Things are just that bit cooler, up  there in Warming-Land

For those of us who have long viewed the whole idea and ideal of Climate Change, or Global Warming, or whatever the ‘buzz word’ is this week in these fast-changing times with a certain degree of scepticism; it is indeed a wondrous day when two people who have long been proponents of anything ‘Warming’, (or whatever slogan applies) produce a film which debunks and denounces everything the ‘Climate’ crowd have long held dear.

Such a happening occurred when the Michael Moore / Jeff Gibbs’ Planet of the Humans  was released, and an amazing 8.3 million viewed the video when released on YouTube. Because the video trashes virtually everything  the Climate crowd hold dear, and also because there was real pressure; YouTube was searching for a way to  take it down. Along comes a Brit photographer, whose work was included for a total of around ten seconds, who complained of ‘copyright infringement’: YouTube reacted and pulled the whole thing, despite the producers stating that they would remove the tiny video clip.

YouTube, along with all the Climate crowd, commenced cheering loudly, but they all had forgotten the ‘Streisand’ effect. BitChute pops up, and declaims “And free speech shall not be contained, and hosts the whole video. So YouTube loses all that exposure, and BitChute, alongside Parler, the free speech channel; whom no-one had noticed, gets a winner.

It is a long video, over an hour, but well, well worth the visit!