What a clueless bunch of spineless Twits

There was a discussion on the BBC looking at how many there are who believe in the’ conspiracy theory’ when it comes to the corona virus, and the part that Governments played in the virus. Well, folks, being blunt as I am usually am, to accuse this bloody Government of any conspiracy, apart that is by covering their  own arseholes, is, simply, ludicrous. Any bunch hatching a conspiracy would have, by very nature, to be ruthless, targeted and bold.

I would describe this shower as Clueless, Worthless and Useless.

Let us look at the latest Serial Cock-Up as brokered by this useless bunch in Whitehall and Westminster. The NHS surcharge  was introduced by the Cameron-Clegg Government. In one of the very few well-thought out ideas and apt items adopted by the Coalition Government, the charge was supposed to cover the costs of people from Outside the EU who used the NHS facilities if they came into this country. A more thorough explanation for those whose memories are slightly glazed, can be found at this link. The only arguments against the imposition of the surcharge were mainly from the Nurses’ Union; the Royal College, and those arguments were both expected, discussed, and ruled out

As has been known and accepted by many, a large proportion of NHS and Care staffers are from other countries outside of the EU, and as such, WHEN THEY GET THEIR VISAS, they must accept and sign up to pay the NHS surcharge. They know exactly what they are entitled to before they set foot on our shores! They might well be working within the NHS or Care Homes, but, they still had to pay. No one queried why these people came from all corners of the globe to work in Great Britain; no one supposed that their reasons  or motives for applying for the jobs they were doing were otherwise than getting a fair deal of money in comparison for doing a similar job in the country of their birth. 

The surcharge, by its very nature, was suppose to stop scandals such as the maternity wards full of Nigerian women, as has been verified,  all expecting the British taxpayer to pay for their forthcoming babies. The Surcharge bedded down over the months, and was deemed to be working well, with contributions in the order of £250 millions in 2019.

Come the Pandemic, come the howls of despair. “How come these poor, semi-destitute NHS and Care workers have to pay this iniquitous Surcharge, so that they are only allowed to continue risking their very lives if they pay this Iniquitous Surcharge?” and of course so on, and so forth…..ad infinitum.

Thirty-odd of the very Tory MPs who voted this legislation into reality commenced bleating like a squad of scared rats, copying  Committee chairman William Wragg who called for an immediate change in policy, adding “now is the time for a generosity of spirit towards those who have done so much good”. Fat Pang himself, a.k.a. Lord Patten squeaked “it’s monstrous that people who come from oversees to help and risk their lives aren’t treated properly”.

Boris Johnson, who of course, because he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut, had already fouled his own front door by bleating, on national tv, “how his life had been saved by migrant workers’ watching over him in the St. Thomas’ Hospital ICU, bleated that the cash coming in was a necessary boost to the NHS. But the ever-caring Opposition Leader Keir Starmer had spotted a good line, and he wasn’t going to let the Government off the hook.

More and more pressure came from Social Media, the press and TV…..

Lo and behold, the charge, we are told, is scrapped.

This bloody Government has developed the backbone of  a large codfish, without the resilience, longevity or instincts of that fish

It is true, they couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery!