamber, of Baroness Doreen Lawrence. It is accepted that, besides being awarded £500,000.00 of taxpayers money because the Met. screwed up the investigation into the murder of her son, she was give the Title just to shut her up, and stop her mewling. Her husband, who was much the more worthy recipient of high office, did not receive any such distinction. 

I have personally only knowledge, through correspondence of one Noble Lady, and her name is Baroness Caroline Cox. It was she who travelled to Syria to test, and in doing so, certainly to my knowledge, demonstrated that the Assad Regime, whilst guilty of many things barbaric, had no hand in the alleged chlorine gas attacks on Jihadi- and rebel-held positions within certain Syrian cities. She travelled as part of a Christian delegation, and they collectively received a barrage of criticism for their pains. She protested that the missile attacks from America, the UK and France were illegal because they were made without any UN authorisation.

There are a few Members of the Lords who are worthy of their titles, such as senior Judges who are automatically ennobled, but they are outnumbered by the ‘paid for’ vote, inclusive of the lackeys wearing dog-collars under the ermine.

We need a second chamber, because Legislation without  independent scrutiny is dictatorship writ small, but the Second Chamber which I dream of is unpolluted with failed politicians, and diversity seat fillers.